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The following are descriptions and results for complete Trial of the Magians Sword trials:

Ultimate Weapon Trials

Relic Trials

Original Weapon Trials Final Form
Excalibur (Level 75) description.png

Trial 1012: Aquans - Knights of Round x200
Knights of Round killing blow:
Trial 1013: Undead x200
Trial 1832: LizardsT x300
Trial 1833: DragonsT x300
Trial 2256: BirdsT x400
Trial 2667: Goublefaupe x5
Trial 3100: Animated Longsword x10
Trial 3563: Trade.pngUmbral Marrow x5
Trial 3613: Trade.pngUmbral Marrow x250

Excalibur (Level 99 II) description.png

Empyrean Trials

Side-sword Schiavona description.png Nobilis description.png Almace (Level 99 II) description.png

Trial 150: Serpopard Ishtar x3

Trial 151: Tottering Toby x3

Trial 152: Drooling Daisy x3

Trial 153: Gargantua x4
Trial 154: Megalobugard x4
Trial 155: Ratatoskr x4
Trial 156: Jyeshtha x6
Trial 157: Capricornus x6
Trial 1200: Tammuz x8

Trial 1201: Trade.pngHelm of Briareus x50
Trial 1940: Trade.pngSobek's Skin x50
Trial 2339: Trade.pngApademak's Horn x75
Trial 2772: Trade.pngHeavy Metal x1500
Trial 3235: Trade.pngRiftcinder x60
Trial 3594: Trade.pngRiftcinder x3000

Brunello description.png

Trial 1202: Trade.pngCoin of Glory x30
Trial 1941: Trade.pngKindred's Crest x20
Trial 2340: Trade.pngHigh Kindred Crest x50
Trial 2773: Trade.pngDevious Die x100
Trial 3236: Trade.pngLiminal Residue x100

Mythic Trials

Original Weapon Trials Final Form
Murgleis (Level 75) description.png

Trial 1015: Amorphs - Death Blossom x200
Death Blossom killing blow:
Trial 1016: Plantoids x200
Trial 1834: Beasts x300
Trial 1835: Arcana x300
Trial 2257: Aquans x400
Trial 2668: Sarameya x3
Trial 3101: Long-Armed Chariot x3
Trial 3564: Trade.pngMulcibar's Scoria x3
Trial 3614: Trade.pngMulcibar's Scoria x150

Murgleis (Level 99 II) description.png
Burtgang (Level 75) description.png

Trial 1018: LizardsT - Atonement x200
Atonement killing blow:
Trial 1019: DragonsT x200
Trial 1836: Vermin x300
Trial 1837: Undead x300
Trial 2258: Amorphs x400
Trial 2669: Tinnin x3
Trial 3102: Long-Bowed Chariot x3
Trial 3565: Trade.pngMulcibar's Scoria x3
Trial 3615: Trade.pngMulcibar's Scoria x150

Burtgang (Level 99 II) description.png
Tizona (Level 75) description.png

Trial 1021: Vermin - Expiacion x200
Expiacion killing blow:
Trial 1022: Aquans x200
Trial 1838: Arcana x300
Trial 1839: Plantoids x300
Trial 2259: LizardsT x400
Trial 2670: Sarameya x3
Trial 3103: Armored Chariot x3
Trial 3566: Trade.pngMulcibar's Scoria x3
Trial 3616: Trade.pngMulcibar's Scoria x150

Tizona (Level 99 II) description.png

Some families of monsters also give their name to their type, such as lizards, demons and birds. Others have different forms. To distinguish them, tags are added where needed:

  • T refers to a type. i.e. DemonsT, consisting of Demons, Ahrimans, Imps, etc.
  • F refers to a family For example: DemonsF only involves Demons, not Ahrimans, Imps or others of the same type.
  • JA refers to both juvenile and adult forms of the family. For example: Treants include Saplings, Wamouras include Wamouracampas.

Physical Trials

Side-sword Schiavona description.png Antea description.png Khadga description.png

Trial 150: Serpopard Ishtar x3

Trial 151: Tottering Toby x3
Trial 152: Drooling Daisy x3

Trial 158: BirdsT x400
Trial 159: Clusters x300

Trial 160: Trade.pngRuthven's Nail x10
Trial 1203: Trade.pngMarvin's Pelage x10

Trial 1204: Trade.pngKeesha Poppo's pamama x20
Trial 1942: Trade.pngDaybreak Souls x30
Trial 2341: Trade.pngIncrescent Souls x50
Trial 2774: Trade.pngSilver Mirror x150
Trial 3237: Trade.pngRiftsand x150

DMG+24 Delay+12
Occ. atk twice

Trial 161: Vermin x500
Trial 162: DemonsT x600
Trial 163: Rafflesia x400
Trial 1205: Arcana x600

Trial 1206: WamouraJA x450
Trial 1943: Vermin x700
Trial 2342: Beasts x700
Trial 2775: Aquans x700
Trial 3238: DragonT x700

