Vivid periapt of frontiers

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Vivid periapt of frontiers

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Type Description
Temporary Key Items A talisman formed of abyssite. Increases the capacity of voidstones the bearer can carry.
Obtained from...
Name Zone Notes
Riftworn Pyxis Batallia Downs Cherufe
Riftworn Pyxis Batallia Downs (S) Taweret
Riftworn Pyxis Rolanberry Fields Yatagarasu
Riftworn Pyxis Rolanberry Fields (S) Agathos
Riftworn Pyxis Sauromugue Champaign Goji
Riftworn Pyxis Sauromugue Champaign (S) Gugalanna
Used for...
Type of Event Name
Battlefield Voidwatch Op


  • Increases the amount of Voidstones a player can hold by 1 (from three to four).

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