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An island nation residing near the shores of the Ulbuka continent and the focus area of the Seekers of Adoulin expansion storyline. Due to the nation's self-imposed isolation, complete with high defensive walls surrounding the entire city, until recently, little was known about Adoulin to the outside world.

The exorcist Roger mentions that the island is home to libraries that may even rival those of Windurst's. Achtelle also gives us reason to believe Wyrms, Wyverns, and Dragoons are common there.

More recently, a series of quests from Anastase introduced the study of geomagnetic fields which will be an important part of the Seekers of Adoulin storyline.

Traversing Adoulin

Survival Skills Guide

Survival Skills.png Fresh adventurers to the Ulbukan wilderness will find themselves practically trapped. From the moment they step foot in the region they will notice that even the jungles themselves will obstruct their path.

Players must learn various skills in order to traverse the hostile wilderness.

Survival Skills are required in order for adventures to brave the wilderness. Players learn these through quests they undertake in the region.

Obstacles may only be cleared away or scaled with the appropriate key item in possession:

Furthermore the status ailments from the rogue wilderness may be resisted by players with the appropriate key item in possession:

Cities and Townships

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