Kamihr Drifts

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Connected Zone Kamihr Drifts Arrives at
Woh Gates K-11 Kamihr Drifts Map.png I-4 Woh Gates Map.png
Outer Ra'Kaznar F-8 Kamihr Drifts Map.png I-4 Outer RaKaznar 1.gif
Leafallia F-11 Kamihr Drifts Map.png H-9 Leafallia Map 1.png
Ergon Locus Location Notes
Crystaline Claw (G-11)
Lambent Pillar (J-11)
Loch of Flux (J-8)
Zone Image
Kamihr Drifts Zone.png
Map Acquisition Sifa Alani
Timeline Present
Continent Ulbuka
Zone Type
Activities Mining Reive


Name Map Pos. Notes
Peppe-Aleppe 1 (K-10) Quest
Delivery Specialist 1 (K-10) Delivery
Station Worker 1 (K-10)
Name Map Pos. Notes
Traiffeaux 1 (K-10) Quest
Station Administrator 1 (K-10)

Notorious Monsters

Notorious Monsters
Lv. Name Genus A L Detects Drops Pos. Map
-116  Kumhau
   Wildskeeper Reive

(I-6) by using Anti-glaciation gear

Cehuetzi (I-6) 1
-  Calydontis
   Trade an Aster Yggrete Shard I to ??? at (?-?)
Raaz 1
-  Azeman
   Trade an Aster Yggrete Shard II to ??? at (H-9)
Gnole (I-11) 1
-  Sinaa
   Trade an Aster Yggrete Shard III to ??? at (I-11)
Coeurl (I-11) 1
-  Cherti
   Trade Aster Yggrete Shard IV to ??? at (?-?)
Ram 1
-  Mirka
   Trade an Aster Yggrete Shard V to the ??? in the cave in at (F-8)
Yztarg (F-8) 1
A : Aggressive   L : Links
Sight Sight   Sound Sound   Scent Scent   HP HP
True Sight True Sight   True Sound True Sound   Magic Magic   JA JA


Historical Significance


  • Frontier Station: (K-10)
  • Frontier Bivouac #1: (H-9)
  • Frontier Bivouac #2: (H-10)
  • Frontier Bivouac #3: (H-7)
  • Frontier Bivouac #4: (G-6)
  • Home Point: Border of (I-9/10)

Mining points:

  • G-11 (west side of curved cave)
  • H-6 (tunnel on the way to Sajj'aka cutscenes point)
  • H-7 (north of bivouac #3)
  • H-11 (cave)
  • I-6 (cave before Kumhau)
  • I-7 (cave before the drop)