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There are instances when the energy flowing through Vana'diel becomes concentrated and changes into a crystalline form. Combined with an image made by the user, the energy of these crystals can be focused onto other ingredients, resulting in new products. This process is known as crystal synthesis. [1]

Crystal synthesis was introduced by Kam'lanaut when he came to Jeuno in the year 855. This method lead to a revolution in the creation of products, craftsmen could create items, weapons, and armors in moments compared to hours or even days to create those same items by hand. This lead to the rise of Jeuno as an economic and political power.


In order to craft an item a player must have the proper ingredients, the proper crystal, and the proper skill levels. A player must be within 27 skill levels of the required main skill cap as well as 27 skill levels of the required sub skill cap of the item. There is a much higher chance of failure when one's craft skill is much lower than the required skill cap, but you will have the ability to try to craft the item when you are 27 levels below it. To craft an item, you first click on the crystal in your inventory, this will open the crafting interface. From there, you can add the individual ingredients needed to synthesize the item.

Alternatively, you can also use the "Synthesis" option in the main menu to start a synthesis or to view the last ten recipes you have attempted. A text command "/lastsynth" has also been added to perform the last synthesis you have done.

Skilling up

While you are crafting there is a chance that you will gain a skill up. Your unenhanced skill must be either less than the synth's level cap, or not greater than eleven levels above the recipe cap. Skill from equipment and Synthesis support do not matter for any skill up rates in any way. The skill up system changes before and after level 70 natural skill. For synths involving multiple crafts, skill ups for the main and sub synths are independent and you can receive both (or neither) on the same synth.

  • Under 70 skill, there is approximately a 95% chance of getting a skill up until that recipe's natural cap. You then have approximately 66% to 75% chance to skill up on a successful synth if your natural skill is equal or up to 11 levels higher than than the recipe's cap.
    • Example: The Orichalcum Ring recipe caps at level 93. You will gain skill on that recipe until you are level 104. At that point, you can no longer gain skill from that recipe.
  • At or above 70 skill, you have approximately a 25% chance to skill up on a successful synth.

Broken synths can give skillups if you are (without enhancements) 5 or fewer skill levels of the synth's skill cap. If you are more than 5 levels away, you cannot skill up off a broken synth. There are only a few known ways to increase your skill up rates:

You will hit a skill cap every 10 levels of skill for each craft. In order to break that skill cap, you must pass a Rank-up test by providing a requested item to the Guild Master. You can undertake the Rank-up test two levels earlier than the cap (Levels 8, 18, 28, 38, etc). You can take all crafts to level 70 skill this way, but currently you only have 40 points that you can use for crafts in excess of level 70. These points do not have to be spent on one craft, but exceeding your 40 point limit will lower your highest skill level by an equivalent amount. You can revoke your skills over 70 and ranks over Artisan for all over crafts by speaking to Guild Master of the craft that you wish to remain over 70. Example: You could have one 110 craft, 2 level 90 crafts, 4 level 80 crafts, or many other point distributions. If you have a level 110 craft and you unlock and skill up another craft 0.1, your 110 craft will drop to 109.9 because you have exceeded your maximum limit.

Monthly Adventurer Campaigns

There is one campaign that may run any given month.

Double Synthesis Skill Increase Campaign

Breaking Up is Easy to Do

Synthesis can (and will) fail, sometimes destroying ingredients in the process. Your break rate is primarily determined by your craft skills and the number of crafts involved in the synthesis, but it can be affected by other factors too (as seen below.) Material loss rates appear to be independent of break rate, but they are affected by many of the same factors. Critical materials are always (barring an enhancement that reduces material losses) lost following synthesis failure on some synths. These are typically the "signature" ingredient of each synth, which is also often the most expensive one to obtain.

