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Name Stats Cost
Hume's Instinct I STR+2 DEX+2 VIT+2 AGI+2 INT+2 MND+2 CHR+2 3
Hume's Instinct II STR+2 DEX+2 VIT+2 AGI+2 INT+2 MND+2 CHR+2 Physical damage taken-2% 4
Elvaan's Instinct I STR+3 MND+3 3
Elvaan's Instinct II STR+3 MND+3 Magic damage taken-3% 4
Tarutaru's Instinct I MP+2% INT+3 3
Tarutaru's Instinct II MP+2% INT+3 Refresh+1 4
Mithra's Instinct I DEX+3 AGI+3 3
Mithra's Instinct II DEX+3 AGI+3 Slashing Damage Taken-2% 4
Galka's Instinct I HP+2% VIT+3 3
Galka's Instinct II HP+2% VIT+3 Regen+1 4


Name Stats Cost
Warrior's Instinct STR+10 Attack+25 Double Attack+5% 15
Monk's Instinct HP+10% AGI+10 Subtle Blow+10 15
White Mage's Instinct MND+10 Magic Defense Bonus+10 Regen+1 15
Black Mage's Instinct INT+10 Magic Attack Bonus+10 Elemental magic casting time-10% 15
Red Mage's Instinct Magic Accuracy+5 Magic Defense Bonus+5 Resist Petrify+30 Fast Cast+10 15
Thief's Instinct DEX+10 Resist Gravity+30 Triple Attack+3% 15
Paladin's Instinct VIT+10 Resist Sleep+30 Physical damage taken-3% 15
Dark Knight's Instinct STR+10 Attack+50 Resist Paralyze+30 15
Beastmaster's Instinct CHR+10 Resist Slow +30 Resist Amnesia+30 15
Bard's Instinct CHR+5 Resist Silence+30 Enemy Critical hit rate-5% 15
Ranger's Instinct AGI+10 Accuracy+25 Resist Poison+30 15
Samurai's Instinct Resist Blind+30 Store TP+10 Conserve TP+10 15
Ninja's Instinct DEX+5 AGI+5 Resist Bind+30 Subtle Blow+10 15
Dragoon's Instinct HP+5% Accuracy+40 Conserve TP+10 15
Summoner's Instinct MP+10% Resist Slow+30 Refresh+1 15
Blue Mage's Instinct STR+3 DEX+3 VIT+3 AGI+3 INT+3 MND+3 CHR+3 Status ailment resistance+10% Regen+1 15
Corsair's Instinct AGI+5 Resist Paralyze+30 Resist Amnesia+30 15
Puppetmaster's Instinct DEX+5 Resist Slow+30 Resist Amnesia+30 15
Dancer's Instinct Accuracy+15 Evasion+15 Resist Slow+30 Subtle Blow+7 15
Scholar's Instinct INT+5 Resist Silence+30 Occult Acumen+15 15
Geomancer's Instinct HP+10% Conserve MP+10 Elemental casting time-10% 15
Rune Fencer's Instinct AGI+5 Magic Defense Bonus+20 Regen+2 15

Mob Sentience

  • Each sentience can be gained as you progress the respective family's level. A higher tier sentience is gained every 30 levels: Tier I at 30, Tier II at 60, and Tier III at 90.


