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Campaign Stronghold NM's and Battlefields

Invading Campaign strongholds is an opportunity for players to decrease the strength of the Beastmen Confederate's forces, increase the strength of their own nation, as well as obtaining special items and equipment. Defeating challenging Notorious Monsters is the task, with the ultimate goal of defeating the special Battlefield in the end.

Throughout the three stronghold areas, there are 8 different NM's, each one corresponds to a Campaign statistic; funds, resources, supplies, reconnaissance, skill, production, morale, and prosperity. When defeated, they will always drop their sealed container, and have a chance to drop equipment. The containers are rare/exclusive and can be traded in for a keyitem. Trading in containers will also increase one of the nation's statistics.

All of the NM's seem to have a respawn time of roughly 4~6 hours.Verification Needed

Once the 8 keyitems from a stronghold have been obtained, players will be able to enter a battlefield within the stronghold. That battlefield can reward more equipment.

Once you've recieved a sealed container from the NM, return to the appropriate nation. Trade it to one of the following NPC's for the keyitem:
Southern San d'Oria (S): Lurouillat (J-9)
Windurst Waters (S): Pogigi (G-9)
Bastok Markets (S): Kevan (F-9)

Orcish Hosts La Vaule (S) Stronghold

Orcish Hosts La Vaule (S) Stronghold
Container Item (Box) = Strongbox
Key Item = Imperial Lineage
La Vaule
Type Job Pos
Key Item
Drops Notes
Coinbiter Cjaknokk
Orc DRK E-6
Chap I
  • Spams Shoulder Charge (DefDown, Knockback)
Draketrader Zlodgodd
Orc DRG G-7
Chap II
  • Does not use a Wyvern
  • Spams Jump
Feeblescheme Bhogbigg
Orc BLM E-10
Chap III
  • Uses Grenades
  • Bhogbigg's Vial
AOE Enfeeble, can be attacked
All-seeing Onyx Eye
Ahriman SCH J-11
Chap IV
Cogtooth Skagnogg
Warmachine RNG I-9
Chap V
  • Sticky Grenade (AoE Gravity)
  • Tear Grenade (AoE Silence and Blind)
Gigas RNG I-6
Chap VI
  • Uses Daunting Hurl (strong ranged attack)
  • Uses Catapult
strong single target ranged attack, Hate Reset
Falsespinner Bhudbrodd
Orc MNK E-8
Chap VII
  • Uses Berserker's Dance (Self Haste)
  • Uses Fanatic Dance (AOE Charm)
Gnole MNK H-10 (NW)
  • Uses several TP attacks in succession of 5 or so
  • Spams Call of the Moon (AOE Intimidation)

Battlefield: The Blood-bathed Crown

BCNM Information
Location: La Vaule (S)
Entry Item: Imperial Lineage chapters I-VIII Level Restriction: no restriction
Time Limit: 30 minutes Participation: 18

Gnadbhod's Helm

Fenian Ring
Supremacy Earring
Nimue's Tights

Phoenix Feather
Orichalcum Ore
Adaman Ore
Darksteel Ingot
Ruby Mythril Ingot
Charisma Potion

Enemy Table

level Name Qty Type Behavior
75+ Bloodcrown Brradhod 1 Orc PLD
70+ Brradhod's Fletcher 2 Orc RNG
70+ Brradhod's Donzel 2 Orc WAR, uses Mighty Strikes

BCNM Strategy

All enemies are immune to sleep. Bloodcrown uses a very long ranged AoE knockback+Amnesia+Hate reset. It is able to enfeeble anyone within close range with permanent Flash. Uses Invincible multiple times. Awards the title "Debaser of Dynasties"

Yagudo Theomilitary Castle Oztroja (S) Stronghold

Yagudo Theomilitary Castle Oztroja (S) Stronghold
Container Item (Box) = Bamboo Basket/Cage
Key Item = Habalo's Eclogue
Castle Oztroja (S)
1st floor
Castle Oztroja (S)
2nd floor
Castle Oztroja (S)
3rd floor
Type Job Pos
Key Item
Drops Notes
Dee Zelko the Esoteric
Yagudo BLM H-9 (3rd FL)
Grass Basket
Habalo's Eclogue - verse I
  • Casts higher tier magic as HP lowers
  • Has very high Fast Cast
  • May use Manafont
Marquis Forneus
Demon DRK G-8 (2nd FL, W*)
Medicine Basket
Habalo's Eclogue - verse II
  • Uses normal Demon specials
  • Uses normal DRK spells including spikes
  • Will buff himself while not engaged, meaning he will have possibly lethal Dread Spikes upon being attacked
Loo Kutto the Pensive
Yagudo SAM H-8 (2nd FL, E*)
Habalo's Eclogue - verse III
  • Uses normal Yagudo specials and SAM 2HR
  • Uses Dark Invocation
Gnat THF J-8 (2nd FL, E*)
Flower Basket
Habalo's Eclogue - verse IV
  • Uses THF 2HR
Vee Ladu the Titterer
Yagudo NIN H-9 (Entrance)
Habalo's Eclogue - verse V
  • Utsusemi creates 3-5 clones
  • NM and Clones can all use Mijin
Maa Illmu the Bestower
Yagudo WHM I-8 (2nd FL)
Charcoal Basket
Habalo's Eclogue - verse VI
  • Spams Cure V, Casts Buffs, Uses Benediction
  • If silenced uses Shirahadori
  • Will still try to melee between casts
Taurus MNK I-8 (2nd FL)
Tea Basket
Habalo's Eclogue - verse VII
  • Subject to Bind
  • Uses MNK 2HR
Suu Xicu the Cantabile
Yagudo BRD H-7 (1st FL, W*)
Habalo's Eclogue - verse VIII
  • At 50%, summons two MNK Assistants
  • At 25%, summons four MNK Assistants
  • Spams Horde Lullaby