  • Certain Moghancements and Moglifications gained by Mog House furnishings can help to lessen the amount of breakage
    • Moglifications additionally reduce material loss.
  • The Super-Kupower "Artisan's Advantage" can also help lower the material loss rate.
    • In order to gain the benefit of Artisan's Advantage, that Super Kupower must be active and you must have advanced synthesis image support.
  • Some kinds of Crafting Food can lower the break rate and reduce material losses.
  • There is a ring for each guild that provides a nominal decrease in break rate in exchange for eliminating any chance of High-quality products.
  • Craftkeeper's Ring and Orvail Ring both reduce the chance of material loss by 1%, for a total of 2%.
  • The bonus of Ionis while in an area released in the Seekers of Adoulin expansion
    • In order to gain this bonus, the Inventors' Coalition must have reached a certain edification level. See the Ionis page for more details

If your total skill (natural skill and gear, moghancements, and/or image support) is at or above the skill cap for an item, the chance of breaking any synth is approximately 5%. If your total skill is under the skill cap, it is believed that the break rate is an additional 10% per level under the cap. If the synthesis has sub-crafts, your break rate is determined by adding the break rates for each craft.

Example: If your synth has 2 sub-crafts and you're above the cap for all of them, you would expect a 15% break rate (= 5% main +5% sub 1 +5% sub 2).

High-Quality Synthesis

If your synthesis does not break, there is a chance it will yield a High Quality result.
Depending on the particular synthesis you are doing this will either improve the stats on the item you were making (Hexed Haubert -1 instead of a Hexed Haubert), give you more of it (Bronze Bullet x66 or x99 instead of x33), or not have any benefit (Velvet Cloth).

The chance of HQing primarily depends on the difference between your craft skill levels and the skill cap for your synth. If you are performing a synth with sub-crafts, your HQ rate will be whichever one is the lowest.

There is no correlation between HQ rates and day, moon phase, direction, or any of the other voodoos various crafters have come up with over the years.

Chances of a high-quality synth occuring:

  • If your total skill is 10 or less over the item's skill cap (T0), the chance of a HQ synth is approximately 1~3%. (~1/64)
  • If your total skill is between 11 and 30 over the item's skill cap (T1), the chance of a HQ synth is approximately 5~7%. (~1/16)
  • If your total skill is between 31 and 50 over the item's skill cap (T2), the chance of a HQ synth is approximately 25%. (1/4)
  • If your total skill is more than 50 over the item's skill cap (T3), the chance of a HQ synth is approximately 50%. (1/2)
  • HQs with a total skill below the cap (T -1) are impossible.
    • Example: If you are making Scorpion Harness (69 Bone/33 Leather) with level 100 Bone and 60 Leather, you will be Tier 1 on it. 100-69=31, so T2. However, 60-33=27, so T1. The lowest is T1, so the synth is T1. With the sub-craft increase to 70, you can now T2 the Scorpion Harness, but the aforementioned rules still apply for Tiers.

The only known ways to affect your HQ rate are through Crafting Food, or by using the Orvail Ring and/or the Craftmaster's Ring, and a completed Escutcheon.

Chances of high-quality tiers:
Once the game has decided that your synthesis will be a high-quality, it will determine the high-quality tier. The benefit of this once again depends on the synthesis, as certain items (namely consumables like bullets or food) gain a boost in quantity while others have no change in results or only one HQ result. Craftskill plays absolutely no bearing on this calculation.

  • The chance of the HQ being a HQ1 is 12/16
  • The chance of the HQ being a HQ2 is 3/16
  • The chance of the HQ being a HQ3 is 1/16
    • For crafts with only 1 HQ, this check is irrelevant and may not actually be performed.
    • For crafts with no HQ3 but an HQ2, the ratio may be slightly different depending on the implementation SE used.

