The Moogle's Picnic!

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The Moogle's Picnic!
Required Fame Other Fame Level: 5
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Moogle, Mog House
Pack None
Title Mog's Exceptionally Kind Master
Repeatable No
Description Your moogle wants to take a shrimp lure and some Selbina butter back home. He sure would be happy if you found them for him.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Give a Moogle a Break Moogles in the Wild
Increases Mog Safe capacity to 70.


  • Place a Mahogany Bed in your Mog House then speak to the Moogle.
  • Zone out of your Mog House then come back.
  • Wait one Earth minute and then return and speak to the Moogle (may need to speak twice), you will receive a cutscene if you have level 5 fame in your home nation.
  • Trade your Moogle a Shrimp Lure and Selbina Butter.
  • When your Moogle returns from his trip after one earth minute, (but somehow never leaving your Mog House), he will give you a Mog Safe that holds 70 items.