The Buried God

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BCNM Information
Location: Beadeaux (S)
Entry Item: The Words of Do'Nhu I-VIII Level Restriction: no restricton
Time Limit: 30 minutes Participation: 18

Zha'Go's Barbut

Paramount Earring
Seismic Axe
Headsman's Ring
Stone Mufflers

Platinum Ore
Steel Ingot
Icarus Wing

Enemy Table

level Name Qty Type Behavior
75+ Za'Dha Adamantking 1 Quadav WAR
70+ Za'Dha's Biographer 2 Quadav BLM
70+ Za'Dha's Minister 2 Quadav WHM

BCNM Strategy

  • All enemies are immune to sleep.
  • It is able to enfeeble anyone within close range with permanent Slow.
  • Ore Lob TP attack is conal and clears shadows.
  • Has an inherent Enstone effect.
  • Awards the title "Disperser of Darkness"