Miscellaneous Crafting Rules

  • The maximum number of ingredients for any single synth will never be greater than eight.
  • You must be within 27 levels of a synth's skill cap (and sub craft's skill cap) to attempt it.
  • If you attempt synthesis while engaged, you will receive a message that you have lost your crystal but no ingredients, but nothing will be lost. This is a good way to test skill caps of recipes.
  • If you attempt a synthesis while zoning (from a boat) or are acted on by another player (via spells or job abilities), the synth will break and there is a chance you will lose your ingredients.

Synthesis Kits

Synthesis Kits were introduced in the June 2014 Version Update. These items are "prepackaged kits" that allow for simple synthesis of an item if combined with the appropriate crystal. The item created as well as the crystal required are listed on the Kit item description itself.

  • Kits up to level 50 are available from the guild merchants at each guild.
  • Kits in the level 50 range (typically 55 and 60) are only available via the Repeat Login Campaign, but their availability each month is random.
  • Kits above level 60 are only obtained via NPCs in charge of crafting sets at each guild. Availability also depends on your rank within the guild.
    • For instance, Craftsmen can only purchase kits through level 79.
    • See below for details regarding crafting sets.

Please note that all level kits are available from the Gobbie Mystery Box.

The following details apply to all Kit synths:

  • All items made using synthesis kits will be a normal quality result.
  • Skill-ups will remain the same if you use a kit or if you synthesize an item with individual ingredients.
  • If a synthesis attempt fails, the kit will always be lost.

Synthesis Sets

Synthesis Sets, also known as "craft sets", are an item created with a special type of crystal known as Analysis Crystals. These items are turned in to special NPCs, and in exchange the player earns Crafter Points. These points are used in the Escutcheon creation process. Each set is worth a different amount of Crafter Points. The higher the HQ result of a set, the higher the points that are earned.

What is unique about this system is that after a player turns in a synthesis set they created, the stock of the same craft kit is then increased. These kits are then made available for lower level crafters to purchase from that NPC to use as a synthesis kit as described above.

See the Escutcheon page for further details on this system.

Crystals, High-Quality Crystals, and Analysis Crystals

An example of a signed item and a historical joke.

Players have the ability to sign their name onto an item that they craft. Not every item can be signed- the item must be unstackable and have the "Inscribable" property in its flags.

  • Additionally, High-Quality crystals will decrease the rate of synthesis materials being lost in the event of a break.

High-Quality crystals are purchased from Guild Union Representative for 200 Guild Points each.( Aurora Crystal and Twilight Crystal are 500 Guild Points each.)

Element Crystal HQ Crystal Name GP Cost (for x1)
Element: Fire Inferno Crystal icon.png Inferno Crystal 200
Element: Ice Glacier Crystal icon.png Glacier Crystal 200
Element: Wind Cyclone Crystal icon.png Cyclone Crystal 200
Element: Earth Terra Crystal icon.png Terra Crystal 200
Element: Thunder Plasma Crystal icon.png Plasma Crystal 200
Element: Water Torrent Crystal icon.png Torrent Crystal 200
Element: Light Aurora Crystal icon.png Aurora Crystal 500
Element: Dark Twilight Crystal icon.png Twilight Crystal 500

The following "Analysis" crystal types are also available for crafters at the Expert level:

Element Crystal Analysis Crystal Name GP Cost (for x1)
Element: Fire Pyre Crystal icon.png Pyre Crystal 450
Element: Ice Frost Crystal icon.png Frost Crystal 450
Element: Wind Vortex Crystal icon.png Vortex Crystal 450
Element: Earth Geo Crystal icon.png Geo Crystal 450
Element: Thunder Bolt Crystal icon.png Bolt Crystal 450
Element: Water Fluid Crystal icon.png Fluid Crystal 450
Element: Light Glimmer Crystal icon.png Glimmer Crystal 450
Element: Dark Shadow Crystal icon.png Shadow Crystal 450


Latent Effect Gear

With the Wings of the Goddess expansion, several quests were added in that rewarded the players with "trainee" gear. This gear had a latent effect active under a craft skill of 40 that increased your crafting skill by 1 point.

