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Number Mission Name Type Reward
1 The New Frontier Cutscene Key Item Map of Norg
2 Welcome t'Norg Cutscene
3 Kazham's Chieftainness Cutscene Key Item Sacrificial Chamber key
4 The Temple of Uggalepih Dungeon/BCNM Key Item Dark fragment
5 Headstone Pilgrimage Quest/Fight Key Item Earth fragment
Key Item Fire fragment
Key Item Ice fragment
Key Item Light fragment
Key Item Lightning fragment
Key Item Water fragment
Key Item Wind fragment
6 Through the Quicksand Caves Dungeon/BCNM
7 The Chamber of Oracles Cutscene Key Item Prismatic fragment
8 Return to Delkfutt's Tower Dungeon/BCNM
9 Ro'Maeve Quest
10 The Temple of Desolation Cutscene
11 The Hall of the Gods Quest
12 The Mithra and the Crystal Dungeon/Fight Key Item Cerulean crystal
13 The Gate of the Gods Cutscene Access to Tu'Lia
14 Ark Angels (Divine Might) BCNM (BCNM)
Key Item Shard of Apathy
Key Item Shard of Arrogance
Key Item Shard of Cowardice
Key Item Shard of Envy
Key Item Shard of Rage
(One of the following:)
(Abyssal Earring)
(Beastly Earring)
(Knight's Earring)
15 The Sealed Shrine Cutscene
16 The Celestial Nexus Dungeon/BCNM
17 Awakening Cutscene--Finale
Quest 1 Storms of Fate BCNM Key Item Whisper of the Wyrmking
Quest 2 Shadows of the Departed Dungeon/Quest Key Item Promyvion - Dem sliver
Key Item Promyvion - Holla sliver
Key Item Promyvion - Mea sliver
Quest 3 Apocalypse Nigh BCNM One of the following:
Ethereal Earring
Hollow Earring
Magnetic Earring
Static Earring
18 The Last Verse Finale
  • Cutscene: A mission that is entirely or almost entirely cutscenes.
  • Quest: A mission that involves a lot of running around and cutscenes.
  • Dungeon: A mission that takes place mostly in a dungeon, such as Promyvion or Sacrarium.
  • Fight: A mission that mostly involves one or many NM fights.
  • BCNM: A mision that is either solely a BCNM, or culminates in a BCNM fight. Usually referenced along with Dungeon-type missions.