Name Stats Cost
Rabbit Instinct I HP+2% AGI+5 Attack+10 2
Rabbit Instinct II HP+3% DEX+5 Evasion+15 4
Rabbit Instinct III DEX+5 AGI+5 DEF+20 Double Attack+2% 6
Behemoth Instinct I AGI+10 Element: Thunder?+50 Attack+5% 10
Behemoth Instinct II HP+10% Accuracy+20 Resist Stun+60 12
Behemoth Instinct III Triple Attack+10% Lightning Elemental Magic Attack Bonus+30 Physical damage taken-5% 14
Tiger Instinct I Evasion+5 Resist Bind+30 Double Attack+1% 4
Tiger Instinct II DEX+10 Resist Stun+15 Haste+2% 6
Tiger Instinct III AGI+5 Haste+3% Movement Speed+8% 8
Sheep Instinct I HP+5% Attack+10 DEF+15 4
Sheep Instinct II MP+50 CHR+5 DEF+30 6
Sheep Instinct III HP+10% Accuracy+10 Resist Sleep+50 8
Ram Instinct I MP+3% INT+5 Magic Defense Bonus+10 4
Ram Instinct II VIT+20 Resist Silence+20 Magic damage taken-5% 6
Ram Instinct III VIT+5 Resist Petrify+30 Damage taken-10% 8
Dhalmel Instinct I MND+5 Attack+20 Cure potency+10% 4
Dhalmel Instinct II HP+2% VIT+5 Cure Potency received+10% 6
Dhalmel Instinct III MP+100 Magic Accuracy+20 Cure potency+20% 8
Coeurl Instinct I Resist Stun+30 Lightning Elemental Magic Attack Bonus+5 Spell interruption rate down+15% 6
Coeurl Instinct II Magic Attack Bonus+7 Resist Petrify+30 Double Attack+3% 8
Coeurl Instinct III MP+100 INT+13 Fast Cast+7 10
Opo-Opo Instinct I Accuracy+5 Attack+10 Haste+1% 8
Opo-Opo Instinct II Evasion+10 DEF+3 Haste+3% 10
Opo-Opo Instinct III HP+3% STR+5 Sleep: Regain+10 12
Manticore Instinct I Element: Fire+30 Store TP+5 Breath damage dealt+20% 6
Manticore Instinct II INT+8 Element: Wind+30 Magic critical hit rate+15% 8
Manticore Instinct III MND+15 Resist Gravity+30 Fast Cast+10 10
Buffalo Instinct I HP+5% VIT+9 DEF+30 6
Buffalo Instinct II STR+9 Attack+20 Critical hit damage+5% 8
Buffalo Instinct III HP+15% Critical hit rate+10% Enemy critical hit rate-20% 10
Marid Instinct I Accuracy+10 Attack+20 Physical damage taken-3% 8
Marid Instinct II STR+8 DEF+20 Enemy critical rate-30% 10
Marid Instinct III DEF+30 Physical damage taken-5% Knockback Reduction+2 12
Cerberus Instinct I Attack+30 Resist Sleep+75 Haste+2% 10
Cerberus Instinct II MP+100 Resist Silence+75 Fast Cast+8 12
Cerberus Instinct III All elemental resistances +50 Physical damage taken-3% Triple Attack+3% 14
Gnole Instinct I Element: Dark+30 Haste+3% Full Moon: Regain+2 8
Gnole Instinct II HP+4% Evasion+20 Store TP+10 10
Gnole Instinct III Accuracy+15 Attack+50 Magic Attack Bonus+10 12


Name Stats Cost
Lizard Instinct I HP+1% VIT+5 DEF+20 2
Lizard Instinct II STR+4 Attack+14 Store TP+3 4
Lizard Instinct III HP+10% Attack+1% DEF+30 6
Raptor Instinct I HP+1% ATK+5 Haste+3 2
Raptor Instinct II HP+5% STR+4 Accuracy+20 4
Raptor Instinct III Evasion+20 Double Attack+1% Haste+3% 6
Adamantoise Instinct I HP+5% Element: Earth+100 Resist Sleep+75 8
Adamantoise Instinct II Element: Water+100 Resist Amnesia+75 Stoneskin+200 10
Adamantoise Instinct III Element: Thunder+100 Resist Stun+75 Damage taken-3% 12
Bugard Instinct I DEF+30 Double Attack+1 Store TP+3 4
Bugard Instinct II HP+5% Physical damage taken-2% Conserve TP+4 6
Bugard Instinct III VIT+5 Attack+25% Slow+10% 8
Wivre Instinct I VIT+15 Evasion-30 DEF+100 6
Wivre Instinct II HP+3% Breath damage taken-10% Stoneskin+150 8
Wivre Instinct III STR+5 Store TP+18 Physical damage taken-2% 10
Eft Instinct I INT+8 Magic Defense Bonus+5 Fast Cast+4 4
Eft Instinct II MP+50 Magic Attack Bonus+7 Physical damage taken-2% 6
Eft Instinct III DEX+10 AGI+10 Refresh+1 8
Peiste Instinct I Element: Water+30 Resist Petrify+30 Haste+2 6
Peiste Instinct II Resist Amnesia+30 Water Elemental Magic Accuracy+30 Double Attack+3% 8
Peiste Instinct III Resist Poison+50 Water Elemental Magic Attack Bonus+30 Subtle Blow+10 10


