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Using special abyssite stones, monsters called "Voidwalkers" may be summoned from the parallel world of Abyssea. These monsters are an integral part of Trial of the Magians for the creation of Empyrean Weapons.

Getting Started

Speak to Assai Nybaem in Ru'Lude Gardens (G-10).

You can procure clear abyssite from Assai Nybaem for 1,000 gil.

When you have an abyssite key item, resting will check to see if there are any appropriate NMs in the zone by giving a message that it is vibrating and emitting light.
Without such a reaction, that means that there are no Voidwalkers in the area. If the abyssite vibrates softly but does not emit light, it means that all of the monsters of that particular tier are waiting to respawn.
If the abyssite vibrates softly and emits light, it means that there is a Voidwalker in the general vicinity.
If there is a Voidwalker significantly close to your position, you will receive a message indicating the distance and direction of the NM and the strength of the vibration of the abyssite will give a general indication of the NM's strength.


Each tier of Voidwalker has a different message for the resonation:

Tier Type Abyssite Message Respawn Time
1 Small Fry feebly Within Minutes
2 NM softly 60 Minutes
3 Shadow HNM/True HNM solidly 120+ Minutes
4 Yilbegan strongly Information Needed Minutes

There are two unused messages: "very strongly" and "furiously" in the dat files that may be used for future tiers of VNMs.

The tier 3 and 4 NMs seem to have two different versions that can spawn, "Shadow" and "True". They are differentiated by the "Shadow" versions lacking a shadow. The "True" versions grant a title and drop rings, whereas the "Shadow" versions do not. There have been reports of Tier 3 and 4 mobs gaining or losing shadows over the course of battles, but the mechanic of this change is currently unknown.

How It Works

The system works as such: You purchase a Clear abyssite from Assai Nybaem, then rest in any zone with mobs in order to hunt down and pop a Voidwalker "Small Fry" or Tier 1 monster.
After defeating the Small Fry, there is a chance that the Clear abyssite will upgrade into a Colorful abyssite. You rest in order to hunt down and pop a Voidwalker "NM" or tier 2 monster. After defeating the NM, there is a chance that the Colorful abyssite will upgrade into a specific abyssite to that cluster of zones.

The specific abyssites will only pop the True or Shadow HNMs in the cluster of zones that it is from. From this point on, the abyssites will break when the Voidwalker spawns, so take care when trying to pop them.
All of the Voidwalker HNMs spawned with the specific abyssites will have a chance of dropping a Black abyssite regardless of shadow status. This Voidwalker NM may be popped in any zone.

Note: Spawning a T3 specific color (purple, blue, etc) or T4 Black abyssite will cause the immediate loss of the abyssite. You must farm all over again.


Bastok area:

North Gustaberg, Pashhow Marshlands,
North Gustaberg (S), Pashhow Marshlands (S)

Tier 1- Clear abyssite
Ground Guzzler x4 - Worm

Globster x4 - Slime

Tier 2- Colorful abyssite
Shoggoth - Hecteyes

Lamprey Lord - Leech

Jinx Ampulla

Hirudinea Earring

Tier 3- Orange abyssite
Blobdingnag - Clot

Spawns 6 Septic Boil with the weaponskill Psychokenesis

Blobnag Ring, Beguiling Collar, Muculent Ingot, Baby Blobdingnag
San d'Oria area:

East Ronfaure, Jugner Forest,
East Ronfaure (S), Jugner Forest (S)

Tier 1- Clear abyssite
Quagmire Pugil x4 - Pugil

Sunderclaw x4 - Crab

Tier 2- Colorful abyssite
Yacumama - Sea Monk

Capricornus - Pugil

Backlash Torque

Fierce Belt

Tier 3- Blue abyssite
Krabkatoa - Mega-Crab Karka Ring, Acubens Helm, Igneous Barnacle, Krabkatoa Shell
Windurst area:

West Sarutabaruta, Meriphataud Mountains,
West Sarutabaruta (S), Meriphataud Mountains (S)

Tier 1- Clear abyssite
Rummager Beetle x4 - Beetle

Raker Bee x4 - Bee

Tier 2- Colorful abyssite
Farruca Fly - Fly

Jyeshtha - Scorpion

Alert Ring

Fatality Belt

Tier 3- Brown abyssite
Orcus - Antlion Corneus Ring, Bobcat Belt, Kidney Stone, Orcus Mandible
Jeuno area:

Rolanberry Fields, Batallia Downs,
Sauromugue Champaign, Rolanberry Fields (S),
Batallia Downs (S), Sauromugue Champaign (S)

Tier 1- Clear abyssite
Aither - Elemental

Deorc - Elemental
Eorthe - Elemental
Puretos - Elemental
Pruina - Elemental
Beorht - Elemental
Thunor - Elemental
Lacus - Elemental

Tier 2- Colorful abyssite
Urd - Pixie

Skuld - Pixie

Choreia Earring

Veela Cape

Tier 3- Yellow abyssite
Verthandi - Pixie Veela Ring, Verthandi's Gem, Ethereal Squama, Eye of Verthandi
Northlands area:

Beaucedine Glacier, Xarcabard,
Beaucedine Glacier (S), Xarcabard (S)

Tier 1- Clear abyssite
Gjenganger x4 - Ghost

Gorehound x4 - Hound

Tier 2- Colorful abyssite
Feuerunke - Doomed

Erebus - Skeleton

Pagondas Earring

Nyx Gorget

Tier 3- Purple abyssite
Lord Ruthven - Vampyr Strigoi Ring, Marching Belt, Befouled Silver, Ruthven's Nail
Crag area:

Konschtat Highlands, La Theine Plateau,
Tahrongi Canyon

Tier 1- Clear abyssite
Void Hare x4 - Rabbit

Prickly Sheep x4 - Sheep

Tier 2- Colorful abyssite
Chesma - Coeurl

Tammuz - Ram

Halting Stole

Repelling Collar

Tier 3- Grey abyssite
Dawon - Tiger Succor Ring, Pelt of Dawon, Leonine Mask
All areas:
Tier 4- Black abyssite
Yilbegan - Zilant Galdr Ring, Zilant Ring, Agrona's Leggings, Lucky Coin, Scarlet Kadife

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