Rune Fencer

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Rune Fencer
Abbreviation RUN
Japanese 魔導剣士 (剣)
Japanese Romaji Madoukenshi (Ken)
French Epéiste Runique
German Runenfechter
Expansion Pack Seekers of Adoulin
Quest Children of the Rune
Rune Fencer

Abilities and Traits

Job Traits
Lvl. Name
5 Tenacity
10 Magic Defense Bonus
15 Inquartata
30 Magic Defense Bonus II
35 Auto Regen
40 Tactical Parry
45 Inquartata II
Main Job Only
50 Magic Defense Bonus III
50 Accuracy Bonus I
65 Auto Regen II
70 Magic Defense Bonus IV
70 Accuracy Bonus II
75 Inquartata III
75 Merit Points Inspiration
75 Merit Points Sleight of Sword
76 Magic Defense Bonus V
90 Accuracy Bonus III
90 Inquartata IV
91 Magic Defense Bonus VI
95 Auto Regen III
99 Magic Defense Bonus VII
Job Ability
Lvl. Name
1 Elemental Sforzo
Sub-Job Accessible
5 Ignis Element: Fire
5 Gelus Element: Ice
5 Flabra Element: Wind
5 Tellus Element: Earth
5 Sulpor Element: Thunder
5 Unda Element: Water
5 Lux Element: Light
5 Tenebrae Element: Dark
10 Vallation
20 Swordplay
25 Swipe
25 Lunge
40 Pflug
Sub-Job Accessible
50 Valiance
60 Embolden
65 Vivacious Pulse
70 Gambit
75 Merit Points Battuta
75 Merit Points Rayke
85 Liement
95 One for All
96 Odyllic Subterfuge


Lvl. Name Icon
4 Barstone Wind-WHM-Icon.gif
6 Barsleep Light-WHM-Icon.gif
8 Barwater Thunder-WHM-Icon.gif
9 Barpoison Thunder-WHM-Icon.gif
10 Shell Light-WHM-Icon.gif
11 Barparalyze Fire-WHM-Icon.gif
12 Baraero Ice-WHM-Icon.gif
15 Aquaveil Water-WHM-Icon.gif
16 Barfire Water-WHM-Icon.gif
17 Barblind Light-WHM-Icon.gif
20 Barblizzard Fire-WHM-Icon.gif
20 Protect Light-WHM-Icon.gif
22 Barsilence Ice-WHM-Icon.gif
Lvl. Name Icon
23 Regen Light-WHM-Icon.gif
24 Barthunder Earth-WHM-Icon.gif
30 Shell II Light-WHM-Icon.gif
35 Blink Wind-WHM-Icon.gif
38 Barvirus Water-WHM-Icon.gif
40 Protect II Light-WHM-Icon.gif
42 Barpetrify Wind-WHM-Icon.gif
45 Blaze Spikes Fire-BLM-Icon.gif
45 Flash Light-WHM-Icon.gif
48 Regen II Light-WHM-Icon.gif
Main Job Only
50 Shell III Light-WHM-Icon.gif
55 Stoneskin Earth-WHM-Icon.gif
58 Foil Wind-WHM-Icon.gif
Lvl. Name Icon
60 Protect III Light-WHM-Icon.gif
62 Refresh Light-WHM-Icon.gif
65 Ice Spikes Ice-BLM-Icon.gif
68 Phalanx Light-WHM-Icon.gif
70 Regen III Light-WHM-Icon.gif
70 Shell IV Light-WHM-Icon.gif
76 Baramnesia Water-WHM-Icon.gif
80 Protect IV Light-WHM-Icon.gif
85 Shock Spikes Thunder-BLM-Icon.gif
88 Crusade Dark-WHM-Icon.gif
90 Shell V Light-WHM-Icon.gif
99 Regen IV Light-WHM-Icon.gif
99 Job Points Temper Light-WHM-Icon.gif