Name Stats Cost
Funguar Instinct I HP+2% Element: Water+20 Resist Sleep+40 4
Funguar Instinct II Element: Dark+30 DEF+20 Double Attack+1% 6
Funguar Instinct III HP+3% Resist Blind+40 Double Attack+3% 8
Treant Instinct I AGI+5 Evasion+10 Fast Cast+1 2
Treant Instinct II HP+5% INT+10 MND+10 4
Treant Instinct III Magic Accuracy+10 Magic Attack Bonus+10 Spell interruption rate down+20% 6
Morbol Instinct I DEF+30 Resist Poison+20 Regen+3 6
Morbol Instinct II HP+5% STR+5 Status ailment resistance+20 8
Morbol Instinct III DEX+10 MND+10 Regen+5 10
Mandragora Instinct I DEX+5 Accuracy+10 Haste+1% 2
Mandragora Instinct II MND+5 Attack+10 DEF+10 Double Attack+1% 4
Mandragora Instinct III HP+3% Subtle Blow+3 Haste+3% 6
Sabotender Instinct I Element: Water+30 Attack+15 Store TP+3 4
Sabotender Instinct II Element: Light+30 DEF+15 Light Elemental Magic Accuracy+15 6
Sabotender Instinct III Subtle Blow+3 Cure Potency received+20% Occasionally absorbs light damage 8
Flytrap Instinct I Element: Wind+20 Resist Gravity+30 Haste+1% 6
Flytrap Instinct II STR+3 Element: Water+20 Light Elemental Magic Attack Bonus+10 8
Flytrap Instinct III Element: Light+20 Resist Silence+30 Double Attack+4% 10
Goobbue Instinct I HP+2% STR+15 Slow+5% 4
Goobbue Instinct II Attack+15 Store TP+3 Critical hit rate+5 6
Goobbue Instinct III Accuracy+20 Store TP+5 Critical hit damage-3% 8
Rafflesia Instinct I Element: Earth+20 Attack+30 Resist Paralyze+30 8
Rafflesia Instinct II INT+5 Earth Elemental Magic Attack Bonus+10 Occult Acumen+5 10
Rafflesia Instinct III STR+13 Arcana Killer+1 Drain and Aspir potency+10% 12
Panopt Instinct I MP+150 Element: Wind+30 Magic Attack Bonus+5 8
Panopt Instinct II MND+10 Element: Dark+40 Fast Cast+10 10
Panopt Instinct III INT+10 Wind Elemental Magic Attack Bonus+10 Refresh+1 12


