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Sambas are a class of Dancer abilities that inflict a Daze specific to the Samba in use on the enemy the user is meleeing. All Sambas cost TP and all share a common recast timer (1:00).

The Samba Daze effect lasts 10 seconds after the last regular melee swing landed (even if for 0) and gives the user and any members of the user's party hitting the same monster a positive status effect that depends upon which Samba was used. Only one Samba Daze can be in effect, even if multiple party members are using Sambas. The most recent Samba takes priority.

Drain and Aspir Sambas restore a certain range of MP/HPs that depends on the post-Haste attack speed of the player and damage done. Though named "Drain" or "Aspir" these Sambas do not do damage and there's no evidence to show they reduce MP.

Haste Samba inflicts Haste Daze. Anyone successfully meleeing a monster with Haste Daze on receives 5% Job Ability Haste on their attack round.


Samba Name Level Learned TP Cost Duration* Delay Equation
Drain Samba 5 100TP 2:00 Question
Aspir Samba 25 150TP 2:00 Question
Drain Samba II 35 250TP 1:30 Question
Haste Samba 45 350TP 1:30 N/A, +5% Haste**
Aspir Samba II 60 250TP 1:30 Question
Drain Samba III 65 400TP 1:30 Question

Enhancing Samba

The effect of Samba can be enhanced in two ways:

  • Increasing duration: Samba duration can be increased using various equipment (listed below), Saber Dance merits (with Saber Dance up), and through Job Points.
  • Increasing potency: The only Samba whose potency can be increased at the moment is Haste Samba, which can be increased up to 10% (101/1024) Haste through merits.
Modified by equipment
Equipment Enhancement
Dancer's Tiara / +1 Samba duration +30 seconds
Maxixi Tiara Samba duration +40 seconds
Maxixi Tiara +1 / +2 / +3 Samba duration +45 seconds
Senuna's Mantle Samba duration +15 seconds
Maxixi Tiara +1 / +2 / +3 Samba duration +45 seconds
Maculele Attire Set / +1 / +2 / +3 Causes attacks to deal double damage when a Samba is active.

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