Futhark Bandeau

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Futhark Bandeau icon.png Futhark bandeau
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Description: DEF:81 HP+17 MP+54 STR+7 DEX+10 VIT+14 AGI+17 INT+7 MND+7 CHR+8 Evasion+20 Magic Evasion+36 "Magic Def. Bonus"+1 Haste+7% Physical damage taken -3% "Phalanx" received +4
Image: Futhark Bandeau description.png
Type: Armor Storage: Storage Slip 17
Flags: Equippable, Not vendorable, Not sendable, Exclusive, Rare
Stack size: 1
"Find Futhark Bandeau on FFXIAH" "Find Futhark Bandeau on FFXIDB"
Armor Information
Races: All Races Equip. Slot: Head
Level: 99
Item Level: 109
Jobs: Rune Fencer

Obtained From...
Item Upgraded Via Notes
Yestin-Ovestin, Western Adoulin (I-4) Speak with Hestefa in The Celennia Memorial Library before trading the items to Yestin-Ovestin.
Runefencer relic armor acquisition is a miniquest that does not show in the quest log.

Used in the following Item Upgrades
Item Name Notes
Fu. Bandeau +1 icon.png Fu. Bandeau +1 See the Reforged Relic Armor +1 page for more details.



  • Augmented with "Enhances 'Battuta' effect"
    • Enhances Battuta by Increasing counter damage of Battuta by 4% per merit, for a maximum of +20% damage.
Futhark Armor Set
Slot Quest Job Ingredient Crafting Materials Reforged Armor
Head Yestin-Ovestin Commission Wootz Ingot Scintillant Ingot · Snowsteel Futhark Bandeau
Rice Ball · 97,000 Bayld
Augment-Icon.png: Enhances "Battuta" effect.
Body Yestin-Ovestin Commission Wootz Ingot Ether Leather · Runeweave Futhark Coat
Sausage Roll · 97,000 Bayld
Augment-Icon.png: Enhances "Elemental Sforzo" effect.
Hands Yestin-Ovestin Commission Wootz Ingot Raaz Leather · Runeweave Futhark Mitons
Roasted Corn · 97,000 Bayld
Augment-Icon.png: Enhances "Sleight of Sword" effect.
Legs Yestin-Ovestin Commission Wootz Ingot Holy Leather · Runeweave Futhark Trousers
Smoked Mackerel · 97,000 Bayld
Augment-Icon.png: Enhances "Inspiration" effect.
Feet Yestin-Ovestin Commission Wootz Ingot Holy Leather · Sparkstrand Futhark Boots
Rarab Tail · 97,000 Bayld
Augment-Icon.png: Enhances "Rayke" effect.