Name Stats Cost
Bee Instinct I AGI+5 Attack+10 Evasion+5 2
Bee Instinct II HP+2% MP+50 INT+5 4
Bee Instinct III STR+10 VIT+5 Haste+3% 6
Beetle Instinct I HP+3% VIT+10 DEF+15 2
Beetle Instinct II STR+7 Undead Killer+1 Resist Sleep+30 4
Beetle Instinct III Stoneskin+50 Critical damage taken-15% Refresh+1 6
Crawler Instinct I HP+3% Attack+3 Resist Slow+30 4
Crawler Instinct II Element: Fire+30 Accuracy+5 Physical damage taken-2% 6
Crawler Instinct III STR+10 Fire Elemental Magic Attack Bonus+10 Breath damage dealt+10% 8
Fly Instinct I AGI+5 Attack+5 Evasion+20 4
Fly Instinct II STR+10 DEX+10 Accuracy+10 Haste+1% 6
Fly Instinct III HP+1% DEF+20 Double Attack+3% 8
Scorpion Instinct I Accuracy+5 Attack+25 Earth Elemental Magic Attack Bonus+10 4
Scorpion Instinct II STR+10 Double Attack+1% Critical hit damage+5% 6
Scorpion Instinct III STR+20 Accuracy+10 Resist Poison+80 8
Spider Instinct I HP+2% Evasion+10 Double Attack+1% 6
Spider Instinct II Evasion+10 Critical hit rate+5% Haste+3% 8
Spider Instinct III Accuracy+5 Attack+3% Critical hit damage+10% 10
Antlion Instinct I VIT+5 Element: Earth+50 DEF+30 6
Antlion Instinct II Resist Blind+50 Earth Elemental Magic Attack Bonus+10 Spell interruption rate down+30% 8
Antlion Instinct III DEF+30 Resist Bind+50 Double Attack+3% 10
Diremite Instinct I INT+5 Attack+30 Arcana Killer+1 8
Diremite Instinct II Haste+4% Occult Acumen+5 Drain and Aspir potency+10% 10
Diremite Instinct III STR+9 Store TP+10 Dark magic casting time-10% 12
Chigoe Instinct I Accuracy+5 Evasion+20 Triple Attack+1% 6
Chigoe Instinct II AGI+10 INT+5 Haste+5% 8
Chigoe Instinct III DEX+15 Fast Cast+10 Triple Attack+2% 10
Wamoura Instinct I HP+3% DEF+20 Physical damage taken-5% 6
Wamoura Instinct II Element: Fire+100 Resist Virus+100 Magic damage taken-3% 8
Wamoura Instinct III INT+10 Conserve TP+3 Damage Taken-5% 10
Ladybug Instinct I DEX+7 Element: Wind+40 Daytime:Evasion+30 6
Ladybug Instinct II Resist Silence+30 Haste+3% Sunny:Regen+2 8
Ladybug Instinct III Resist Gravity+30 Triple Attack+3% Windy weather: Element: Wind+100 10
Gnat Instinct I Element: Wind+20 Store TP+7 Haste+2% 8
Gnat Instinct II DEX+16 Element: Dark+25 Fast Cast+7 10
Gnat Instinct III Evasion+25 Triple Attack+1% Haste+5% 12


Name Stats Cost
Amphiptere Instinct I Element: Wind+100 Evasion+40 Resist Bind+30 8
Amphiptere Instinct II Resist Sleep+50 Magic damage taken-7% Occasionally absorbs wind damage 10
Amphiptere Instinct III Triple Attack+3% HP+5% Wind Elemental Magic Accuracy+10 12
Apkallu Instinct I Accuracy+10 DEF+5% Haste+3% 8
Apkallu Instinct II INT+10 Evasion+10 Physical damage taken-5% 10
Apkallu Instinct III DEF+20 Physical damage taken-5% Convert physical damage taken to TP+1% 12
Bat Instinct I STR+5 Element: Dark+30 Accuracy+10 2
Bat Instinct II HP+2% AGI+5 Evasion+15 4
Bat Instinct III Attack+10 Double Attack+2% Nighttime: Accuracy+40 6
Bird Instinct I STR+5 Resist Sleep+15 Double Attack+1% 3
Bird Instinct II AGI+5 Element: Wind+30 Critical hit rate+3% 5
Bird Instinct III HP+2% Evasion+20 Haste+3% 7
Cockatrice Instinct I AGI+5 Accuracy+5 Evasion+5 2
Cockatrice Instinct II HP+3% VIT+10 DEF+15 4
Cockatrice Instinct III Attack+20 Double Attack+2% Critical hit damage+3% 6
Colibri Instinct I Magic Accuracy+10 Magic Attack Bonus+5 Madrigal+2 6
Colibri Instinct II Element: Wind+30 Evasion+3 Fast Cast+10 8
Colibri Instinct III Magic Defense Bonus+5 Haste+2% Grants one additional song effect 10
Hippogryph Instinct I Dex+10 Accuracy+20 Evasion+10 6
Hippogryph Instinct II HP+3% Attack+20 Haste+3% 8
Hippogryph Instinct III Resist Gravity+30 Triple Attack+3% Critical hit damage+5% 10
Roc Instinct I Element: Wind+40 Accuracy+10 Mambo+2 5
Roc Instinct II STR+15 Double Attack+1% Store TP+6 7
Roc Instinct III Evasion+30 Physical damage taken-5 Resist Silence+40 9


