Bastok Mission 9-2

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Where Two Paths Converge
Series Rise of the Zilart
Starting NPC Any Bastok Gate Guard
Title Hero Among Heroes
Repeatable No
Description An adventurer has been attacked while on an investigation to Xarcabard -- and the attacker is said to be none other than the Dark Knight, Zeid! Report to the President's Office for a briefing on the situation at hand.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Salt of the Earth None


  • Speak with a Gate Guard to accept the mission.
  • Trade 9 crystals to get the next mission.
  • Talk to Iron Eater for a cutscene.
  • Make your way to the Throne Room in Castle Zvahl.
  • Gather up, and enter when ready. Buffs will wear off, so do it inside.
  • You'll be facing a two-part fight against Zeid.
  • Part one will consist of a simple fight. Zeid can use an AoE WS that has a Sleep effect, so consider using Poison Potions. At around 65% health, you will get a small cutscene and Volker will now join your fight.
  • Part two involves Volker. You will need to keep him alive, should he fall, you will fail and be ejected from the BC. Zeid will now be able to summon two mobs called Shadow of Rage. They have a decent attack, but low HP. They are immune to Sleep, so don't bother. Zeid will resummon them if they are defeated. Let the tank take all of them, and focus your damage on Zeid himself. Zeid CAN skillchain with his shadows, so be careful. Use your 2hrs if necessary, the fight isn't too difficult.
  • HP is shared between part 1 and part 2, with it being impossible to one-shot Zeid in Part 1. It is, however, possible to nuke him to 1% HP and then kill him before he swings in the next round.
  • Clear the BC for another cutscene.
  • Return to the President's Office and speak to Iron Eater for another cutscene. You will be rewarded, and complete the Bastok story.


  • Although the first phase of this fight is very easy, the second phase requires more preparation. If trying to low-man this BC, it is advisable to kill Zeid's summons, as they can deal a substantial amount of damage if allowed to skillchain.
  • Was able to kill with DRK/NIN, WHM/BLM, and BRD/WHM (2 boxed), with the DRK using Dread Spikes in phase two and saving his tp to one shot one of the two initial summons.