The Mithra and the Crystal

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The Mithra and the Crystal
Series Rise of the Zilart
Starting NPC None
Title None
Repeatable No
Description According to Gilgamesh, a Mithra carrying a mysterious crystal she found in Zi'Tah was recently in Norg. Her name was something like Mary or Maroo or Maree...
Previous Mission Next Mission
The Hall of the Gods The Gate of the Gods
Key ItemCerulean crystal


  • Go to Rabao and speak to Maryoh Comyujah, who is in (G-7) in front of the windmill.
    • Chose the top option 'Sounds fair'.
  • She will ask you to go to the Quicksand Caves again.
  • Head for the secret entrance in Western Altepa Desert (C/D-11), where you went for ZM6: Through the Quicksand Caves.
    • You can use the Proto-Waypoint to Quicksand Caves to enter into the right map (but not the right hole, you still need to go to the other side of the map).
  • Inside, go to (K-8) and through the pressure door. On the next map, head for (G-8) for another pressure door.
  • Enter and fall down the hole. Near where you fall, there is a ???. Buff up and check it to spawn a Pot NM Ancient Vessel. Dispose of it and check the ??? again. You will receive the Key ItemScrap of papyrus.
  • Return to Rabao and speak to Maryoh Comyujah again. She will give you the Key ItemCerulean crystal.