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A fabled "Land of Promises" on the southern shores of the Mindartia continent, the Federation of Windurst was founded in 294 Crystal Era. (C.E.) Originally founded to end conflicts between the 5 original tribes, the Federation of Windurst flourished due to its strong ties to nature and magic.

Windurst's relative position in the Midlands


Located on the savanna of the Sarutabaruta region, plants and game animals are in abundance. Wizards specializing in agriculture oversee crop development and use magic to increase their yields. Mithran hunters prowl the savanna and the nearby Tahrongi Canyon to bring meat and bones to the markets. Fishing is also a large industry in Windurst, the oceans and rivers teeming with fresh fish.


The Windurstian government consists of a Parliament of Patriarchs, high-ranking members of the magic ministries, and the Star Sybil. The Star Sybil performs "Moon Readings" annually in the Full Moon Fountain to predict the course of the next year.


The majority of the population of Windurst is made up of the diminutive Tarutarus, with Mithras as the second most populace race. In the midst of the Crystal War, Windurst was nearly destroyed during an invasion by the Yagudo; but through hard work (and a bit of magic) the city was rebuilt quickly. However, even after the rebuilding, there are whispers that the lands have not recovered from the war. Although the rivers flow as strong as ever, the plants and the animals seem to be slowly dying off, almost as if the life is drying up from the plains.


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