This gear can be stored with a Porter Moogle with Storage Slip 11.
Equipment Name Craft Quest
Trainee Gloves icon.png Trainee Gloves Bonecraft.gif Bonecraft Atelloune's Lament
Trainee Knife icon.png Trainee Knife Cooking.gif Cooking The Dawn of Delectability
Trainee Hammer icon.png Trainee Hammer Smithing.gif Smithing Hammering Hearts
Trainee's Needle icon.png Trainee's Needle Leathercraft.gif Leathercraft Say It with a Handbag
Trainee Axe icon.png Trainee Axe Woodworking.gif Woodworking Forest for the Trees
Trainee Burin icon.png Trainee Burin Goldsmithing.gif Goldsmithing A Jeweler's Lament
Trainee Scissors icon.png Trainee Scissors Clothcraft.gif Clothcraft The Young and the Threadless
Trainee Sword icon.png Trainee Sword Alchemy.gif Alchemy Fully Mental Alchemist
Trainee's Specs. icon.png Trainee's Spectacles Fishing.gif Fishing Son and Father

Crafting Torques

With the addition of Grounds of Valor, Crafting Torques were introduced to the game. These torques are found in treasure caskets in certain Grounds of Valor zones add two skill.

Reference the Crafting Torque Farming Guide by Funkworkz for more helpful tips on obtaining these torques.

Torque Craft Zone
Fisher's Torque icon.png Fisher's Torque Fishing.gif Fishing Outer Horutoto Ruins
Alchemst. Torque icon.png Alchemist's Torque Alchemy.gif Alchemy Ve'Lugannon Palace
Alchemst. Torque icon.png Smithy's Torque Smithing.gif Smithing Ifrit's Cauldron
Alchemst. Torque icon.png Boneworker's Torque Bonecraft.gif Bonecraft Temple of Uggalepih
Alchemst. Torque icon.png Tanner's Torque Leathercraft.gif Leathercraft Quicksand Caves
Alchemst. Torque icon.png Culinarian's Torque Cooking.gif Cooking Gustav Tunnel
Alchemst. Torque icon.png Weaver's Torque Clothcraft.gif Clothcraft The Shrine of Ru'Avitau
Alchemst. Torque icon.png Goldsmith's Torque Goldsmithing.gif Goldsmithing Den of Rancor
Alchemst. Torque icon.png Carver's Torque Woodworking.gif Woodworking The Boyahda Tree

Guild Point Gear

With the arrival of the Guild Points system in April 2004, Crafters were introduced to Craft skill enhancing items. Although many speculated on whether or not the items effect success/fail rate, it became accepted by the community that the items merely add an 'actual' skill number thus raising your Crafting level.

A player may switch guild contracts to any guild of their choosing. Doing so does not lower any gained crafting skill and any guild points on the previous contract are retained with that guild if a player chooses to switch back to that guild. The only gimmick is you must wait until the following real-life day to accumulate points with your newly contracted guild. This being said, be sure to accumulate points on the day you switch with your old guild before changing contracts.

As of the November 2016 update, a player can now obtain 3x the previous daily limit of guild points per day. Values per item remained unchanged, however. This still drastically cuts down the amount of days required to grind Guild Points than it did previously.

