"Imperial Lineage" chapter VII

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"Imperial Lineage" chapter VII

Key Item.png "Imperial Lineage" chapter VII
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Type Description
Temporary Key Items A chapter from an unabridged account
of the genealogy of all Orcish
sovereigns to date, as recorded by
Goblin scribes. Those who recite the
work in its entirety are said to be
granted an audience with His Imperial
Majesty, the Emperor himself.
Obtained from...
Name Zone Notes
Lurouillat Southern San d'Oria (S) (J-9) Trade in the Elm Strongbox
Pogigi Windurst Waters (S) (G-9) Trade in the Elm Strongbox
Kevan Bastok Markets (S) (F-9) Trade in the Elm Strongbox
Used for...
Type of Event Name
Stronghold Invasion The Blood-bathed Crown BCNM in La Vaule (S)


Used in conjunction with 7 other "Imperial Lineage" key items to enter the BCNM.

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