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Inventory Management

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This mini-guide serves as an updated, all-in-one reference to help players know their storage options in FFXI.


Final Fantasy XI has evolved immensely throughout the years, and added a ton of quality-of-life improvements (read about them here). One of the biggest improvements has been the addition of storage options to help us lug around all of our shit. As a returner myself, the last time I had played, my inventory could only hold 50 items and my mog safe could also hold 50 items. As you probably already know, storage space of that kind will evaporate quickly. I had a Mog Locker in Aht Urghan Whitegate, but would have to travel out there just to be able to do anything with it. Times sure have changed since then, so I will go over what we have now to help you get up to speed as quickly as possible.

Personal Inventory


This is your main inventory, in other words, this is all of the stuff you carry around with you on your person. You will not find "Gobbiebag" anywhere in your menus, it is designated by the word ... you guessed it .... Inventory. But, I will still refer to it as Gobbiebag in this guide though. When you start out, you will only have space for 30 items, and that space will disintegrate very quickly as you're out leveling up a new character and collecting such amazing treasures (you know, stuff like Rock Salt, Flint Stones, Pebbles, Bat Wings...). One of the first things you want to do, is go into the Config menu and turn on Auto-Sort. This feature will allow like-items to stack automatically upon entering your Gobbiebag and save you the hassle of having to go in there and sort it every 5 minutes like we had to do back in the day. If you do not do this, a fire crystal will take one slot of your bag, and then the next one that you get will take up the next slot, and so on until your bag is completely full, causing you to have to go into your menus and sort it. This is common sense stuff, but I tell you in case you didn't know the feature existed.

So what do I use the Gobbiebag for? Well its your main storage bag on your body, and accessible anywhere obviously, so you can put anything into it. In fact, when you create a new character, you will see the starting clothes that you're wearing in there. Take that stuff off, and move it to your Mog Wardrobe (dont worry, more about this later). I won't tell you what to do with your storage, that's up to you, but I will give hints or recommendations about how to use them just to be helpful. Any item in the game that you must "Use" (such as a Potion) must be in your Gobbiebag, so I tend to keep things that I use frequently in here or things I need while out doing content..... Potions, Elixirs, Echo Drops, a stack of food for my BLM, stuff like that. The rest of the space in there just seems to constantly fill up with all kinds of crap that ends up being sold to an NPC, sold on the auction house, or sometimes just dumped in the trash. Also, just to be clear, if you are going to use a costume or dispense something from a piece of wearable gear, that does NOT have to be in your gobbiebag. That is the only exception I'm aware of, all other items must be stored in your gobbiebag to be able to be used from the menu.

Gobbiebag Upgrades

Mog Safe 1

This is the other original storage location from the early days of FFXI. Much like a storage chest, it is inside your Mog House and thus, only accessible from inside of there. While in the field, you can go to your menu and then View House to see the contents of your mog safe (as well as all of your other storage locations), but you cannot move items in and out of there. Due to this, I keep most of my long term items in there, all those things I want to keep but won't touch for a long period of time (like an abjuration I obtained for a job I would like to play sometime down the road). The home points, survival guides, and QoL travel improvements have made getting back to your mog house pretty damn easy, so it's not like the old days where the thought of going back to your mog house sounded like a 45 minute trip. But, I'd still stick to only keeping long term stuff in there.

When you start out, your Mog Safe can only hold 50 items. The three quests below will allow you to upgrade your Mog Safe to hold 80 items. There is a caveat to how much you can hold in your Mog Safe but I'm saving those details for the Storage section below.

Mog Safe 2

This second Mog Safe functions in the same way as the original Mog Safe, except there are no ways to upgrade it. Essentially, it just mirrors the space your Mog Safe 1 has. If you have 50 slots in Mog Safe 1, then you will have 50 slots in this safe as well. Mog Safe 2 will automatically be expanded when you do the Mog Safe 1 expansion quests.

Also, you do not get this Mog Safe initially. It requires the following three quests, which will unlock a second floor of your Mog House. Once your second floor is unlocked, you will be granted this additional Mog Safe.

Once these quests are completed, zone into your Mog House in your home nation because for some reason you can only receive the second floor and Mog Safe 2 there.


OK so your Mog House is your bedroom-ish, right? Imagine chests, and trunks, and dresser drawers in there, and being able to stuff all your junk in there. That's what Storage is. At first, you do not have any Storage at all and cannot use it. You must obtain some furnishings to put into your Mog Safe and then use the Layout feature to place that furnishing in your room before you can utilize the Storage that it provides. Each furnishing provides a different amount of extra storage (as well as some other benefits that are beyond the scope of this guide), but you must know there is a catch to it. Since you have to place it in your Mog Safe to have it in your room, it will take up a spot in there. For example, if you put an Oak Bed in your room, you didn't actually gain an overall inventory slot even though the bed says "Storage+1", because it took a Mog Safe slot to gain it. However, if you put a Dresser (Storage+15) in your room, you will gain an extra 14 slots of total inventory. So what you really want to do here is obtain the most Storage you can for the cost of a single Mog Safe slot.

