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Weapon Skill Information
Description: Delivers a twofold attack. Enmity varies with TP.
Weapon Type: Sword  Skill Target: Single
Class: Breath
Stat Modifier: Enmity fTP: see formula below
TP Modifier 1000 TP 2000 TP 3000 TP
Enmity multiplier: 1.0 1.5 2.0
Skillchain: Fusion / Reverberation
Volatile Enmity: 900 Cumulative Enmity: 300
Command: /ws "Atonement" <stnpc>
Job Level Information
Level Jobs
75 PLD
Quest Required: Unlocking a Myth (Paladin)

Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Burtgang Mythic Aftermath
Burtgang (Level 90) Atonement damage +15%
Burtgang (Level 95) Atonement damage +15%
Burtgang (Level 99) Atonement damage +30%
Burtgang (Level 99 II) Atonement damage +30%
Burtgang (Level 119) Atonement damage +30%
Burtgang (Level 119 II) Atonement damage +30%
Burtgang (Level 119 III) Atonement damage +30%
AugRank15.png: fTP +1


  • Damage dealt is based on current Enmity, as per the following formula, rounded up:
    • ((CE ÷ 6) - 1) + ((VE ÷ 6) - 1)(mainhand item)Level × 10
      • e.g. A level 99 player can never deal more than 990 damage with Atonement; and with a 119 sword equipped, Atonement can never deal more than 1190 damage, regardless of how much hate a player has.
  • It deals Breath Damage type damage in two hits, one for CE and one for VE, both will always hit whenever Atonement hits.
    • Each hit's damage can not exceed 665 for a 119 mainhand sword.
      • The total is still subject to the overall cap of: (mainhand item)Level × 10
    • Weapon Skill Damage equipment applies to both hits.
    • Gear such as Ardor Pendant with "Breath damage dealt +n%" have no effect on Atonement.
  • Enmity gained is a fixed amount, regardless of the amount of damage dealt by Atonement.
  • Maximum damage does not vary with TP, but higher TP allows you to gain more Enmity from Atonement.
    • This is multiplicative with other sources of enmity+, and caps at 2x at 3000 TP.
      • With AugRank15.png, this enmity multiplier is increased by 1; so at 1000 TP Atonement has an enmity fTP multiplier of 2x, and at 3000 TP Atonement's enmity fTP multiplier is 3x.
  • Elemental Gorgets and Elemental Belts do affect this WS, but they affect it by increasing the enmity multiplier similar to a TP Bonus.
    • Each is approximately analogous to +100 TP Bonus each, so they increase the enmity bonus from fTP by +10% when used together.
    • This is still capped at a 2x enmity multiplier, making Belts and Gorgets do nothing for Atonement at 3000 TP.