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Abbreviation: DEX
Dexterity is generally an offensive stat for melee (accuracy and critical hit rate).

DEX is associated with the Element: Thunder Lightning element.


  • DEX directly impacts the accuracy of melee attacks and rate of critical hits.
    • For all weapons: DEX increases Accuracy at a rate of 3 Accuracy per 4 DEX.
      • Accuracy from DEX = floor( DEXĂ—0.75 )
        • E.g. If a player has +6 DEX they will gain +4 accuracy as the .5 is dropped. If they added another 6 DEX they would instead gain 9 accuracy instead of 8.
  • As DEX is added, melee Critical Hit Rate increases.
    • The amount of the increase is dependent on dDEX (see dDEX for the full table), with a maximum impact of +15% critical hit rate.