Nyzul Isle Investigation

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Nyzul Isle
Nyzul Isle Investigation
 Staging Point:  Nyzul Isle
 Start NPC: Sorrowful Sage in Aht Urhgan Whitegate (L-9/L-10)
 Assault Rank: Private Second Class
 Objective: You are to scout out the remnants before the A.A.R.I. sends an official research team. No rewards are offered for these unofficial missions.
 Mission Orders: Complete on-site objectives.
 Time Limit:  30 minutes  Recommended Lv.  75

Differences from other Assaults

Unlike the primary Assault stages, Nyzul Isle does not operate on the same point system, nor does it have purchasable rewards.


When a party of players successfully completes a floor, and saves their progress by exiting the assault, they will be rewarded Tokens instead of Assault Points. Tokens are required for the holder of the Runic Disc to reach a previously saved floor. Tokens can also be used to purchase temporary items from the Vendor Box.

Token Award

The amount of tokens awarded upon successfully completing a Nyzul mission (that is, by choosing to exit at a Rune of Transfer before 30 minutes has elapsed) depends upon the number of floors completed, the level of those floors, how many members were in the party, and whether or not the individual used an Assault Armband to begin the mission.

The base token award per floor begins at 200 and increases by 10 every 5 floors. For instance, floors 1 through 5 individually give 200 tokens, floors 6 through 10 give 210, floors 76 through 80 give 350, etc. Continuing from floor 100 and back to 1 keeps the token reward pattern continuing rather than starting over at 200.
At the end of a mission, the per-floor awards are totaled and then scaled down depending upon the number of participants in the same manner as the AP award for other Assault missions (90% for a four-person party, 80% for five, 70% for six). Additionally, the holder of the Assault Armband is then awarded a 10% token bonus.

Selecting a Floor

Tokens are used at the initial Rune of Transfer for transport to a higher floor, the availability of which depends on the status of an individual's Runic Disc.

Starting Floor Token Cost Tokens Per Floor Tokens After 96
Floor 1 0 200 400
Floor 6 500 210 410
Floor 11 550 220 420
Floor 16 600 230 430
Floor 21 650 240 440
Floor 26 700 250 450
Floor 31 750 260 460
Floor 36 800 270
Floor 41 850 280
Floor 46 900 290
Floor 51 1,000 300
Floor 56 1,100 310
Floor 61 1,200 320
Floor 66 1,300 330
Floor 71 1,400 340
Floor 76 1,500 350
Floor 81 1,600 360
Floor 86 1,700 370
Floor 91 1,800 380
Floor 96 1,900 390

E.g, Completing and leaving floor 20, after starting at 96 will yield 10,250 tokens to each person in a group of 3 or less. With the armband holder receiving 11,275. Reduce the total token reward by 10% per player over 3.

Vendor Box

At the beginning of each Assault, players will have the opportunity to use their accumulated tokens on various medicine, obtained from a chest in the initial lobby.

50 Token Items 100 Token Items 150 Token Items
Barbarian's Drink Braver's Drink Dusty Elixir
Fighter's Drink Soldier's Drink
Oracle's Drink Champion's Drink
Assassin's Drink Monarch's Drink
Spy's Drink Cleric's Drink
Gnostic's Drink Dusty Potion
Shepherd's Drink Dusty Ether
Dusty Scroll of Reraise Fanatic's Drink
Strange Milk Fool's Drink
Strange Juice Dusty Wing
Vicar's Drink Body Boost
Sprinter's Drink Mana Boost

Floor Objectives

Each floor will randomly assign players to an objective. The floor objective can be checked by touching the unactivated Rune of Transfer. Once this objective is completed, the Rune of Transfer will activate and allow players to move on the next floor or exit the Assault. The objectives that are randomly selected listed below. In addition to a floor restriction can be added on top of an objective.

