Ark Angels

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Ark Angels
Series Rise of the Zilart
Starting NPC None
Title Pentacide Perpetrator (Divine Might only)
Repeatable Yes
Description Apathy, arrogance, cowardice, envy, rage--the darkness that lurks within us all...
Previous Mission Next Mission
The Gate of the Gods The Sealed Shrine
Key ItemShard of Apathy
Key ItemShard of Arrogance
Key ItemShard of Cowardice
Key ItemShard of Envy
Key ItemShard of Rage


Note: The quest Divine Might allows you to confront all 5 bosses below simultaneously and complete this mission immediately, rather than fighting each boss separately. However, part of the quest requires you to receive an item during the full moon so check your Current Time before going this route.

  • Zone into Ru'Aun Gardens for a brief cutscene with Zeid and Aldo.
  • Proceed straight forward and enter The Shrine of Ru'Avitau from the (H-9) entrance in Ru'Aun Gardens.
  • Head north a short distance to find a Blank Target at (G/H-11).
  • Examine the Blank Target for a cutscene.
  • After the cutscene, return to Ru'Aun Gardens.
  • There are 5 BC fights to complete this mission, each spread out across the entire zone. Take the red portals to get to the appropriate towers that you see around the outside edge of the zone.
    • Ru'Aun Gardens is mostly safe from all aggro, except for the dolls which stand on blue pads, set in walls. Stay on the other side of the path from these and you'll be entirely safe. Everything detects magic except for birds.
    • To give a brief description of how the portals work:
      • The red portals lead to the islands in which you can access the La'Loff Amphitheater which leads to each of the fights (where the Home Points are set when you view the map).
      • The red portals are already activated by default.
      • After each fight you will warp back to the island you were originally on by taking a red portal from the Home Point island. What you have to do to get to the next fight is find the pincerstone (it looks like a pincer pointing to the sky with a blue stone between) on the side of the island in the direction you want to travel (Which will be counter-clockwise in this case, i.e. starting from West to East)
        • These are marked by blue stars on the map for Ru'Aun Gardens on this page >>.
      • On the first island the pincerstone is closer to the centre, but on subsequent islands it will be a small walk to your right once you warp back from the Home Point island.
      • Activating the pincerstone will turn on the blue warp point which is located on the same side as the red portal but just to the left of it. (Imagine north is always pointing outside the circle, the blue warp point is south of the red one on the lower level).
      • This will transport you to the next larger island and you can then take the red portal (Which is located on the other side to where you arrived) to the next Home Point island.
      • Rinse and repeat all the way around.
      • Basically all the larger and smaller islands are the same (with some minor differences but all points of interest are placed the same) except for the starting island in the south of the map.
        • Note: there are two of each portal circle (blue and red) on either side of each island. The smaller circle is the warp point, and the larger one is where you land. The warp point has pincers around it.
  • Visit each of the towers and zone inside, the BC area is called La'Loff Amphitheater.
    • You will be facing 5 Ark Angels, who you first saw in the Throne Room, as each of the 5 races wearing black armor and have very pale, ghostly faces. Divine Might combines all 5 Ark Angels in a single fight, fought as an alliance. The mission itself, however, is individual fights, in 6 person BCs.
    • At each tower, you'll have some time to prepare, and then enter to face off against the Ark Angel. Each tower is specific, so you'll need to visit them all. Each Ark Angel has 2 jobs, and can use the full abilities of each, as well as their respective weapons weaponskills.
Ru'Aun Gardens

Boss Fight

Area Boss Abilities Notes
La'Loff Amphitheater - HP #1 Ark Angel HM (WAR/NIN)
  • The biggest single fear in this fight is Mijin Gakure, which can easily spell a wipe if used at high HP. Barfira, Shell and any other damage mitigation spells/Blood Pacts will help keep you alive. Beyond that, simply survive and defeat him.
La'Loff Amphitheater - HP #2 Ark Angel TT (BLM/DRK)
  • Just fight him normally, try to stay out of range of the AoE.
La'Loff Amphitheater - HP #3 Ark Angel MR (THF/BST)
  • Can use Perfect Dodge and Charm.
  • Uses the unique WS Havoc Spiral which does AoE damage (~100-300) and has an additional effect of Sleep. Absorbed by Utsusemi.
  • Can Charm your tank regardless of whether or not her pet is still alive, so plan accordingly.
  • Will summon a pet, usually a tiger, but can be a Mandragora as well. Sleep the pet and ignore it.
La'Loff Amphitheater - HP #4 Ark Angel EV (PLD/WHM)
  • Can use Invincible and Benediction.
  • Uses the unique WS Dominion Slash which does AoE damage (~100-300) and has an additional effect of Silence. Absorbed by Utsusemi. Recommended to bring Echo Drops. It can also dispel buffs.
  • Uses the unique ability Shield Strike which is a cone attack that does ~100 damage and Stun.
  • Take care to avoid Spirits Within, as it can easily destroy your tank. Gravity and Bind and kite the NM is typically the best strategy.
La'Loff Amphitheater - HP #5 Ark Angel GK (SAM/DRG)
  • Straight fight, NIN tank suggested to reduce WS damage from Meikyo Shisui.