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Job Ability Information
Job Black Mage
Type SP Ability
Description Allows spellcasting without using MP.
Duration 00:01:00
Recast 01:00:00
Cumulative Enmity 1 Volatile Enmity 0
Command /ja "Manafont" <me> 
Job Points
Category Manafont Effect Ranks Available 20
Effect of each Rank Increase elemental magic damage by 3.


  • While under the effect of Manafont, all magic casting cost is reduced to 0 MP.
  • A hidden effect of Manafont stops spell interruption from being hit (similar to having -102% Spell Interruption Rate)
  • Manafont can be combined with Mana Wall for further damage reduction (-75% total), but it does not make the Black Mage invincible.


Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Sorcerer's Coat +2 Augment-Icon.png: Extends Manafont duration by 30 seconds.