Occ. atk. 2-4 times

Trial 1207: Khalamari x30
Trial 1944: Trade.pngTwilight Souls x20
Trial 2343: Trade.pngDecrescent Souls x50
Trial 2776: Trade.pngSilver Mirror x200
Trial 3239: Trade.pngRiftsand x150

Machaera description.png Machaera +1 description.png Thibron description.png

Trial 1241: Burning Blade x100
Trial 1242: Shining Blade x200
Trial 1243: Birds - Circle Blade x300

Trial 1244: Beasts - Savage Blade x500
Trial 1961: Plantoids - Savage Blade killing blows x300

Trial 2360: LizardsT - Weapon Skill killing blow x300

Trial 2793: Undead - Weapon Skill killing blow x300
Trial 3256: DemonT - Weapon Skill killing blow x300

DMG+3, Weapon Skill Damage+10%
Trial 2361: DemonsT - Weapon Skill dealing more than 400 x500

Trial 2794: BirdsT - Weapon Skill dealing more than 400 x500
Trial 3257: Vermin - Weapon Skill dealing more than 400 x500

TP Bonus +1000

Trial 1245: Arcana - Any Weapon Skill x800
Trial 1962: Mandragora - Any Weapon Skill x800

Trial 2362: Magic Pots - Any Weapon Skill x800

Trial 2795: Skeleton - Any Weapon Skill x800
Trial 3258: Pugil - Any Weapon Skill x800

DMG+3, Store TP+17

Elemental Trials

Side-sword Soulsaber description.png Shikargar description.png

Trial 164: Leeches x50
Weather: Element: FireElement: IceElement: WindElement: EarthElement: ThunderElement: WaterElement: LightElement: Dark

Trial 165: Sea Monks x50
Weather: Element: FireElement: WindElement: ThunderElement: Light

Day/Weather: Element: Fire
Trial 166: Any monster x50
Trial 167: Aquans x75

Day/Weather: Element: Fire
Trial 168: Beasts x100
Trial 169: Flans x200
Trial 1208: Vermin x200
Trial 1209: Manticores x250

Day/Weather: Element: Fire
Trial 1945: BirdsT x300
Trial 2344: Trade.pngFlame Geodes x15
Trial 2777: Trade.pngFlame Geodes x40
Trial 3240: Trade.pngIfritites x15

STR+11, Attack+22

Trigger added effect:
Trial 170: Aquans x200
Trial 171: Tigers x250
Trial 1210: Hecteyes x250
Trial 1211: Doomed x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 1946: Opo-Opos x350
Trial 2345: Trade.pngFlame Geodes x15
Trial 2778: Trade.pngFlame Geodes x40
Trial 3241: Trade.pngIfritites x15

DMG+1, Delay+4
Additional Effect:
Weakens Attack+16

Day/Weather: Element: Wind
Trial 172: Any monster x50
Trial 173: Vermin x75

Day/Weather: Element: Wind
Trial 174: BirdsT x150
Trial 175: Morbols x200
Trial 1212: Beasts x200
Trial 1213: Puks x250

Day/Weather: Element: Wind
Trial 1947: Plantoids x300
Trial 2346: Trade.pngBreeze Geodes x15
Trial 2779: Trade.pngBreeze Geodes x40
Trial 3242: Trade.pngGarudites x15

AGI+11, Evasion+22

Trigger added effect:
Trial 176: Arcana x200
Trial 177: Sheep x250
Trial 1214: Evil Weapons x250
Trial 1215: Leeches x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 1948: Spiders x350
Trial 2347: Trade.pngBreeze Geodes x15
Trial 2780: Trade.pngBreeze Geodes x40
Trial 3243: Trade.pngGarudites x15

DMG+1, Delay+4
Additional Effect:
Impairs Evasion+16

Day/Weather: Element: Thunder
Trial 178: Any monster x50
Trial 179: Plantoids x75

Day/Weather: Element: Thunder
Trial 180: Arcana x100
Trial 181: Qutrubs x200
Trial 1216: LizardsT x200
Trial 1217: Golems x250

Day/Weather: Element: Thunder
Trial 1949: Beasts x300
Trial 2348: Trade.pngThunder Geodes x15
Trial 2781: Trade.pngThunder Geodes x40
Trial 3244: Trade.pngRamuites x15

DEX+11, Accuracy+16

Trigger added effect:
Trial 182: Vermin x200
Trial 183: Dhalmels x250
Trial 1218: Worms x250
Trial 1219: Wyverns x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 1950: Sheep x350
Trial 2349: Trade.pngThunder Geodes x15
Trial 2782: Trade.pngThunder Geodes x40
Trial 3245: Trade.pngRamuites x15

DMG+1, Delay+4
Additional Effect:
Lowers Acc+16

Day/Weather: Element: Light
Trial 184: Any monster x50
Trial 185: Amorphs x50

Day/Weather: Element: Light
Trial 186: Vermin x75
Trial 187: Aerns x125
Trial 1220: Beasts x125
Trial 1221: Xzomit x150

