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Mog Houses are private residential areas provided to all players at the start of the game.
Mog Houses come with a Moogle (yay!), an initial 50 Mog Safe slots, up to 80 Storage slots with the installment of furniture, your delivery inbox, job change function and the ability to grow your own plants.
Mog Safe slots can be increased by completing certain quests. With the installation of the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion pack, players also have the option to activate Mog Lockers with an initial 30 slots, expandable to 80 total slots.

Mog House Expansion

The three Mog House expansion quests (Give a Moogle a Break, The Moogle's Picnic!, and Moogles in the Wild) follow the same format:

  • Place a bed in your Mog House using the furniture "Layout" feature.
  • Exit your mog house, re-enter it, and talk to your Moogle.
  • Trade your Moogle various items that it requests.

Completing these quests thus requires various beds and items, along with increasing fame to trigger the quests' start.

Back Alley Function

Mog Houses also provide players the ability to take a shortcut or 'back alley' way from one section of a city to another relatively quickly, as well as your Mog Garden if you have access to it. The following quests will enable the use of this 'back alley':

Zone Quest Name NPC Required Item
San d'Oria Flag.jpg San d'Oria : Northern San d'Oria Growing Flowers Kuu Mohzolhi (F-8) Marguerite icon.png Marguerite
Bastok-Flag.jpg Bastok : Port Bastok A Lady's Heart Valah Molkot (J-12) Amaryllis icon.png Amaryllis
Windurst-Flag.jpg Windurst : Windurst Walls Flower Child Ojha Rhawash (C-13) Lilac icon.png Lilac
San d'Oria Flag.jpg Jeuno : Port Jeuno Pretty Little Things Zona Shodhun (E-8) Yellow Rock icon.png Yellow Rock
AhtUrghan Icon.png Aht Urhgan Whitegate Keeping Notes Ahkk Jharcham (I-10) Parchment icon.png Parchment, Black Ink icon.png Black Ink

Accessing Mog Houses

You can access your Mog House from any major city - in smaller towns a Nomad Moogle provides most of the same services.

Your main Mog House is dependent on your nation of allegiance. The other rooms will be rent-a-rooms upon entry.

Accessing Mog Safe and Mog Safe 2

In certain areas/towns, you will not be able to rent a Mog House. Instead you will find Nomad Moogles who provide you with Mog Safe access, Mog Locker access, job change function and delivery inbox. Nomad Moogles can be found in the following locations:

Acquiring Mog Safe 2 and Mog House Floor 2

After completing the Growing Flowers, A Lady's Heart, and Flower Child mog house access quests for San d'Oria, Bastok, and Windurst, return to your home nation and enter your mog house for a cutscene.

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