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Weapon Skill Information
Description: (Campaign) Delivers an area of effect attack. Additional effect: Knockback.
(Trust) Deals damage to target.
Weapon Type: Great Katana  Skill Target: Question
Class: Question
Stat Modifier: Question fTP: Question
Attack Modifier: Question
TP Modifier 1000 TP 2000 TP 3000 TP
Question: Question Question Question
Skillchain: Light / Fragmentation / Scission
Command: /ws "Iainuki" <stnpc>
Job Level Information
Level Jobs
73 Kurt
Question Gilgamesh


  • Only available to Kurt and Gilgamesh (Trust).



  • Iainuki is the art of drawing the katana and striking your opponent in a single motion, then sheathing it afterward. It could even be done from a sitting position. Gilgamesh does not have his blade in a scabbard, but he fights in the Waki-gamae stance which would result a similar motion.
    • Waki-gamae is a stance where you hide the length of your sword behind your body, denying your opponent the knowledge of how much reach your weapon has. Effective because there was no standard length for katana.
  • The art of Iaido involves multiple assassination techniques, where you would ideally be ready to attack before the opponent has time to draw their weapon.
  • In previous Final Fantasy titles (V, VII, VIII, and IX) Iainuki is a low-accuracy instant-death move.
    • Final Fantasy VIII and IX retranslated the attack to Iai Blow and Iai Strike, respectively.