  • Eliminate all enemies. Must clear every enemy on the floor. Archaic Gears are not counted.
  • Eliminate specified enemy. A normal monster that checks as Impossible to Gauge needs to be defeated. Archaic Ramparts, Archaic Gears, and NMs do not count. Sometimes there may be multiples of that same monster (e.g. more than one Mousse, Sand Lizard, Peryton, etc) but only the one that checks as Impossible to Gauge needs to be defeated.
  • Activate all lamps. This objective is further split into one of the following three types, it is random each time; You need to find a lamp and examine it to learn what type of lamp objective it is.
    • All party members must touch a single lamp to register their "certification code".
    • Activate all lamps at the same time:
  • There will be a total of 3 ~ 5 lamps per floor, the number is random each time.
  • Lamps will turn "on" (having a glowing animation and become "lit") ONLY when ALL lamps on the floor have been activated.
  • The "same time" window for this objective is quite long - party members can activate lamps immediately as they find them, and you will still be able to clear the objective. You do NOT have to time the lamps to be activated simultaneously.
  • Activate all lamps in a specific order:
  • There will be 3 ~ 5 total lamps per floor, the number is random each time.
  • Lamps will turn "on" (having a glowing animation and become "lit") ONLY when ALL lamps within the floor have been activated. When this happens, each lamp will either stay lit, or dim and turn "off" after a few seconds. The lamps that remain lit are the lamps that were activated in the right order, and the lamps that turn off after a second or two are in the wrong order. For this reason, it is very important to:
1) Remember the order in which the lamps were activated
2) Make sure everyone in the party understands the difference between the lamp being "activated" (lamp was targeted, examined, and the player chose the option to turn it on) vs. the lamp being "on" (the lamp has the glowing animation/and stays lit and does not turn off),
3) Have a designated person to call the order that the lamps should be activated in, and
4) Each player to communicate when they have activated their lamp so that the next person in the called order knows when they can activate theirs.
  • For example, if the order is Player A, Player B, Player C, then Player A should type / in party chat to indicate that they have finished activating their lamp and Player B should now go.
5) Since players will not be able to tell if their lamp was in the right order or not until ALL lamps have been activated, each person should clearly communicate the status of their lamp (on or off) at the end of each round to the rest of the party.
  • Common order lamp newbie mistakes:
  • ALL lamps will glow for a second or two when the lamps have all been activated, this does not mean your lamp is ON. The lamps that were activated in the correct order will STAY on, whereas the ones in the wrong order will dim and turn itself off after a few seconds.
  • Once order is called and you have activated your lamp, DO NOT examine the lamps any further until the next order is called and it is your turn.
  • If all players have activated their lamps but this did not trigger the glowing animation, this means that either someone fucked up and didn't activate their lamp correctly, or there are additional lamps out there that have not yet been found. When low-manning this means you may need to have one person controlling multiple lamps and keep track of their on/off status.
  • Lamps that are ON/stay lit still need to be activated in that same order for subsequent rounds, until all lamps are in the correct order. For example if the order was A, B, C and B's lamp is on/stays lit whereas A and C's lamp turns off, this doesn't mean B can now AFK; it just means B's lamp needs to be activated as the 2nd lamp and they should try activating in the order of C, B, A for the next round.
  • Do not confuse the runic lamp as an objective lamp.
  • Order lamp strategies:
The best way to call order to maximize time and avoid missing a potential combination is as follows:
1. At the start of the floor, players split up into different directions to search for lamps. If all lamps are found and there are more players than lamps, send the extra player(s) back to the Runic lamp so they can travel to the next floor or exit as soon as the floor objective is complete.
2. If a player finds a lamp, immediately activate it and communicate when you do so to party. This saves time from having to wait until all lamps are found and waiting for an initial order to be called. Players can then continue to look for any other lamps that may be close by. In order to prevent two people potentially activating different lamps at the same time and being unsure of who was first, it's best to communicate this in 2 parts: once when you've found the lamp, and again after you've activated the lamp. If you come across a lamp when someone else says they've found one, wait until they say they activated their lamp before you activate and communicate yours, so that the order of activation is obvious.
3. As other players find lamps, immediately activate them and communicate to the party so the designated order caller knows what order the lamps are being activated in.
4. Keep looking for lamps while communicating to the party as you find them. When the lamps begin to glow, that is when all lamps have been activated, and you should know what the order was for that round.
5. Party communicates the on/off status of the lamp(s) they activated. Based on this status, the order caller should keep the lamps that stayed on in the same position while moving all lamps that were off one position forward. For example:
  • Initial lamp activation order was A, B, C, D, E. All lamps were off except for B, so we know B must be kept in position 2. Maintain B in the same order but slide everyone else one position earlier, so the order becomes C, B, D, E, A. Player A was the first to activate but will now be the last (5th position), player C skips B's position because B is locked in as a correct position, so Player C moves to the next position which is A and will now activate first, Player D now activates 3rd, and Player E activates 4th and so on.
  • Let's say after the 2nd order round of C, B, D, E, A, we find that B and A lamps are now ON and the others are OFF. We will maintain the positions of the ON lamps, B and A, and continue to slide everyone else one position to the left, so the order becomes D, B, E, C, A. Keep going like this until all lamps are in the right order.
  • If initial order was A, B, C, D, E and none of the lamps were lit, slide everyone on position to the left <--A, <--B, <--C, <--D, <--E so it becomes B, C, D, E, A.
  • Free floor. Allows moving on to the next floor without completing any objective. Free floors will have no objective message.

