Curing Waltz

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Job Ability Information
Job Dancer
Type Level  
Level Obtained 15
Description Restores a party member's HP.
Range 20'
Recast 00:00:06
Cost 200TP
Cumulative Enmity - C - Volatile Enmity - C -
Command /ja "Curing Waltz" <stal> 
Job Points
Category Waltz Potency Ranks Available 20
Effect of each Rank Increase Waltz power by 2.
Curing Waltz.jpg


  • Instantly heals a party member for approximately the same as Cure II, using the following formula:
    • Amount cured = floor((Dancer's CHR + Receiver's VIT)/4) + 60HP
    • HP is healed at the beginning of the character animation.
  • Since it is a Job Ability, it can be used while Silenced, and does not attract monsters that aggro to magic, but to monsters that aggro to abilities (like Flans).
  • A variety of gear modifies the Waltz family, and it is listed on the category page.