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Ruby icon.png Ruby
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Description: A red jewel.
Image: Ruby description.png
Type: Item
Stack size: 12
AH Listing: Auction House 16.png ➞ Materials ➞ Goldsmithing
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Synthesis Information
Yield Requirements Ingredients

Main Craft: Goldsmithing - (20)


Main Craft: Goldsmithing - (81)

Dropped from...
Monster Name Zone Notes
Ruby Quadav Qulun Dome Level 72 - 74
Timed Spawn Notorious Monster

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Obtained From...
Quest Notes
A Feast for Gnats
Targeting the Captain Potential Reward

Used in the following Quests
Quest Name Notes
Puppetmaster Artifact Armor Puppetry Babouches and Puppetry Tobe

Used in the following Synthesis & Synergy Recipes
Item Main Craft Level
Jagdplaute Goldsmithing 81
Ruby Earring Goldsmithing 85
Jeweled Collar Goldsmithing 90
Wing Sword Goldsmithing 90
Orichalcum Dagger Goldsmithing 92
Hirenjaku Goldsmithing 93
Orichalcum Scythe Goldsmithing 94
Ruby Ring Goldsmithing 95
Sha'ir Manteel Goldsmithing 95
Arasy Scythe Goldsmithing 105
Darksteel Kilij Smithing 82
Royal Bed Woodworking 87
Orichalcum Lance Woodworking 100
Arasy Lance Woodworking 102
Winged Altar Woodworking 104
Zamzummim Staff Woodworking 109

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