Mog Locker

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Mog Lockers are a benefit of being an employee of Salaheem’s Sentinels.

Although the Mog Locker is initially free, using this service even once requires you to make periodic "lease" payments in order to retain access to your stored items.

A single payment gives you access to a Mog Locker for the period of time set out in the lease. If you allow your lease to expire, you temporarily lose access to the items stored within your Mog Locker until another lease payment is made.

Obtaining Your Mog Locker

Completing Aht Urhgan Mission 2: Immortal Sentries grants access to the Mog Locker. After completing the mission, you can speak to Fubruhn to make your Mog Locker available in all Mog Houses and Rent-a-Rooms in Vana'diel.

You may lease a Mog Locker by trading an Imperial Bronze Piece to Fubruhn or your Moogle. If you choose to limit your Mog Locker use to your Al Zahbi Rent-a-Room, the lease will last for 175 days (7 Earth days). If you choose to have access in all Mog Houses/Rent-a-Rooms/Nomad Moogles, the lease will last for 125 days (5 Earth days).

At any time, you can switch between being able to use the Mog Locker in only Al Zahbi and being able to use it in other areas. If you switch from an Al Zahbi lease to a Vana'diel lease, the remaining time on the current lease will be reduced by 2/7ths. If you switch to a Vana'diel lease, you gain the option to select your Mog Locker from Nomad Moogle locations. If you switch from a Vana'diel lease to an Al Zahbi lease, the time remaining on the lease will not be increased. Switching is only possible by speaking with Fubruhn and choosing the fourth option "Mog Locker accessibility."

At any time, you can trade Imperial Bronze Pieces to Fubruhn or your Moogle to extend your lease. Any number of coins can be traded to your moogle at one time.


Players start with access to 30 slots and can currently expand their Mog Lockers to hold a maximum of 80 items.