Alchemy Equipment
Bonecraft Equipment
Clothcraft Equipment
Cooking Equipment
Goldsmithing Equipment
Leathercraft Equipment
Smithing Equipment
Woodworking Equipment
Guild Point Cost
Caduceus icon.png Caduceus Protective Specs. icon.png Protective Spectacles Magnifying Specs. icon.png Magnifying Spectacles Chef's Hat icon.png Chef's Hat Shaded Specs. icon.png Shaded Spectacles Tanner's Gloves icon.png Tanner's Gloves Smithy's Mitts icon.png Smithy's Mitts Carpenter's Gloves icon.png Carpenter's Gloves 70,000
Alchemist's Apron icon.png Alchemist's Apron Boneworker's Apn. icon.png Boneworker's Apron Weaver's Apron icon.png Weaver's Apron Culinarian's Apron icon.png Culinarian's Apron Goldsmith's Apron icon.png Goldsmith's Apron Tanner's Apron icon.png Tanner's Apron Blacksmith's Apn. icon.png Blacksmith's Apron Carpenter's Apron icon.png Carpenter's Apron 100,000
Alchemist's Belt icon.png Alchemist's Belt Boneworker's Blt. icon.png Boneworker's Belt Weaver's Belt icon.png Weaver's Belt Culinarian's Belt icon.png Culinarian's Belt Goldsmith's Belt icon.png Goldsmith's Belt Tanner's Belt icon.png Tanner's Belt Blacksmith's Blt. icon.png Blacksmith's Belt Carpenter's Belt icon.png Carpenter's Belt 10,000

Aprons can be upgraded through Synergy into Smocks. Smocks give the same skill to the craft, but has the added benefit of reducing the amount of damage that a players take from Synergy explosions. They are also an excellent route for skilling up Synergy skill.


Added in the June 2008 patch, the following rings can be purchased with Guild Points that remove the chance of inadvertent High Quality results that were dreaded when crafting ingredients for further recipes. An example is Dragon Mail +1 which, in and of itself is useless, but the Normal Quality counterpart Dragon Mail is used in the Cursed Mail synthesis. The High-Quality version cannot be used.

Equipment Name Related Craft Guild Point Cost
Alchemist's Ring icon.png Alchemist's Ring Alchemy.gif Alchemy 80,000
Bonecrafter's Ring icon.png Bonecrafter's Ring Bonecraft.gif Bonecraft 80,000
Tailor's Ring icon.png Tailor's Ring Clothcraft.gif Clothcraft 80,000
Chef's Ring icon.png Chef's Ring Cooking.gif Cooking 80,000
Goldsmith's Ring icon.png Goldsmith's Ring Goldsmithing.gif Goldsmithing 80,000
Tanner's Ring icon.png Tanner's Ring Leathercraft.gif Leathercraft 80,000
Smith's Ring icon.png Smith's Ring Smithing.gif Smithing 80,000
Carpenter's Ring icon.png Carpenter's Ring Woodworking.gif Woodworking 80,000

With the release of the Seekers of Adoulin expansion, crafters received the following beneficial rings to pursue from the Inventors' Coalition.

Equipment Name Related Craft Bayld Cost
Craftkeeper's Ring icon.png Craftkeeper's Ring All 20,000
Craftmaster's Ring icon.png Craftmaster's Ring All 20,000
Artificer's Ring icon.png Artificer's Ring All 20,000

The Orvail Ring is one of the potential rewards for completing the Seekers of Adoulin Missions. Due to the great stats of all other rings available, and the fact that only one can be chosen, it is a very hard choice for most people to justify this ring rather than another.

Icon and description of the Orvail Ring


Chocobo Shirt

The Chocobo Shirt grants a bonus to Synthesis material loss -1% if you are below level 31 Verification Needed as well as Initiate rank or lower in a craft. It is not very significant of an effect, but its something.

Chocobo Shirt description.png

Kupo Shield

Introduced in the November 2015 Version Update, the Kupo Shield adds three levels to all crafts. This item is currently only available from the Mog Bonanza special events as a rank one (via redeeming a Mog Kupon AW-Kupo) or two prize. This unique item is so sought after because it allows the bearer to reach synthesis skill level 125 in a craft. Cooking was able to do this before with a Hocho, but with the shield the maximum level for cooking is now 128.

