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Connected Zone Rabao Arrives at
Western Altepa Desert G-11 Rabao - Map.jpg L-5 Western Altepa Desert.jpg
Rabao - Map.jpgRabao - Map.jpg
Map 1
Zone Image
Rabao header.jpg
Japanese ラバオ
Map Acquisition Ashu Bolkhomo (K-7)
Requires Rise of the Zilart
Timeline Present
Continent Zepwell Island
Region Kuzotz
Zone Type City
Activities Fishing
Weather None


Name Map Pos. Notes
Agado-Pugado 1 G-9
Alfesar 1 H-7
Amaja-Kumaja 1 F-8 Weather Checker
Angry Goat 1 G-11
Ashu Bolkhomo 1 K-7 Map Vendor
Bald Aurochs 1 G-10
Brave Ox 1 F-7 Scroll Vendor
Brave Wolf 1 G-7 Armor Vendor
Cavalgrinne 1 K-7 A.H.
Chamaja-Tamaja 1 F-8
Cothric 1 F-8
Dancing Wolf 1 G-7
Datta 1 F-7
Edigey 1 F-9
Eflatun 1 F-10
Generoit 1 G-6 Pet Food Vendor
Golden Condor 1 I-7
Guinavie 1 G-10 Chocobo Rental
Hyesun 1 J-7 A.H.
Irmilant 1 G-7
Name Map Pos. Notes
Iron Muscles 1 F-6
Kedhareshvar 1 F-10
Leodarion 1 F-8
Maryoh Comyujah 1 G-7
Mileon 1 H-7 Lucky Roll
Nomad Moogle 1 G-8 Mog House
Pakhi Churhebi 1 K-7 Delivery Box
Rahi Fohlatti 1 G-9
Rudolfo 1 J-7
Scamplix 1 F-7 Item Vendor
Shiny Teeth 1 F-6 Weapon Vendor
Shupah Mujuuk 1 G-8 Title Changer
Skeea 1 F-6
Smiling Rat 1 K-7 A.H.
Spirit Singer 1 K-7 Delivery Box
Waylea 1 G-9 Fame Checker
Yabehbeh 1 G-9
Zoriboh 1 F-6
Zungutt 1 E-8 Cutscene Replay


Fame Name NPC Pos. Zone Rewards
N/A Carbuncle Debacle Carbuncle G-3 Windurst Walls Evoker's Horn
N/A Chasing Dreams Zoriboh F-6 Rabao Venerer Ring
Don't Forget the Antidote Edigey F-9 Rabao Dotanuki
N/A I'll Take the Big Box Ryoma H-8 Norg Ninja Hakama
Indomitable Spirit Irmilant G-7 Rabao Ebisu Fishing Rod
The Immortal Lu Shang Irmilant G-7 Rabao Lu Shang's F. Rod
The Kuftal Tour Datta F-7 Rabao 8000 Gil
Rabao Fame 4 The Missing Piece Alfesar H-7 Rabao Scroll of Teleport-Altep
N/A True Will Ryoma H-8 Norg Ninja Chainmail
N/A The Search for Goldmane Zoriboh F-6 Rabao Deluxe Carbine
Rabao Fame 5 Trial by Wind Agado-Pugado G-9 Rabao Various
Rabao Fame 2 Trial-Size Trial by Wind Rahi Fohlatti G-9 Rabao Garuda
If an extensive number of rewards are available, write "See Quest Page" as reward.


Mission Name Starting Zone Mission Type Expansion
Bastok Mission 9-1 Metalworks NM Rise of the Zilart
Zilart Mission 12 Norg NM Rise of the Zilart

Historical Significance

This desert oasis, supported by the Rabao Spring, lies towards the north end of Zepwell Island and is surrounded by the vast Altepa Desert. Notwithstanding its location, enterprising merchants have erected tent-shops in an effort to capitalize on stranded adventurers in need of aid. Due to its close ties with San d'Oria , there are a few San d'Orian auction house representatives here who are able to provide access to that nation's auction house.


  • Rabao was added to FFXI with the Rise of the Zilart expansion pack activated April 15th, 2003.