Battlefield: A Malicious Manifest

BCNM Information
Location: Castle Oztroja (S)
Entry Item: Habalo's Eclogue - verses I - VIII Level Restriction: no restriction
Time Limit: 30 minutes Participation: 18

Ree Habalo's Headgear
Damascene Cloth

Koschei Crackows
Brilliant Earring
Diverter's Ring

Blue Rock
Philosopher's Stone
Vile Elixir +1
Adaman Ore
Mahogany Log

Enemy Table

level Name Qty Type Behavior
75+ Tzee Xicu the Manifest 1 Yagudo SMN but no Avatar
70+ Tzee Xicu's Elemental 4 Elemental Wind Elementals

BCNM Strategy

  • Awards the Title: Ender of Idolatry
  • Tzee Xicu's Specials/Characteristics
    • Kamaitachi - AOE, Strong Knockback, Dispels all Buffs
    • Vorticose Sands - AOE, Strong Damage (looks like the Tornado AM animation)
    • Vorticose Sands may or may not have a silenced effect. Verification Needed
    • also uses Dark Invocation
    • Has a Greenish Aura that gives a short time Gravity effect.
    • Tzee Xicu does not appear to spawn any avatars.
    • Once dead, the wind elementals will not re-spawn.
    • Uses Astral Flow multiple times but if elementals are dead, they will not re-spawn nor will the Astral Flow have any noticeable effect
    • May have a partial hate reset move Verification Needed
  • Possible Strategy
    • Can kite along the top circular ramp area.
    • Come up along either side (as opposed to using the center ramps), there are ramps to the left and to the right on the ground level. This way, the kiting can start without having to initially run through Tzee Xicu and its elementals.
    • Seems to run at normal speed. Verification Needed
    • The kiting area has several places where the kiter can get stuck.

Quadav Shieldwarriors Beadeaux (S) Stronghold

Important Note: Be aware that passage into the farthest North East areas of Beadeaux (S) require one person to havea Quadav Charm to pass through the door at (I-9). It can be obtained from De'Vyu Headhunter in present day Beadeaux.

Quadav Shieldwarriors Beadeaux (S) Stronghold
Container Item (Box) = Letterbox
Key Item = The Words of Do'Nhu
Ground Level (Map 1)
Basement (Map 2)
Type Job Pos
Key Item
Drops Notes
Ga'Lhu Nevermolt
Quadav PLD K-9 (Map 1)
words I
  • Uses Ore Lob
  • Has Reprisal via Diamond Shell
  • Uses Shell Charge
Fomor MNK K-8 (Map 2)
words II
  • Has Footwork
  • Spams Dragon Kick
Di'Zho Spongeshell
Quadav DRK E-9 (Map 1)
words III
  • Uses Wrath of Gu'Dha
  • Switches between melee-absorbing and magic-absorbing states
Observant Zekka
Imp Verification Needed J-6 (Map 1)
words IV
  • Usual Imp specials
  • Casts Holy
  • Job may be WHM
Mu'Nhi Thimbletail
Quadav THF L-6 (Map 1)
Pig Iron
words V
  • Uses paralyzing, silence, and blinding tubes
  • Uses Ore Lob (Strong Cone AOE)
  • Will run a short distance after setting tube
  • Tubes have low HP, can be killed quickly
Blifnix Oilycheeks
Goblin RNG G-7 (Map 2)
words VI
  • Uses up to 5 goblin mines.
Va'Gho Bloodbasked
Quadav RDM I-7 (Map 1)
Cast Iron
words VII
  • Fast Casting Tier3s
  • Uses RDM enfeebles including Sleep
  • Uses Ore Lob (Strong Cone AOE)
Ra'Dha Scarscute
Quadav RNG H-9 (Map 1)
Wrought Iron
words VIII
  • Uses only Headbutt and Skull Smasher
  • Does not melee
  • Uses WAR 2HR

Battlefield: The Buried God

BCNM Information
Location: Beadeaux (S)
Entry Item: The Words of Do'Nhu I-VIII Level Restriction: no restricton
Time Limit: 30 minutes Participation: 18

Zha'Go's Barbut

Paramount Earring
Seismic Axe
Headsman's Ring
Stone Mufflers

Platinum Ore
Steel Ingot
Icarus Wing

Enemy Table

level Name Qty Type Behavior
75+ Za'Dha Adamantking 1 Quadav WAR
70+ Za'Dha's Biographer 2 Quadav BLM
70+ Za'Dha's Minister 2 Quadav WHM

BCNM Strategy

All enemies are immune to sleep. It is able to enfeeble anyone within close range with permanent Slow. Ore Lob TP attack is conal and clears shadows. Has an inherent Enstone effect. Awards the title "Disperser of Darkness"

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