Carbuncle Debacle

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Carbuncle Debacle
Required Fame Windurst Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: Level 50+ Summoner
Starting NPC Carbuncle, Windurst Walls
Pack Rise of the Zilart
Title Paragon of Summoner Excellence
Repeatable Yes, after Memory reset
Description Carbuncle needs your help. The Mana Orb held by the energy thief has grown so powerful it is threatening to enslave all the Carbuncles in the world. You must act now to save them!
Previous Quest Next Quest
Class Reunion None
Evoker's Horn icon.png Evoker's Horn


You must zone after completing the previous quest.

  • The cutscene that follows the next fight is known to cause problems for Windower addons. It may freeze. If it does:
    • If you use FastCS simply unload it when the cutscene stops and it should proceed - you can immediately reload it and the cutscene should proceed without issue.
    • If you use Enternity and the cutscene stalls, it may be due to the animation needing to catch up with the chat log. Just give it more time for the animation to catch up with the chat log.
    • If all else fails simply reload using basic pol.exe and the cutscene should replay and complete successfully.
    • 5/6/22 using all of the above I only had to reload FastCS when the cutscene paused. It then completed without a problem.
    • 7/10/23 If you use the 60 FPS config command, turn it to 30 for the BCNM CS at the thunder protocrystal with //config FrameRateDivisor 2 to revert to 30 FPS, after fight use 1 to go back

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