Floor Restrictions

A restriction can be placed on top of objectives.

There are one of two floor restrictions. They will add Archaic Gears to the floor. They aggro magic, abilities, and are true sound.

  • Avoid discovery by archaic gears! Being aggro'd by an archaic gear will be result in a Pathos, a penalty, being applied to the party. Archaic Gears can be claimed or defeated without penalty. If an Archaic Gear is attacked first, by a JA such as Provoke or Animated Flourish, or a ranged attack, you will not receive the Pathos.
  • Do not destroy archaic gears! Defeating an Archaic Gear will result in a Pathos being applied to the party. Aggroing the gear will not.

Pathos can be various status debuffs, restrictions on magic types, job abilities, or weaponskills, time reduction, or token reward reduction.

Armory Crates

Monsters in this Assault can potentially leave behind an armory crate in which will be filled with medicines like the Vendor Box. Which monsters drop this chest and what is in the chest is randomVerification Needed.

Notorious Monsters will also drop armory crates, but they contain rewards in the form of ??? Items.


Tokens are awarded to entire the party when at least one floor has been cleared and manually exit.

Notorious Monsters that normally appear somewhere else will always leave behind a brown colored chest with gold trim, named Armory Crate. Inside the chest will be a ??? Item that can be appraised into one of the drops the NM would normally drop.

Armor Sets

Every twenty floors, participants will be challenged by a Boss, including Fafnir, Behemoth, Aspid, Khimaria, Cerberus and Hydra, each having the chance to drop a piece of armor found inclusively in the Nyzul Isle assault. The pieces drop in order of feet(20), legs(40), hands(60), body(80), and head(100).

Vigil Weapons

The following weapons have a chance of dropping off of all NMs and the Floor 100 Boss. Each is job-specific and are weaker than the average weapon of that level.

  • The Floor 100 Boss will always drop 2 Vigil weapons G
    • The first treasure pool slot will be the Vigil Weapon which matches the job of the Runic disc holder who chose a floor at the Rune of Transfer at the very beginning of the run. (Ex: a Blue Mage Runic Disc holder will cause the Floor 100 boss to always drop the Wightslayer icon.png Wightslayer in this slot)
      • If the Runic Disc holder is a Geomancer or Runefencer, it will then instead drop a random vigil weapon.
    • The second treasure pool slot will always be a random Vigil Weapon.
  • This means that the quickest and most guaranteed way to obtain a specific Vigil Weapon, is to start a Nyzul run, skip to floor 96 as the job whose Vigil Weapon you desire, and then defeat the floor 100 boss.

They are used to begin the quests to obtain a Mythic Weapons and their corresponding weapon skill (see Unlocking a Myth).

  • These weapon may be stored with Ghanraam by trading them.


Nyzul Isle Investigation/Strategy