Combat Skills

Combat Skills
Skill Rank 49 99
Great Sword A+ 150 424
Sword A 150 417
Great Axe B 144 398
Axe B- 144 388
Club C- 139 368
Skill Rank 49 99
Parrying A+ 150 424
Evasion B+ 144 404

Skill Rank 49 99 Master!
Divine B 144 398 398
Enhancing B- 144 388 424
See Also: Level-by-level Skill Cap Chart


Group 1
Name Description
Rune Enhancement Effect Increase potency of runes harbored by 2 points.
Vallation Effect Adds an elemental damage reduction to Vallation and a magic defense bonus to Valliance of 1 point per harbored rune.
Lunge Effect Increase the accuracy of Lunge by 3 points per harbored rune.
Pflug Effect Enhance the likelihood of resistance activating by 1 point per harbored rune.
Gambit Effect Shorten recast time by 10 seconds.
Group 2
Name Description
Battuta Increases the likelihood of parrying and deals counter damage after parrying dependent upon harbored runes. Recast: 5 min. Increase chance of parrying by 4 percent and increase counter damage by 4 points per rune harbored.
Rayke Expends runes to reduce elemental resistance of the target. Recast: 5 min. Increase duration of effect by 3 seconds.
Inspiration Grants a “Fast Cast” effect to Vallation and Valiance. Increase cast speed by 10 percent.
Sleight of Sword Grants a “Subtle Blow” effect during Swordplay.

Increase the maximum value of Subtle Blow by 5 points.

Job Points

Job Points
Job Point Category Description Effect per Tier
Elemental Sforzo Effect Adds an absorb elemental damage effect to Elemental Sforzo. Increase amount of damage absorbed by 2 percent.
Odyllic Subterfuge Effect Reduces Magic Atk. Bonus while under the effects of Odyllic Subterfuge. Reduce Magic Atk. Bonus by 2.
Rune Enchantment Effect Increases elemental resistance granted by each rune. Increase resistance by 1 point.
Vallation Duration Increases the effect duration of Vallation and Valiance. Increase effect duration by 1 second.
Swordplay Effect Increases the maximum amount physical accuracy and physical evasion may be raised by Swordplay. Increase maximum amounts by 1.
Swipe Effect Increases damage dealt with Swipe and Lunge. Increase damage based on combat skills by 1 percent.
Embolden Effect Increases the effect of enhancing magic gained via Embolden. Increases enhancing magic effect by 1 percent.
Vivacious Pulse Increases the amount of HP restored through the divine magic skill when Vivacious Pulse is used. Increases amount restored by 1 percent.
One for All Effect Duration Increases the effect duration of One for All. Increases effect duration by 1 second.
Gambit Effect Duration Increases the effect duration of Gambit. Increases effect duration by 1 second.

Job-Specific Equipment

Artifact Armor
Runeist Armor Set Runeist Armor Set +1
iLvl. Name iLvl. Name
109 Runeist Bandeau 119 Runeist Bandeau +1
109 Runeist Coat 119 Runeist Coat +1
109 Runeist Mitons 119 Runeist Mitons +1
109 Runeist Trousers 119 Runeist Trousers +1
109 Runeist Bottes 119 Runeist Bottes +1
99 Beorc Sword
Relic Armor
Futhark Armor Set Futhark Armor Set +1
iLvl. Name iLvl. Name
109 Futhark Bandeau 119 Futhark Bandeau +1
109 Futhark Coat 119 Futhark Coat +1
109 Futhark Mitons 119 Futhark Mitons +1
109 Futhark Trousers 119 Futhark Trousers +1
109 Futhark Boots 119 Futhark Boots +1
Empyrean Armor
Erilaz Armor Set Erilaz Armor Set +1
iLvl. Name iLvl. Name
109 Erilaz Galea 119 Erilaz Galea +1
109 Erilaz Surcoat 119 Erilaz Surcoat +1
109 Erilaz Gauntlets 119 Erilaz Gauntlets +1
109 Erilaz Leg Guards 119 Erilaz Leg Guards +1
109 Erilaz Greaves 119 Erilaz Greaves +1


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