Moogles in the Wild

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Moogles in the Wild
Required Fame Other Fame Level: 7
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Moogle, Mog House
Pack None
Title Mog's Loving Master
Repeatable No
Description Your moogle wants to take a raptor mantle and a wool hat to his friends in the Outlands. He sure would be happy if you found them for him.
Previous Quest Next Quest
The Moogle's Picnic! None
Increases Mog Safe capacity to 80.


  • Place a Noble's Bed in your Mog House then speak to the Moogle.
  • Zone out of your Mog House then come back.
  • Wait one Earth minute, speak to the Moogle (may need to speak twice), you will receive a cutscene if you have level 7 fame in your home nation.
  • Trade your Moogle a Raptor Mantle and a Wool Hat.
  • When your Moogle returns from his trip after one earth minute, (but somehow never leaving your Mog House), he will give you a Mog Safe that holds 80 items.