Day/Weather: Element: Light
Trial 1951: BirdsT x150
Trial 2350: Trade.pngLight Geodes x15
Trial 2783: Trade.pngLight Geodes x40
Trial 3246: Trade.pngCarbites x15

CHR+11, Magic Evasion+16

Trigger added effect:
Trial 188: Dragons x200
Trial 189: LizardsF x250
Trial 1222: Beetles x250
Trial 1223: Manticores x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 1952: Mandragora x350
Trial 2351: Trade.pngLight Geodes x15
Trial 2784: Trade.pngLight Geodes x40
Trial 3247: Trade.pngCarbites x15

DMG+1, Delay+4
Additional Effect:
Lowers Magic Evasion+16

Trial 190: Beetles x50
Weather: Element: Ice Element: Earth Element: Water Element: Dark

Day/Weather: Element: Ice
Trial 191: Any monster x50
Trial 192: Aquans x75

Day/Weather: Element: Ice
Trial 193: Undead x100
Trial 194: Worms x200
Trial 1224: LizardsT x200
Trial 1225: Buffalo x250

Day/Weather: Element: Ice
Trial 1953: DemonsT x300
Trial 2352: Trade.pngSnow Geodes x15
Trial 2785: Trade.pngSnow Geodes x40
Trial 3248: Trade.pngShivites x15

INT+11, Magic Attack Bonus+11

Trigger added effect:
Trial 195: Beasts x200
Trial 196: Spiders x250
Trial 1226: Magic Pots x250
Trial 1227: Crawlers x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 1954: Funguars x350
Trial 2353: Trade.pngSnow Geodes x15
Trial 2786: Trade.pngSnow Geodes x40
Trial 3249: Trade.pngShivites x15

DMG+1, Delay+4
Additional Effect:
Lowers Magic Attack+16

Day/Weather: Element: Earth
Trial 197: Any monster x50
Trial 198: Vermin x75

Day/Weather: Element: Earth
Trial 199: Undead x100
Trial 200: Sabotenders x200
Trial 1228: Hill Lizards x200
Trial 1229: Rafflesia x250

Day/Weather: Element: Earth
Trial 1955: Aquans x300
Trial 2354: Trade.pngSoil Geodes x15
Trial 2787: Trade.pngSoil Geodes x40
Trial 3250: Trade.pngTitanites x15

VIT+11, Physical Damage Taken-11%

Trigger added effect:
Trial 201: Plantoids x200
Trial 202: Crabs x250
Trial 1230: Mandragora x250
Trial 1231: Evil Weapons x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 1956: Hounds x350
Trial 2355: Trade.pngSoil Geodes x15
Trial 2788: Trade.pngSoil Geodes x40
Trial 3251: Trade.pngTitanites x15

DMG+1, Delay+4
Additional Effect:
Weakens Defense+16

Day/Weather: Element: Water
Trial 203: Any monster x50
Trial 204: Beasts x75

Day/Weather: Element: Water
Trial 205: Amorphs x100
Trial 206: Goobbues x200
Trial 1232: Undead x200
Trial 1233: Coeurls x250

Day/Weather: Element: Water
Trial 1957: Beasts x300
Trial 2356: Trade.pngAqua Geodes x15
Trial 2789: Trade.pngAqua Geodes x40
Trial 3252: Trade.pngLeviatites x15

MND+11, Magic Defense Bonus+11

Trigger added effect:
Trial 207: Dragons x200
Trial 208: Worms x250
Trial 1234: Spiders x250
Trial 1235: Bombs x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 1958: Bees x350
Trial 2357: Trade.pngAqua Geodes x15
Trial 2790: Trade.pngAqua Geodes x40
Trial 3253: Trade.pngLeviatites x15

DMG+1, Delay+4
Additional Effect:
Lowers Magic Defense+16

Day/Weather: Element: Dark
Trial 209: Any monster x50
Trial 210: Aquans x50

Day/Weather: Element: Dark
Trial 211: Amorphs x75
Trial 212: Ahrimans x125
Trial 1236: Plantoids x125
Trial 1237: Evil Weapons x150

Day/Weather: Element: Dark
Trial 1959: Undead x300
Trial 2358: Trade.pngShadow Geodes x15
Trial 2791: Trade.pngShadow Geodes x40
Trial 3254: Trade.pngFenrites x15

MP+100, Magic Accuracy+16

Trigger added effect:
Trial 213: Amorphs x200
Trial 214: Mandragoras x250
Trial 1238: Coeurls x250
Trial 1239: Opo-opo x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 1960: Crawlers x350
Trial 2359: Trade.pngShadow Geodes x15
Trial 2792: Trade.pngShadow Geodes x40
Trial 3255: Trade.pngFenrites x15

DMG+1, Delay+4
Additional Effect:
Lowers Magic Accuracy+16

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