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Brenner, similar to Ballista, is a competition event by player who join two teams of 1 to 72 players each.
The goal of Brenner is to light all of your team's "Flammen-Brenner" and then protect the Flamme from the other team for a set amount of time. This is similar to a capture the flag style PvP.

More over, Brenner and Ballista, while considered fun are generally just an event in which players enter to test certain spells or abilities for game mechanic research. Brenner and its predecessor, Ballista are long-forgotten and as a result is unpopular content; although fringe groups and seldom shouts do manifest from time to time.
Thus both Brenner and Ballista are very imbalanced and perhaps even largely unknown to the community due to their release countless years ago and lack of any update or relevance.


  • Speak to Afdeen in Upper Jeuno (H-9) to apply for an official match, reserve the zone (Diorama - Purgonorgo Isle) for a match, or to travel to the Isle.
  • Once there the Herald NPC will manage entries, and rules.
  • Rules may only be changed once per session for a fee of 300 gil.

Note: Players who have not installed the Chains of Promathia expansion disc, or who have not registered the expansion content, will be unable to enter Abdhaljs Isle-Purgonorgo.

There is a fee for participation, which is determined by level cap:

  • Level 30:
  • Level 30: 300 gil
  • Level 40: 400 gil
  • Level 50: 500 gil
  • Level 60: 600 gil
  • No restriction (uncapped): 750 gil

Types of Matches

There are two types of Brenner matches, "Official" and "Private" matches.

Official Matches

Official matches are held periodically according to Schedule:

Time (EST) Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
2:00 Level 40 Level 50
4:00 Level 30 Level 60
6:00 Uncapped
8:00 Uncapped Level 30 Level 40 Level 50 Level 60
18:00 Level 40
20:00 Level 50 Level 30
22:00 Uncapped Level 30 Level 40 Level 50 Level 60 Uncapped Level 60
  • Times are in EST, and will be different during Daylight Saving Time.

After arriving at the Isle speak with the Herald and pay your participation fee noted above. Fees are collected each match.

Private Matches

Private match reservation may be made for an unreserved block up to two real Earth days in advance.

  • Same day reservations mat also be made as long as the isle is not occupied.

Players making reservations in advanced will receive a Brenner Bluebook while same day will receive a Brenner Blackbook. These items are used to create pages to trade to participants so that they may transport to the Isle. After their aforementioned gil fee is paid.

  • Reservation comments set to "Recruiting Members" will allow players to receive a Brenner Bluebook page by simply speaking to Afdeen.

During a private match the Master of Ceremonies will set and chance rules. The reserving player may become the Master by trading the Herald their Blue or Black Brenner book.

LS Liga

LS Liga is a type of Brenner match for linkshell members. Players may apply for this match by speaking to the Marshal standing next to Afdeen in Upper Jeuno, (H-9). A fee of 3,000 gil will be collected from each linkshell leader's application.