Valah Molkot

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Valah Molkot.jpg
Location: Port Bastok - (J-12)
Type: Information NPC
Description: Detailed description of Gardening

Starts Quests/Missions

NPC Dialogue

Valah Molkot: Hey therrre miss/mister! Have you heard? Have you?

  • Player Prompt: What are you talking about?
Valah Molkot: Do you rrreally wanna know? Really? Really? Listen! I know the secrets of gar-den-ing. What do you wanna know? What do you wanna know?
  • Player Prompt: What is gardening?
Valah Molkot: Take a seed, plant it in a flowerpot, and leave the rest to your moogle! That's garrrdening! Then, after a while, a prrretty flower blooms! And then, and then the flower turrrns into fruit, and you can get all kinds of neat stuff! (She stares off into the distance) Oops! I was just thinking about all that delicious fruit. Purrrrrr...
  • Player Prompt: What do I need to start?
Valah Molkot: Um, okay, to start off, you're gonna need a flowerrrpot and some seeds. You can buy flowerrrpots in town, but you're gonna have to go out and get your seeds from the plant-monstersrr. And then guess what! Guess! Guess! Give your plant a crrrystal and its frrruit will change! Really! (She stares off into the distance) Oh! I was just thinking about all the different kinds of fruit and...Purrrrrr...
  • Player Prompt: How do I garden?
Valah Molkot: You can sit back, relax and do all your garrrdening in your Mog House! All you have to do is tell him what to do, and your moogle will do all the worrrk! But make sure you check up on your plant sometimes, or it might... (She looks a little sad) Well, just check up on your plant every now and then, okay? Prrromise? Even if you're off on an adventurrre somewhere, your moogle will use special powerrrs to take care of your plant! Moogles are so cool!
  • Player Prompt: Are there any limits?
Valah Molkot: Um, um, I think you can have up to ten plants in yourrr room. Any morrre and your moogle won't be able to handle it! They're rrreally busy, you know! And... Oh, yeah! You have to put your seeds and flowerpots in your Mog Safe beforrre you can use 'em! They need to be in therrre so your moogle ca use his magic on 'em! Moogles are awesome!
  • Player Prompt: Bye-bye!
Valah Molkot: Meowww...
  • Player Prompt: Yes, I have!
Valah Molkot: Reoooow. Well, I guess I don't have to tell you, then.