Storms of Fate

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Storms of Fate
Required Fame Jeuno Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Esha'ntarl, Ru'Lude Gardens
Pack None
Title Conqueror of Fate
Repeatable No
Description Bahamut returned to the heavens following the defeat of the Keeper of the Apocalypse, but recently he was witnessed descending upon Cape Riverne with an army of wyrms. Go to Bahamut and find out his intentions.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None Shadows of the Departed
Promathia Mission 8-4
Key ItemWhisper of the Wyrmking


  • After finishing all of the cutscenes after Dawn including Blueblade Fell, walk towards the Palace in Ru'Lude Gardens to begin the cutscene.
  • Examine the Dilapidated Gate in Misareaux Coast (F-7) for a cutscene.
  • Examine the green Unstable Displacement in the Northwest section of Riverne - Site #B01 (E-7) for a cutscene.
    • You can warp and use the Home Point to get there. Or farm one Giant Scale to get to (E-7) the long way.
  • Click the green Unstable Displacement again to enter the BC Storms of Fate with Bahamut.
  • Kill Bahamut for a cutscene.
  • Return to the Palace in Ru'Lude Gardens for a cutscene that completes the quest.
Riverne - Site B01