Level 125 will result in Tier Level 2 on a number of very valuable synths. These synths include high priced items such as Jinxed Gages, Jinxed Coif and Jinxed Slops. With rumors of a crafting cap limit obliteration, one could potentially have all crafts at level 125. The gil potential is unbelievable. Yet again, Square has dashed our hopes and dreams by redacting the previous statement. Players will no longer be able to level all crafts on a single character. Regardless, the Kupo Shield will be tough to pass up for any hardcore crafter who wins the rank two mog bonanza.

With the introduction of Escutcheons, the Kupo Shield has lost its shine. It is still a very good (possibly best) choice for mules who win Rank 1 or Rank 2 in the Bonanza though.

Icon and description of the Kupo Shield


Note: See the Escutcheons main page for the full article and more details on these shields.

Dubbed as "Ultimate Synthesis Equipment" by Square-Enix, the first phase of these shields was introduced in the February 2017 Version Update. The second phase was added to the game with the March 2017 update, the third in the May 2017 update, and the final phase was added in the September 2017 update.

They largely replace the Kupo Shield. It does still have a slight advantage as it is all synthesis skill +3, whereas these shields only offer specific synthesis skill boosts. That being said, the large HQ success rate on the final shield form tends to trump the benefits of the Kupo Shield.

Phase One Shields

Phase One shields all have "Specific Skill+1" on them.

Craft Phase One Shield
Alchemy.gif Alchemy Brewer's Ecu icon.png Brewer's Ecu
Bonecraft.gif Bonecraft Ossifer's Ecu icon.png Ossifier's Ecu
Clothcraft.gif Clothcraft Plaiter's Ecu icon.png Plaiter's Ecu
Cooking.gif Cooking Chef's Ecu icon.png Chef's Ecu
Goldsmithing.gif Goldsmithing Toreutic Ecu icon.png Toreutic Ecu
Leathercraft.gif Leathercraft Beveler's Ecu icon.png Beveler's Ecu
Smithing.gif Smithing Smythe's Ecu icon.png Smythe's Ecu
Woodworking.gif Woodworking Joiner's Ecu icon.png Joiner's Ecu
Phase Two Shields

Phase Two shields all have "Specific Skill +2" on them.

Craft Phase Two Shield
Alchemy.gif Alchemy Brewer's Scutum icon.png Brewer's Scutum
Bonecraft.gif Bonecraft Ossifier's Scutum icon.png Ossifier's Scutum
Clothcraft.gif Clothcraft Plaiter's Scutum icon.png Plaiter's Scutum
Cooking.gif Cooking Chef's Scutum icon.png Chef's Scutum
Goldsmithing.gif Goldsmithing Toreutic Scutum icon.png Toreutic Scutum
Leathercraft.gif Leathercraft Beveler's Scutum icon.png Beveler's Scutum
Smithing.gif Smithing Smythe's Scutum icon.png Smythe's Scutum
Woodworking.gif Woodworking Joiner's Scutum icon.png Joiner's Scutum
Phase Three Shields

Phase Two shields all have "Specific Skill +2" and "Specific Skill synthesis speed +60" on them.

Craft Phase Three Shield
Alchemy.gif Alchemy Brewer's Shield icon.png Brewer's Shield
Bonecraft.gif Bonecraft Ossifier's Shield icon.png Ossifier's Shield
Clothcraft.gif Clothcraft Plaiter's Shield icon.png Plaiter's Shield
Cooking.gif Cooking Chef's Shield icon.png Chef's Shield
Goldsmithing.gif Goldsmithing Toreutic Shield icon.png Toreutic Shield
Leathercraft.gif Leathercraft Beveler's Shield icon.png Beveler's Shield
Smithing.gif Smithing Smythe's Shield icon.png Smythe's Shield
Woodworking.gif Woodworking Joiner's Shield icon.png Joiner's Shield
Phase Four Shields

Phase Four shields are the final result of the Escutcheon questline. Massive grinding is required in order to complete the final step of the shield.

All shields have "Specific Synthesis Skill +2", "Specific Crafting Speed +240", Decreased likelihood of synthesis material loss -5% Increased rate of high-quality item synthesis success +2.

