Crystalline Mission 3

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Gatherer of Light (I)
Series A Crystalline Prophecy
Starting NPC Qufim Island
Title None
Repeatable No
Description When the echo runs amok, the key to Vana'diel's salvation lies with three unusual stones that have found their way into the hands of some overly curious Goblins...
Previous Mission Next Mission
The Echo Awakens Gatherer of Light (II)


  • You need to retrieve three key items used to pop Goblin Notorious Monsters. Any characters on (or past) this mission can receive the goblin food key items as long as they are in the same party/alliance.
    • These key items have a 10% obtainment rate. If you are in a party/alliance, 1 character at random will be chosen to receive it (if they don't have it already).

NOTE: You must have the respective goblin food key item when the NM is killed in order to obtain the seedspall key item.

"A Crystalline Prophecy" Key