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The following are descriptions and results for complete Trial of the Magians Bow trials:

Ultimate Weapon Trials

Relic Trials

Original Weapon Trials Final Form
Yoichinoyumi (Level 75) description.png Trial 1090: Amorphs - Namas Arrow x200

Trial 1091: Beasts - Namas Arrow killing blow x200
Trial 1884: LizardsT - Namas Arrow killing blow x300
Trial 1885: Aquans - Namas Arrow killing blow x300
Trial 2279: Vermin - Namas Arrow killing blow x400
Trial 2690: Velosareon x5
Trial 3123: Animated Longbow x10
Trial 3586: Trade.pngUmbral Marrow x5
Trial 3636: Trade.pngUmbral Marrow x250

Yoichinoyumi (Level 99 II) description.png

Some families of monsters also give their name to their type, such as lizards, demons and birds. Others have different forms. To distinguish them, tags are added where needed:

  • T refers to a type. i.e. DemonsT, consisting of Demons, Ahrimans, Imps, etc.
  • F refers to a family For example: DemonsF only involves Demons, not Ahrimans, Imps or others of the same type.
  • JA refers to both juvenile and adult forms of the family. For example: Treants include Saplings, Wamouras include Wamouracampas.

Empyrean Trials

Sparrow Kestrel description.png Astrild description.png Gandiva (Level 99 II) description.png

Trial 941: Be'Hya Hundredwall x3

Trial 942: Jolly Green x3
Trial 943: Trembler Tabitha x3

Trial 944: Seww the Squidlimbed x4
Trial 945: Ankabut x4
Trial 946: Okyupete x4
Trial 947: Urd x6
Trial 948: Lamprey Lord x6
Trial 1788: Chesma x8

Trial 1789: Trade.pngFistule Discharge x50
Trial 2219: Trade.pngBukhis's Wing x50
Trial 2628: Trade.pngAlfard's Fang x75
Trial 3061: Trade.pngHeavy Metal x1500
Trial 3524: Trade.pngRiftcinder x60
Trial 3604: Trade.pngRiftcinder x3000

Circinae description.png

Trial 1790: Trade.pngCoin of Decay x30
Trial 2220: Trade.pngKindred's Crest x20
Trial 2629: Trade.pngHigh Kindred's Crests x50
Trial 3062: Trade.pngDevious Die x100
Trial 3525: Trade.pngLiminal Residue x100

Physical Trials

Sparrow Kestrel description.png Goshawk description.png Gymnogyps description.png

Trial 941: Be'Hya Hundredwall x3

Trial 942: Jolly Green x3
Trial 943: Trembler Tabitha x3

Trial 949: Plantoids x400
Trial 950: Ladybugs x300

Trial 951: Trade.pngKrabkatoa Shell x10
Trial 1791: Trade.pngRaskovnik Vine x10

Trial 1792: Trade.pngBalaur Skull x20
Trial 2221: Trade.pngDaybreak Souls x30
Trial 2630: Trade.pngIncrescent Shade x50
Trial 3063: Trade.pngSilver Mirror x150
Trial 3526: Trade.pngRiftsand x150

DMG+54 Delay+60
Occ. atk. twice

Trial 952: Beasts x500
Trial 953: Aquans x600
Trial 954: Gnats x400
Trial 1793: DemonsT x600

Trial 1794: Qiqirns x450
Trial 2222: Aquans x700
Trial 2631: BirdsT x700
Trial 3064: Arcana x700
Trial 3527: Undead x700

Occ. atk. 2-4 times

Trial 1795: Piasa x30
Trial 2223: Trade.pngTwilight Souls x20
Trial 2632: Trade.pngDecrescent Shade x50
Trial 3065: Trade.pngSilver Mirror x200
Trial 3528: Trade.pngRiftsand x200

Occasionally deals double damage.
Sparrowhawk description.png Sparrowhawk +1 description.png Accipiter description.png

Trial 1813: Any monster
Dulling Arrow x100
Trial 1814: Any monster
Blast Arrow x200
Trial 1815: Plantoids
Arching Arrow x300

Trial 1816: Beasts
Empyreal Arrow x500
Trial 2232: BirdsT
Empyreal Arrow Killing blow x300

Trial 2641: Vermin
Any Archery weaponskill Killing blow x300

Trial 3074: Undead
Any Archery weaponskill Killing blow x300
Trial 3537: Amorphs
Any Archery weaponskill Killing blow x300

DMG+8, Weapon Skill Damage+10%
Trial 2642: Aquans
Any Archery weaponskill dealing more than 400 damage x500

Trial 3075: Plantoid
Any Archery weaponskill dealing more than 400 damage x500
Trial 3538: Vermin
Any Archery weaponskill dealing more than 400 damage x500

TP Bonus +1000
Trial 1817: Arcana
Any Archery weaponskill x800

Trial 2233: Rabbits
Any Archery weaponskill x800

Trial 2643: Coeurls
Any Archery weaponskill x800

Trial 3076: Golems
Any Archery weaponskill x800
'Trial 3539: Bats
Any Archery weaponskill x800