Additionally, there is an enchantment that can be activated on the shield. It is an unlimited use enchantment that lasts for 30 minutes. Its effects are: Decreased likelihood of synthesis material loss -15%, Increased rate of high-quality item synthesis success +3, Subskill +10 (Max 70), Cannot synthesize normal quality items.

At first glance, this seems like a useless buff as you cannot synthesize NQ items. While in fact, this usually ends up saving money as breaks result in material retention instead of a few thousand gil obtained from NPCing the results.

Craft Final Phase Escutcheon
Alchemy.gif Alchemy Br. Escutcheon icon.png Brewer's Escutcheon
Bonecraft.gif Bonecraft Os. Escutcheon icon.png Ossifier's Escutcheon
Clothcraft.gif Clothcraft Pl. Escutcheon icon.png Plaiter's Escutcheon
Cooking.gif Cooking Chef's Escutcheon icon.png Chef's Escutcheon
Goldsmithing.gif Goldsmithing Tr. Escutcheon icon.png Toreutic Escutcheon
Leathercraft.gif Leathercraft Bv. Escutcheon icon.png Beveler's Escutcheon
Smithing.gif Smithing Sm. Escutcheon icon.png Smythe's Escutcheon
Woodworking.gif Woodworking Jo. Escutcheon icon.png Joiner's Escutcheon


Other than Caduceus and the various Trainee weapons mentioned above, the only other known Craft enhancement weapons are two Katanas: The Hocho and the Debahocho/+1. The Hocho drops from the NM Sozu Sarberry in The Temple of Uggalepih, while the Debahocho/+1 is a pitiful level 24 Smithing synthesis. Both Katanas can also be bought from the Auction House under Weapons > Katana. Only a Ninja level 57 and above can wield the Hocho, and all jobs level 1 can use the Debahocho/+1. The Debahocho gives +2 skill levels to Cooking, while the Debahocho +1 and Hocho give a +3 bonus to Cooking.

Note!! For the Hocho, the "Main Hand" designation is missing from this item. It only works when it is equipped on your main hand.

Icon and description of the Hocho Icon and description of the Debahocho +1


You may also use Guild Points to purchase Furnishings to help with crafting. These guild items when placed in your Mog House will give you a special type of Moghancement key item if the proper element (the element of the GP furnishing) is dominant. Be careful, certain furnishings such as beds and national flags have equal or superior elemental strengths that will either cancel out or take preference over some Guild Point items.


These furnishings enhances your crafting skill by 1 level when you receive the proper Moghacement key item. The following is a list of Furnishings purchasable with Guild Points:

Furniture Name Key Item Guild Point Cost
Emeralda icon.png Emeralda Moghancement: Alchemy 150,000
Drogaroga's Fang icon.png Drogaroga's Fang Moghancement: Bonecraft 150,000
Gilt Tapestry icon.png Gilt Tapestry Moghancement: Clothcraft 150,000
Cordon Bleu Set icon.png Cordon Bleu Set Moghancement: Cooking 150,000
Fool's Gold icon.png Fool's Gold Moghancement: Goldsmithing 150,000
Golden Fleece icon.png Golden Fleece Moghancement: Leathercraft 150,000
Mastersmith Anvil icon.png Mastersmith Anvil Moghancement: Smithing 150,000
Drawing Desk icon.png Drawing Desk Moghancement: Woodworking 150,000
Alembic icon.png Alembic Moghancement: Alchemy 50,000
Bonecraft Tools icon.png Bonecraft Tools Moghancement: Bonecraft 50,000
Spinning Wheel icon.png Spinning Wheel Moghancement: Clothcraft 50,000
Brass Crock icon.png Brass Crock Moghancement: Cooking 50,000
Gemscope icon.png Gemscope Moghancement: Goldsmithing 50,000
Hide Stretcher icon.png Hide Stretcher Moghancement: Leathercraft 50,000
Stone Hearth icon.png Stone Hearth Moghancement: Smithing 50,000
Carpenter's Kit icon.png Carpenter's Kit Moghancement: Woodworking 50,000

Note: The 150,000 and 50,000 GP items seem to operate in a virtually identical manner. Both will give Moghancement for the craft [2] and will give Moglification when paired with a signbord.[3] The 50,000 point items may be traded, bazaared, sent to someone else's Delivery Box, or sold on the Auction House.