Name Stats Cost
Crab Instinct I HP+200 MND+5 Element: Water+30 4
Crab Instinct II Magic Defense Bonus+2 Critical damage taken-15% Spell interruption rate down+10% 5
Crab Instinct III VIT+10 Accuracy+5 DEF+10% 6
Toad Instinct I HP+50 AGI+7 Evasion+13 2
Toad Instinct II Elemental magic casting time-10% 5
Toad Instinct III Haste+20% 30
Pugil Instinct I DEX+3 Accuracy+5 Critical hit rate+3% 3
Pugil Instinct II MND+10 Conserve MP+20 Water Elemental Magic Accuracy+20 4
Pugil Instinct III Accuracy+35 Elemental magic casting time-5% Water Elemental Magic Attack+10 5
Sea Monk Instinct I INT+7 Accuracy+3% Critical hit rate+3% 5
Sea Monk Instinct II Magic Attack Bonus+1% Magic Defense Bonus+1% Occult Acumen+5 7
Sea Monk Instinct III Magic Accuracy+15 Drain and Aspir potency+20% 9
Orobon Instinct I Accuracy+17 DEF+3% Cure potency+10% 7
Orobon Instinct II HP+7% Magic Defense Bonus+7 Elemental magic casting time-7% 8
Orobon Instinct III Haste+3% Store TP+10 Subtle Blow+15 10
Uragnite Instinct I Damage taken-5% 4
Uragnite Instinct II DEF+10% Cure Potency received+5% Spell interruption rate down+40% 8
Uragnite Instinct III HP+6% Enemy critical hit rate-30% Convert physical damage taken to TP+1.2% 16
Ruszor Instinct I HP+300 Magic damage taken-5% 8
Ruszor Instinct II STR+8 DEX+8 VIT+8 AGI+8 INT+8 MND+8 CHR+8 Ice Elemental Magic Accuracy+40 10
Ruszor Instinct III Magic Attack Bonus+5% Resist Paralyze+80 15


Name Stats Cost
Slime Instinct I DEF+20 Resist Bind+20 Physical damage taken-2% 4
Slime Instinct II Element: Water+70 Attack+15 Physical damage taken-2% 6
Slime Instinct III HP+5% Resist Stun+20 Physical damage taken-5% 8
Hecteyes Instinct I HP+1% DEX+3 Accuracy+15 4
Hecteyes Instinct II MP+1% INT+10 Magic Accuracy+10 6
Hecteyes Instinct III Magic Attack Bonus+5 Resist Sleep+70 Refresh+2 8
Flan Instinct I MP+5% INT+5 Resist Silence+40 6
Flan Instinct II Magic Accuracy+15 Magic Attack Bonus+10 Fast Cast+10* 8
Flan Instinct III MND+5 Magic Accuracy+10 Quick Magic+12* 10
Slug Instinct I HP+3% VIT+20 Physical damage taken -2% 4
Slug Instinct II STR+7 DEF+50 Water Elemental Magic Attack Bonus+10 6
Slug Instinct III Absorb water damage 20
Sandworm Instinct I HP+3% Element: Earth+120 Attack+22 6
Sandworm Instinct II DEX+12 Element: Thunder+120 Accuracy+20 8
Sandworm Instinct III HP+5% Attack+50 Earth Elemental Magic Attack Bonus+20 10
Leech Instinct I STR+2 DEX+2 Double Attack+1% 2
Leech Instinct II Element: Water+75 Haste+2% Critical hit rate+1% 4
Leech Instinct III Ice Elemental Magic Attack Bonus+15 6

* Despite Flan Instinct III claiming to have Quick Magic, it appears to occur when Flan Instinct II is equipped.


Name Stats Cost
Astoltian Slime Instinct I Attack+5 Haste+1% Cure Potency received+3% 1
Astoltian Slime Instinct II INT+3 Fire Elemental Magic Accuracy+3 Fire Elemental Magic Attack Bonus+3 2
Astoltian Slime Instinct III VIT+10 DEF+10 Damage taken-1% 3
Eorzean Spriggan Instinct I VIT+5 Element: Earth+20 Haste+1% 1
Eorzean Spriggan Instinct II HP+1% INT+5 Element: Ice+20 2
Eorzean Spriggan Instinct III Accuracy+10 Evasion+10 Attack+10 3


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