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These quests allow a player to exit their Mog House to any zone within the city the respective quest was completed in. This also allows you to exit to your second floor and Mog Garden if you've unlocked those. Green Thumb Moogle can launch you to any of the 3 starting nations you've completed these quests for. Completing all 3 starting nation exit quests unlocks Mog Safe 2 and the second floor to the Mog House in your home nation.

Zone Quest Name NPC Required Item
San d'Oria : Northern San d'Oria Growing Flowers Kuu Mohzolhi (F-8) Marguerite
Bastok : Port Bastok A Lady's Heart Valah Molkot (J-12) Amaryllis
Windurst : Windurst Walls Flower Child Ojha Rhawash (C-13) Lilac
Jeuno : Port Jeuno Pretty Little Things Zona Shodhun (E-8) Yellow Rock
Aht Urhgan Whitegate Keeping Notes Ahkk Jharcham (I-10) Parchment, Black Ink

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