DMG+8, Store TP+15

Elemental Trials

Sparrow Gyrfalcon description.png Terathopus description.png

Trial 955: Crawlers x50
Element: Fire Element: Ice Element: Wind Element: Earth
Element: Thunder Element: Water Element: Light Element: Dark

Trial 956: Pugils x50
Weather: Element: Fire Element: Wind Element: Thunder Element: Light

Day/Weather: Element: Fire
Trial 957: Any monster x50
Trial 958: Aquans x75

Day/Weather: Element: Fire
Trial 959: Beasts x100
Trial 960: Flans x200
Trial 1796: Vermin x200
Trial 1797: Manticores x250

Day/Weather: Element: Fire
Trial 2224: LizardsT x300
Trial 2633: Trade.pngFlame Geode x 15
Trial 3066: Trade.pngFlame Geode x 40
Trial 3529: Trade.pngIfritite x 15

STR+11 Ranged Attack+22

Day/Weather: Element: Wind
Trial 961: Any monster x50
Trial 962: Vermin x75

Day/Weather: Element: Wind
Trial 963: BirdsT x100
Trial 964: Morbol x200
Trial 1798: Beasts x200
Trial 1799: Puks x250

Day/Weather: Element: Wind
Trial 2225: Arcana x300
Trial 2634: Trade.pngBreeze Geode x 15
Trial 3067: Trade.pngBreeze Geode x 40
Trial 3530: Trade.pngGarudite x 15

AGI+11 Ranged Accuracy+22

Day/Weather: Element: Thunder
Trial 965: Any monster x50
Trial 966: Plantoids x75

Day/Weather: Element: Thunder
Trial 967: Arcana x100
Trial 968: Qutrubs x200
Trial 1800: LizardsT x200
Trial 1801: Golems x250

Trial 2226: Aquans x300
Trial 2635: Trade.pngThunder Geode x 15
Trial 3068: Trade.pngThunder Geode x 40
Trial 3531: Trade.pngRamuite x 15

DEX+11 Critical Hit Rate+7

Day/Weather: Element: Light
Trial 969: Any monster x50
Trial 970: Amorphs x50

Day/Weather: Element: Light
Trial 971: Vermin x75
Trial 972: Aerns x125
Trial 1802: Beasts x125
Trial 1803: Xzomits x150

Day/Weather: Element: Light
Trial 2227: Vermin x150
Trial 2636: Trade.pngLight Geode x 15
Trial 3069: Trade.pngLight Geode x 40
Trial 3532: Trade.pngCarbite x 15

CHR+11 Magic Evasion+16

Trial 973: Worms x50
Weather: Element: Ice Element: Earth Element: Water Element: Dark

Day/Weather: Element: Ice
Trial 974: Any monster x50
Trial 975: Aquans x75

Day/Weather: Element: Ice
Trial 976: Undead x100
Trial 977: Worms x200
Trial 1804: LizardsT x200
Trial 1805: Buffalos x250

Day/Weather: Element: Ice
Trial 2228: Beasts x300
Trial 2637: Trade.pngSnow Geode x 15
Trial 3070: Trade.pngSnow Geode x 40
Trial 3533: Trade.pngShivite x 15

Magic Attack Bonus+11

Day/Weather: Element: Earth
Trial 978: Any monster x50
Trial 979: Vermin x75

Day/Weather: Element: Earth
Trial 980: Undead x100
Trial 981: Sabotenders x200
Trial 1806: LizardsT x200
Trial 1807: Rafflesia x250

Day/Weather: Element: Earth
Trial 2229: Amorphs x300
Trial 2638: Trade.pngSoil Geode x 15
Trial 3071: Trade.pngSoil Geode x 40
Trial 3534: Trade.pngTitanite x 15

Physical Damage Taken-11%

Day/Weather: Element: Water
Trial 982: Any monster x50
Trial 983: Beasts x75

Day/Weather: Element: Water
Trial 984: Amorphs x100
Trial 985: Goobbues x200
Trial 1808: Undead x200
Trial 1809: Coeurls x250

Day/Weather: Element: Water
Trial 2230: Vermin x300
Trial 2639: Trade.pngAqua Geode x 15
Trial 3072: Trade.pngAqua Geode x 40
Trial 3535: Trade.pngLeviatite x 15

Magic Defense Bonus+11

Day/Weather: Element: Dark
Trial 986: Any monster x50
Trial 987: Aquans x50

Day/Weather: Element: Dark
Trial 988: Amorphs x75
Trial 989: Ahrimans x125
Trial 1810: Plantoids x125
Trial 1811: Evil Weapons x150

Day/Weather: Element: Dark
Trial 2231: Aquans x300
Trial 2640: Trade.pngShadow Geode x 15
Trial 3073: Trade.pngShadow Geode x 40
Trial 3536: Trade.pngFenrite x 15

Magic Accuracy+16

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