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Strategically located in a valley in the southern part of the Quon continent, the Republic of Bastok was founded in 494 Crystal Era. (C.E.) Originally established as a fort to protect settlements of miners against attacks from the Kingdom of San d'Oria, Bastok soon grew from the toil of its miners and the ingenuity of its blacksmiths, alchemists, and engineers.

Bastok's relative position in the Midlands


Located in the arid Gustaberg region, little food can be cultivated in the dry soil. As a result, Bastok uses part of the revenues gained by the ores and other materials from its mines to import food from around the world. The Republic built windmills in the nearby Konschtat Highlands to make use of the near constant winds (known as "Odin's Wrath") to grind flour from various grains grown by San d'Oria.


The Bastokan government consists of a democratically elected Senate and President. The President is the commander of the Bastokan Military, but must rely on the Senate to allow for any large-scale military operations.


The majority of the population of Bastok consists of Humes, with Galkas as the second most populace race. It is said that Bastok was built with the ingenuity of the Humes with the muscle of the Galkas; despite their hard work building the city and its mines, many Galkas feel that the Humes profit from their work while the Galkas slip further into poverty. The monetary disparity coupled with the disappearance of prominent leaders such as Raogrimm, Zeid, and most recently Werei, has raised tensions among the Galkan workforce and is beginning to concern the highest levels of the government.


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