Celennia Memorial Library

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Celennia Memorial Library
Japanese セレニア図書館
Map Acquisition None
Requires Onward to Adoulin
Timeline Present
Continent Ulbuka
Region The Sacred City of Adoulin
Zone Type City
Activities None
Weather None
After purchasing the Celennia Memorial Library card, visitors may use the reference material in the library to research the Institutions, Personages, Geography, History, and Bestiary of Ulbuka.
Celennia Memorial Library Connected Zone Zones To
(?-?) No Map.jpg Eastern Adoulin (F-10) Eastern Adoulin Map.png


Name Map Pos. Notes
Reja Ygridhi N/A N/A Provides quests and achievement rewards.
Vainrachault N/A N/A
Makel-Pakel N/A N/A Exchanges JSE Capes
Name Map Pos. Notes
Jedelaih N/A N/A Replays event cutscenes.
Andreine N/A N/A
Trystol N/A N/A

Historical Significance