Promathia Mission 8-4

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Were you looking for Dawn II?

Series Chains of Promathia
Starting NPC N/A
Title Banisher of Emptiness
Repeatable Yes
Description Revelations of truth accompany the awakening of Promathia. The world and its people stand in the twilight of the apocalypse. Dawn Goddess Altana, grant us victory!
Previous Mission Next Mission
When Angels Fall Storms of Fate
One of the following:
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Rajas Ring
Rajas Ring description.png
Sattva Ring icon.png
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Sattva Ring
Sattva Ring description.png
Tamas Ring icon.png
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Tamas Ring
Tamas Ring description.png

Note: Dawn is the final mission of the Chains of Promathia storyline; however, the stories of Chains of Promathia and Rise of the Zilart are continued with the questline beginning with Storms of Fate.


  • Zone into The Garden of Ru'Hmet and pass through the Cermet Portal to get to the main garden elevator.
  • Choose to descend to zone into Empyreal Paradox.
  • Check the Transcendental Radiance for a cutscene and then check it again to enter the Dawn battleground.

Boss Fight

This fight was initially uncapped at level 75. Level 99 players should have little to no difficulty with this mission.

  • See final cutscenes below to receive your ring after beating Promathia.
  • Prishe joins you for this fight.
  • Selh'teus joins you for this fight as well.
    • Selh'teus cannot be healed by players, but has several abilities he can use to heal himself.
    • Uses the Weapon skill Luminous Lance, which does a bit of damage and stuns Promathia.
    • If Selh'teus is KO'd, the battle immediately ends in failure.
  • If the entire party is KO'd at any point during the fight, you will be immediately removed from the battlefield.
  • Promathia has low evasion and is immune to Stun.
  • Promathia has two forms. Once you beat the first form, you can rest before engaging the second form.
    • After a short period of time, Prishe will engage.
Area Boss Abilities Notes
Empyreal Paradox Promathia

First form:

  • Empty Salvation: AOE damage (~250) and Dispel 3 effects
  • Pestilent Penance: Cone Attack damage (~400) and Plague
  • Malevolent Blessing: Cone Attack damage (400-500) and Curse
  • Infernal Deliverance: AOE damage and Stun, ignores Utsusemi
  • Chains of (Apathy, Arrogance, Cowardice, Envy and Rage):
    • No effect on players due to the protection of the Light(s) of Holla/Dem/Mea/Vahzl/Al'Taieu.
    • Inflicts terror on Alter Egos based on their race (i.e., Chains of Cowardice works on Tarutaru).
  • Comet (Spell): Single-target magic damage (600-900). Can be absorbed by Utsusemi.

Second form:

  • It retains all it's special attacks from the first form with the exception of Comet.
  • Seal of Quiescence: AoE Mute, lasts up to 75 seconds.
  • Winds of Oblivion: AoE Amnesia, lasts up to 75 seconds.
  • Meteor (spell): AoE magic damage (300-600)
    • He casts this once a minute.
  • Bastion of Twilight: Magic Shield effect.
  • Wheel of Impregnability: Invincible.
  • Promathia's first form has about 8000 HP.
  • Promathia's second form has about 12000 HP.
  • You can tell which shield is up by looking at the ring below Promathia.
    • Red is physical, green is magic.
  • Prishe now uses the Weapon Skill Nullifying Dropkick, which breaks Promathia's shields.
  • Eventually, Prishe will use Hundred Fists.
  • She can also use Benediction if she's in trouble.
  • Selh'teus continues to fight against the second form.
    • If his HP gets low he can use the Weapon Skill Redemption which gives HP, MP, and TP to him and any party members that may be near him.

Final Cutscenes

Trust: Ulmia

  • After defeating Promathia, examine the Dilapidated Gate in Misareaux Coast (I-11) to obtain Ulmia as a trust.

Trust: Prishe