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Note: As of the February 2015 Version Update, completion of trials is no longer required to access job emotes - the job simply needs to be unlocked and available to the player to access its emote.

  • The entry to use a job emote is "/jobemote XXX" where XXX is the 3 letter abbreviation for the emote you wish to use. Job emotes cannot be performed "silently" (i.e. the "motion" command does not function with job emotes).

The information below is no longer relevant.

  • In order to be able to take on the trial for a job's emote, you must have that job at or beyond level 30. You do not need to be currently on the job in order to receive the trial.
  • The torque will be automatically inscribed with the associated trial upon receipt.
  • Once the correct item is obtained, trade it with the torque to the Delivery Crate to complete the trial, then trade it back to the job emote Magian Moogle. The torque will then receive a minor augment with job-related stats and you will additionally receive the "job gesture" key item. The torque does not need to be kept in order to retain the emote.

Job Base Trial Number Upgrade Item Result
Warrior Fighter's Torque 4424 Shaman Garlic Job gesture: warrior
Monk Temple Torque 4425 Dhalmel Saliva Job gesture: monk
White Mage Healer's Torque 4426 Ctdl. Tapestry Job gesture: white mage
Black Mage Wizard's Torque 4427 Magicked Skull Job gesture: black mage
Red Mage Warlock's Torque 4428 Bloody Robe Job gesture: red mage
Thief Rogue's Torque 4429 Yuhtunga Sulfur Job gesture: thief
Paladin Gallant Torque 4430 Sunsand Job gesture: paladin
Dark Knight Chaos Torque 4431 Odd Postcard Job gesture: dark knight
Beastmaster Beast Torque 4432 Wild Rabbit Tail Job gesture: beastmaster
Bard Choral Torque 4433 Siren's Tear Job gesture: bard
Ranger Hunter's Torque 4434 Seedspall Astrum Job gesture: ranger
Samurai Myochin Shusa 4435 Crab Apron Job gesture: samurai
Ninja Ninja Shusa 4436 Eastern Paper Job gesture: ninja
Dragoon Drachen Torque 4437 Damselfly Worm Job gesture: dragoon
Summoner Evoker's Torque 4438 Damp Envelope Job gesture: summoner
Blue Mage Magus Torque 4439 2Leaf Mandra Bud Job gesture: blue mage
Corsair Corsair's Torque 4440 Counterfeit Gil Job gesture: corsair
Puppetmaster Puppetry Torque 4441 Nyumomo Doll Job gesture: puppetmaster
Dancer Dancer's Torque 4442 Torn Epistle Job gesture: dancer
Scholar Scholar's Torque 4443 Castle Floor Plans Job gesture: scholar

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