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Enthunder GUI.png A series of spells unique to Red Mage, Paladin, and Dark Knight. Despite the in game description which often refers to these as "sword enhancement spells," these spells grant an additional effect of elemental damage to melee strikes of any weapon type. The enspells of the six ascendant elements (fire, ice, wind, earth, thunder, water) are available exclusively to Red Mage, while the light elemental version is available only to Paladin and the dark elemental version is available only to Dark Knight.

Spell Level MP Cost Element
Enthunder 16 12 Thunder-WHM-Icon.gif
Enstone 18 12 Earth-WHM-Icon.gif
Enaero 20 12 Wind-WHM-Icon.gif
Enblizzard 22 12 Ice-WHM-Icon.gif
Enfire 24 12 Fire-WHM-Icon.gif
Enwater 27 12 Water-WHM-Icon.gif
Enthunder II 50 24 Thunder-WHM-Icon.gif
Enstone II 52 24 Earth-WHM-Icon.gif
Enaero II 54 24 Wind-WHM-Icon.gif
Enblizzard II 56 24 Ice-WHM-Icon.gif
Enfire II 58 24 Fire-WHM-Icon.gif
Enwater II 60 24 Water-WHM-Icon.gif
Enlight (PLD) 85 24 Light-WHM-Icon.gif
Endark (DRK) 85 24 Dark-WHM-Icon.gif
Enlight II (PLD) 99 (JP) 36 Light-WHM-Icon.gif
Endark II (DRK) 99 (JP) 36 Dark-WHM-Icon.gif

Note that the additional effect of enspells takes priority over and does not stack with any other additional effects that can possibly be proc'ed, including additional effects directly on weapons or from Sambas.

Calculating En-spell damage (RDM)

En-spell damage is based solely off of the caster's Enhancing Magic Skill.

Enhancing Skill Formula
< 150 Floor(√Enhancing) - 1
> 150 Floor(Enhancing Skill / 20) + 5
400-500 [(Skill)+20]/8
500-?? Floor[(400/3098)(Skill+3.65)]

As with other magical damage, bonuses for matching weather effect and elemental day can randomly be added per strike. A damage penalty may also affect spell damage for each instance of weather/elemental day strong against the en-spell element. Resistance calculation also occurs on each effect proc, so each effect proc has a chance to do full damage, half damage, etc.

Damage from en-spells is hate-free and does not give additional TP to its target. A commonly used strategy for Red Mages when soloing monsters with dangerous TP moves is to use en-spells with a low-damage and low-delay weapon such as Ceremonial Dagger to try to reduce the amount of TP given to the mob to help lower the possibility of fatal incidents.

Tier I En-spells

Tier I en-spells follow the formula above to calculate damage. The damage of the enspell is calculated at the point of casting, so they should be casted in full enhancing gear for maximum damage, which can then be replaced with other gear after the spell has been cast. The additional effect damage of enspells works on every melee strike, including extra attacks in a multi-attack attack round.

Tier II En-spells

Tier II en-spells follow the same formula as the Tier I to calculate their initial base damage. Every subsequent attack round past the first after casting the spell raises the additional effect damage by 1 point until reaching the cap, which is double the base initial damage.

  • For example, with 280 Enhancing Magic Skill, the initial en-spell damage will be 19, and damage will rise by 1 point per successful attack round until a cap of 38 is reached.
  • Damage will remain capped until the spell effect either wears off or is recast.

While tier I enspells apply to every hit, tier II enspells apply only to the first attack of an attack round and do not apply to multi-attacks or offhand weapons. So tier I enspells may situationally be more powerful.

Unlike Tier I enspells, the damage effect of Tier II enspells is re-calculated in each attack round. That is, if you are wearing 300 skill your base initial damage will be 20 with a cap of 40, but if you swap down to 260-279 skill, the next additional effect damage will be calculated with your initial base damage as 18, with a cap of 36. The current damage will still be based on the number of hits since the spell was cast.

  • For example, if you begin with 300 skill again and land 3 successful additional effects, your base additional effect damage on the next attack will be 23. However, if you swap down to 260-279 skill before the 4th swing, the additional damage on the 4th swing will be 21.
  • If you swap to a higher level of skill after reaching the cap at your current skill level, the damage will again raise by 1/hit until the new cap is reached. However, if you swap back down to a lower skill level after reaching the new cap, then swap back up to higher skill during the same duration of the skill, you will still not need to swing back up to the higher cap again.

In addition to their damaging effect, tier II enspells also temporarily reduce enemy resistance to the element they are strong to

Endark / Enlight

Endark and Enlight are different from all the other Enspells. Unlike other Enspells, Endark/light have a set initial potency that decays over time until they wear off. Their starting potency (and indirectly duration) are based on Dark Magic Skill and Divine Magic Skill, respectively. As an additional bonus, as long as they are active these spells also give an Attack (Endark) or Accuracy (Enlight) bonus equal to their current potency, respectively. So an Endark spell that is about to do 35 points of darkness damage would also give +35 Attack.

The starting potency for these spells follows this equation, substituting whichever skill is appropriate:

Starting Potency = 12 + floor( Magic Skill ÷ 20 )×3 - floor( Magic Skill ÷ 40 )

Subsequently, the total damage they deal (assuming no resists) follows this equation:

Total Damage = (Starting Potency2 + Starting Potency)÷2

So an Enlight cast with 400 Divine Magic Skill would do 62 damage initially and 1953 damage ultimately (not considering the accuracy bonus).


Note that although the equipment refers to "sword enhancement spell" it is applicable for Enspells on any type of weapon. The additional damage is added on each additional effect, after the normal damage calculation.

Modified by Following Equipment
Item Type Effect
Lycopodium Earring Earring Sword enhancement spell damage +2
Buzzard Tuck Sword Sword enhancement spell damage +2
Sword enhancement spell duration +5
Hollow Earring Earring Sword enhancement spell damage +3
Enhancing Sword Sword Sword enhancement spell damage +5
Ghostfyre Cape Back Sword enhancement spell damage +5
Fencer's Ring Ring Latent effect Sword enhancement spell damage +5
Latent effect active when the player's HP is under 75% and has less than 100% TP.
Chimeric Fleuret Sword Sword enhancement spell damage +7
Secespita Dagger Sword enhancement spell damage +8
Umuthi Hat Head Sword enhancement spell damage +8
Egeking Sword Sword enhancement spell damage +10
Pukulatmuj Sword Sword enhancement spell damage +10
Ayanmo Manopolas Hands Sword enhancement spell damage +10
Pukulatmuj +1 Sword Sword enhancement spell damage +11
Ayanmo Manopolas +1 Hands Sword enhancement spell damage +15
Ayanmo Manopolas +2 Hands Sword enhancement spell damage +17
Enriching Sword Sword Sword enhancement spell damage +30
Enriching Sword +1 Sword Sword enhancement spell damage +35

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