You can put enough furnishings in your Mog Safe to increase your Storage to 80 slots. One last thing to note, is that they are also only accessible from within your Mog House. The current list of furnishings is here: Furnishings

Mog Locker

A page for more specific details of the Mog Locker already exists so I wont go into it too much. This came out with Aht Urghan, and you were able to obtain it after completing Aht Urhgan Mission 2. It starts out as 30 slots but can be expanded up to 80. The catch with this one is that it requires a lease that expires every 5-7 days depending on how you choose to access it. Because of this, I keep "junk" in my Mog Locker and it's been expired for months now since I'm a penny pincher. What I mean is that it's a dumping ground for shit I don't really know what to do with but I keep it anyway, like the weapons that start Artifact armor quests (Peregrine for DRG, Honor Sword for PLD, etc) or AF pieces that I obtained that I might want to upgrade someday. You can use this Locker however you see fit, but to me, it's mostly a skeleton closet to stuff things I can't bring myself to get rid of.

  • Refer to Mog Locker for details on leasing and upgrading

Mog Satchel

The Mog Satchel is a form of storage accessible from anywhere in Vana'diel that allows players to freely interchange items with their standard inventory. It has the same storage capacity as the player's Gobbiebag, and will grow in size to a maximum of 80 slots as you upgrade your Gobbiebag.

  • The Mog Satchel feature is available only to players who possess a registered Square Enix security token, or Square Enix security token app for iOS or Android smartphones, and have linked their PlayOnline accounts to a Square Enix account. Read about obtaining an SE security token here.
    • If you choose not to use the Square Enix security token or app, access to your satchel remains in effect if you disable it at a later time.

Mog Sack

The Mog Sack is storage that can be accessed anywhere, including in the field. It holds the same amount of space as your current Gobbiebag, thus holding up to a maximum of 80 items. When you upgrade your Gobbiebag, the Mog Sack will not automatically upgrade with it. You will have to go back to the Artisan Moogle and he will upgrade the Mog Sack for free. Also, you can not use or dispense items from here without moving them into your Gobbiebag first.

Mog Case

The Mog Case is storage in the similar vein of the Mog Sack, except that you do not have to purchase it in advance or worry about upgrading it. It is an 80 slot storage that is available to you immediately, and is accessible anywhere in the field. I generally use this one to hold on to items I use frequently, or plan to use very soon (such as Copper Vouchers, stacks of Geas Fete pop items, equipment upgrade materials, various currency, food and items for my other jobs, etc)

Mog Wardrobes 1 & 2

This one here is the greatest of all, in my opinion. As you may have guessed from it's title, this is where you store all of your weapons, armor, and accessories. In the early days, we had to keep all of our equipable gear in our Gobbiebag and with already limited space, you didn't have too much left over for item drops (especially as a mage running around with elemental staves). You can actually put anything in here, but I wouldn't recommend on doing so in case you forget about it - just stick to anything you equip on your body. One thing to note, is that if you wish to move any gear from here into your Gobbiebag, you must go to the Equipment menu and unequip that item first (you can't move things that you are wearing).

These wardrobes are given to you at character creation, hold 80 items each, and are accessible from anywhere in the field.

Mog Wardrobes 3-8

These wardrobes are exactly like the first two, except your only way of obtaining it is by paying an additional $2 monthly on your subscription each to have them unlocked. By paying the extra two dollars, it will unlock for all of your characters on that account. Read further details about it here.

Access to the Wardrobe only requires a logout and login and not a total shutdown if you add the service while in game.

Recycle Bin

This is an item container where up to the last 10 items that you've dropped are temporarily moved to. This is handy in case you accidentally drop an item and don't want to waste an eternity to see if a GM that doesn't exist can help you use your one-time item restore on a Beehive Chip. You can pull up your Recycle Bin by typing "/recycle" in-game.

Note that all items inside the Recycle Bin vanish into the ether when you zone, logout, or disconnect from the game.

Other Inventory

Porter Moogle

There are several of these moogles across Vana'diel that will store certain sets of equipment, and give you a Storage Slip in return to hang on to so that you can retrieve your armor later when you need it. This is another very useful way to free up your personal inventory space. The moogles will take Ambuscade gear, and upgraded Artifact/Relic sets, among many other older sets.

  • Details on Porter Moogle locations and types of armor that can be stored are here: Porter Moogle

Armor Storage NPC

Just like the porter Moogles, these NPCs will store certain sets of armor for you in exchange for a Claim Slip. These guys will take a variety of armor sets. I am not sure why in the hell you would want to keep some Brass Finger Gauntlets at this stage of the game, but hey... you totally can! This NPC is largely outdated due to Porter Moogles being easier and more desirable for popular armor such as Artifact or Relic. The additional downside to this NPC is that the full set of armor must be stored, unlike Porter Moogles.

  • Details about NPC locations and the armor they will take can be found here: Armor Storage NPC

Event Storage NPC

These NPCs will store a variety of the rewards and other knick-knacky stuff you received from the FFXI holiday events and celebrations (such as that 'ol Treat Staff you got many years ago for Halloween).

  • Details about NPC locations and the items they will store can be found here: Event Storage NPC

Misc Storage Options

There are numerous NPCs around Vana'diel that will store and hold certain consumable items for you to help free up more inventory slots for other things you want to keep.

Besides these common items listed above, there are many additional consumables that are able to be stored. Navigate to "Status > Currencies 1 or 2" then highlight an item you wish to store. The related NPC for that item or currency is then displayed in the help text at the top-middle of your screen.