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Abbreviation: VIT
Vitality is a defensive stat for reducing physical damage taken.

VIT is associated with the Earth element.


  • VIT directly impacts fSTR. fSTR is a base damage bonus/penalty that depends upon the comparison between attacker STR and target VIT. Thus, maintaining high VIT allows you to negate some base damage of your enemy, (approximately 1 base damage per 4 VIT).
  • Increasing VIT by 2 points adds 3 point of Defense.
  • Increasing VIT plays an additional role in reducing Enemy Critical Hit Damage. [1]

Other Roles

  • Sufficient Vitality will increase the duration of Cover up to a maximum of 15 seconds.
  • The target's Vitality is one of the two player stats that determines Waltz strength.
  • Vitality is used to determine Jump's base damage, with the formula: ( Base Damage + fSTR )×( 1 + VIT÷256 )
  • Vitality plays a small role in improving cure potency (see Cure Formula).
  • Chakra's HP restored is Vitality×2.


  1. "VIT will play a role in calculating damage taken from critical hits."