Dynamis - Bastok

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Were you looking for Dynamis - Bastok (D)?

Requires a Prismatic hourglass to enter.

Beware that Vanguard's Scorpions, which are pets of Vanguard Beasttender, can and will cast Breakga if they're left unsilenced.

Map of Dynamis - Bastok

Dynamis - Bastok

Starting NPC: Trail Markings - Bastok Mines (K-8)
Requirements: Vial of Shrouded Sand
Rank 6, Level 65.
Prismatic hourglass
Reward: Hydra Corps Eyeglass
Title: Dynamis-Bastok Interloper
Currency: One Byne Bill
One Hundred Byne Bill
AF2+2 Upgrade item: Forgotten Journey
Relic Armor
Piece Job Piece Job
Abyss Sollerets DRK Assassin's Vest THF
Argute Pants SCH Bard's Cuffs BRD
Commodore Bottes COR Duelist's Gloves RDM
Etoile Tiara DNC Melee Gaiters MNK
Mirage Shalwar BLU Monster Jackcoat BST
Saotome Kote SAM Sorcerer's Tonban BLM
Summoner's Brcr. SMN Valor Coronet PLD
Wyrm Brais DRG
Misc. Items
Sparkling Stone Infinity Core Wootz Ore
Mythril Beastcoin Gold Beastcoin Slime Juice
Relic Axe Relic Blade Relic Scythe

Notorious Monsters

Name Level Position Spawn Condition Aggro Notable Drops
Gi'Pha Manameister Question I-6 Timed Sound
Gu'Nhi Noondozer Question I/J-9 Timed Sound
Ko'Dho Cannonball Question J-7 Timed Sound
Ze'Vho Fallsplitter Question H/I-7 Timed Sound
Gu'Dha Effigy Question H-10 Trade Steelwall Bijou to the ??? near South Gustaberg exit.
Zo'Pha Forgesoul Question E-8 Trade Odious Charm to ???.
Ra'Gho Darkfount Question D-7 Trade Odious Backscale to ???.
Va'Zhe Pummelsong Question F-5 Trade Odious Engraving to ???.
Bu'Bho Truesteel Question J-7 Trade Odious Letterbox to ???.
Arch Gu'Dha Effigy Question H-10 Trade Fiendish Tome: Chapter 6, Fiendish Tome: Chapter 7, Fiendish Tome: Chapter 8, Fiendish Tome: Chapter 9, and Fiendish Tome: Chapter 10 to the ??? near South Gustaberg exit.

Normal Monsters

Name Family Job Min Level Max Level Detection A L Number Type App.
Adamantking Effigy Replica Sight Y Y 23
Adamantking Image Replica Sight Y Y 5
Ra'Gho's Avatar Avatar Pet N Y 1
Vanguard Beasttender Quadav BST Sound Y Y 8
Vanguard Constable Quadav WHM Sound Y Y 11
Vanguard Defender Quadav PLD Sound Y Y 13
Vanguard Drakekeeper Quadav DRG Sound Y Y 8
Vanguard Hatamoto Quadav SAM Sound Y Y 12
Vanguard Kusa Quadav NIN Sound Y Y 10
Vanguard Mason Quadav RNG Sound Y Y 7
Vanguard Militant Quadav MNK Sound Y Y 13
Vanguard Minstrel Quadav BRD Sound Y Y 11
Vanguard Protector Quadav RDM Sound Y Y 13
Vanguard Purloiner Quadav THF Sound Y Y 13
Vanguard Thaumaturge Quadav BLM Sound Y Y 17
Vanguard Undertaker Quadav SMN Sound Y Y 6
Vanguard Vigilante Quadav DRK Sound Y Y 21
Vanguard Vindicator Quadav WAR Sound Y Y 15
Vanguard's Avatar Avatar Pet N Y 7
Vanguard's Scorpion Scorpion Pet N Y 8
Vanguard's Wyvern Wyvern Pet N Y 8
Appearance Key

D = Dusk (18:00-6:00), N = Night (20:00 - 4:00), F = Fog, Fire-Icon.png Ice-Icon.png Wind-Icon.png Earth-Icon.png Lightning-Icon.png Water-Icon.png Light-Icon.png Dark-Icon.png = Corresponding weather pattern

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