When the following items are placed in a Mog House with an above furnishing of the same Guild and the proper elements are dominant, the player will achieve the further bonus of Moglification for the craft, which supposedly reduces the chance of losing materials when for failed syntheses:

Furniture Name Related Craft Guild Point Cost
Alchemist's Sign icon.png Alchemist's Sign Moglification: Alchemy 200,000
Boneworker's Sign icon.png Boneworker's Sign Moglification: Bonecraft 200,000
Weaver's Sign icon.png Weaver's Sign Moglification: Clothcraft 200,000
Culinarian's Sign icon.png Culinarian's Sign Moglification: Cooking 200,000
Goldsmith's Sign icon.png Goldsmith's Sign Moglification: Goldsmithing 200,000
Tanner's Sign icon.png Tanner's Sign Moglification: Leathercraft 200,000
Blacksmith's Sign icon.png Blacksmith's Sign Moglification: Smithing 200,000
Carpenter's Sign icon.png Carpenter's Sign Moglification: Woodworking 200,000

Mega Moglification

Players can use Synergy to create Stalls to display in their Mog Houses that will give the added bonus of a Mega Moglification key item. In order to create a stall, you must first obtain the proper emblem for Guild Points. Mega Moglification boosts your skill by 5 points, and overrides previous moglifications, not as a cumulative effect. Therefore, you would get the +5 from Mega Moglification, and standard moglification would be null.[4].

Emblem Name Furniture Name Related Craft Guild Point Cost
Alchmsts. Emblem icon.png Alchemists' Emblem Alchmsts. Stall icon.png Alchemists' Stall Mega Moglification: Alchemy 15,000
Bonewrk. Emblem icon.png Boneworkers' Emblem Bonewrk. Stall icon.png Boneworkers' Stall Mega Moglification: Bonecraft 15,000
Weavers' Emblem icon.png Weavers' Emblem Alchmsts. Stall icon.png Weavers' Stall Mega Moglification: Clothcraft 15,000
Culinary Emblem icon.png Culinarians' Emblem Culinary Stall icon.png Culinarians' Stall Mega Moglification: Cooking 15,000
Gldsmth. Emblem icon.png Goldsmiths' Emblem Gldsmth. Stall icon.png Goldsmiths' Stall Mega Moglification: Goldsmith. 15,000
Tanners' Emblem icon.png Tanners' Emblem Tanners' Stall icon.png Tanners' Stall Mega Moglification: Leathrcrft. 15,000
Blksmth. Emblem icon.png Blacksmiths' Emblem Blksmth. Stall icon.png Blacksmiths' Stall Mega Moglification: Smithing 15,000
Carpntr. Emblem icon.png Carpenters' Emblem Carpntr. Stall icon.png Carpenters' Stall Mega Moglification: Woodwork. 15,000
Woodworking.gif Woodworking | Smithing.gif Smithing | Goldsmithing.gif Goldsmithing | Clothcraft.gif Clothcraft
Leathercraft.gif Leathercraft | Bonecraft.gif Bonecraft | Alchemy.gif Alchemy | Cooking.gif Cooking

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The following websites provide some tool or other that are beneficial to Crafters of all levels.

  • Guild Pattern: On, this page shows the pattern for the Guild Point item for the day, as well as the number of items that you need to turn in to receive full credit. (Outdated)
  • BG Forum's Basics of crafting sticky: Much of the basic information here was shamelessly lifted from there!



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