Bastok Mission 9-1

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The Salt of the Earth
Series Rise of the Zilart
Starting NPC Any Bastok Gate Guard
Title None
Repeatable No
Description You have been assigned to an investigation in the Vollbow Region. Speak with senator Alois for further details.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Enter the Talekeeper Where Two Paths Converge
Rank Points


  • Speak with a Gate Guard to accept the mission.
  • Trade 9 crystals to get the next mission.
  • Visit Alois in the President's Office Conference Room in Metalworks (J-8).
  • Head to Rabao and speak to Dancing Wolf in (G-7) for a cutscene.
  • Go to (G-6) on the second map in Gustav Tunnel and check the ??? located in the pond.
    • The CL128 Unity warp to Gustav Tunnel places you on the right map just south of the pond.
    • This area is somewhat dangerous, as EVERYTHING aggros in the area. Have your party wait at (H-7), as it is safe there from aggro. Carefully Sneak pull the NM by checking the ??? and then sleeping the NM. Run back to camp. The NM will eventually make its way there.
  • You will be fighting slime NMs which have high melee resistance. Casters will be very important, and sleeping the mobs will be imperative. You will start against one Gigaplasm.
    • Defeating the Gigaplasm will cause it to divide in two Macroplasms. Each of those will divide into two Microplasms, and those will divide into two Nanoplasms. Try to keep as many mobs asleep as you can. Commence by killing one line of Macroplasms (defeat one, defeat its microplasms, and then its nanoplasms), and then the second. Sleep repeatedly. The HP of the mobs gets progressively lower, to the point where a decently equipped BLM should be able to one-shot a Nanoplasm with a single Thunder III. The key to this fight is keeping everything asleep.
    • Avoid giving the mobs too much TP, as they can use the typical nasty slime TP attacks, like Fluid Spread.
    • Defeat all of them and Sneak everyone to the ???. Check it to receive the Key ItemMiraclesalt.
  • Return to Rabao and speak to Dancing Wolf for a cutscene.
  • Head back to Alois to finish the mission.


  • Although this mission may prove difficult for some, it can be easily completed by two RDM/BLM, who gravity the Gigaplasm, drag it back up to the first map, and take it to the zone line. Proceed to nuke and sleep at a distance. If you are standing far enough away, you will not have aggro on the plasm divisions.
  • One possible strategy from here is to have one player sleep one of the divisions, while the other casts gravity and zones the second split, causing it to deaggro and eventually depop. If done properly and repeated each time the plasm splits, this mission becomes drastically easier. You will still receive credit for completing the mission so long as one Nanoplasm is defeated.