Promathia Mission 6-4

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One to be Feared
Series None
Starting NPC Sealion's Den
  • Omega Ostracizer (defeating Omega)
  • Ultima Undertaker (defeating Ultima)
  • Branded by Lightning (Mission Completion)
Repeatable No
Description The fifth verse of "Memoria de la S^tona" has been discovered. Now, with the help of Cid, you must fly beyond the sea of clouds and face Bahamut for what may be the final time..
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More Questions than Answers Chains and Bonds
Ducal Guard's Ring

With the lifting of the level cap on this battlefield, this battle is now relatively trivial in difficulty. The walkthrough below was written for a level cap of 60.


Useful Items to bring:
  • Your "A" Game.
  • Reraise Hairpin or Reraise Gorget with at least a few charges left.
  • Potions and Ethers
  • Echo Drops and Antidote. Remedy is also a good choice for tanks, or anyone else that will be up close to the mob.
  • MP and HP regen drinks
  • Icarus Wing for each of the melee jobs.
  • Any food you normally use. Mages may want to bring pies as opposed to cookies as the larger MP pool will be beneficial, plus there won't be a whole lot of resting time available
  • A few CCB Polymer Pumps
    • NOTE: CCB Polymer Pump is an item that makes Omega and Ultima helpless for about 30 seconds. They can be obtained by completing the quest Chips, or by purchasing them from the Auction house.
  • Go to the Metalworks and speak with Cid for a cutscene.
  • Make your way to Sealion's Den. You will get a cutscene when you zone in.
    • You can find Sealion's Den at the bottom of the stone ramps in Tavnazia near home point #2. It is in the opposite direction of the aqueducts.
  • Click the Iron Gate to get another cutscene
  • You will then be aboard the airship
  • Click the door on the airship to get a third cutscene and to begin the first fight
  • The time limit in the battle is 45 minutes and it is very likely that you will want all that time.
  • After you have discussed your strategies and everyone has watched the cutscenes, click on the Iron Gate and enter the battlefield "One to be Feared". Buffs will wear off when you enter so wait until you are inside to buff up.
  • You will appear on the deck of an airship. Buff up quickly and click the door to start the battle. If one person clicks the door, the entire party will automatically be transported into the fight so make sure everyone is ready.

Boss Fight

  • This is a three stage fight, starting with 5 Mammets similar to the ones you've fought before.
  • After you defeat each stage, you will be transported back to the Airship deck and your MP and HP will be recharged. Buff up again if you need to and when you are ready, click the door to move to the next battle.
  • After you defeat Ultima, the last boss, you will appear in Lufaise Meadows at the Dilapidated Gate near Tavnazian Safehold. Enjoy the cutscene and when it ends, you will be presented with the Ducal Guard's Ring.
Area Boss Abilities Notes
Sealion's Den Mammett-22 Zeta X 5

The Mammets have different abilities depending upon their current mode.

  • "Hand-to-hand Form": Initial form. Possesses no equipped weapon. Moderate attack speed.
    • Transmogrification: Absorbs all physical damage for ~30 seconds.
      • Effect also absorbs all physical damage including weaponskills and special abilities.
  • "Sword Form": Warrior-type prefers Weapon Skill-like attacks and TP-based AoE status abilities. Very fast attack speed during this form. Utsusemi will be difficult to maintain.
    • Velocious Blade: 5-hit attack, high damage.
    • Sonic Blade: High AoE damage.
    • Scission Thrust: Low conal AoE damage.
  • "Staff Form": Black Mage-type, casts AoE magic susceptible to physical attacks. Possess a slow attack speed and may be silenced.
    • Psychomancy: AoE Aspir, drains 80+ MP.
    • Mind Wall: Gives the Mammet a special Magic Shield effect causing it to absorb offensive magic used against it for ~30 seconds.
      • Astral Flow and elemental weapon skills are unaffected.
  • "Polearm Form": Dragoon-type, geared toward heavy physical attack; slow attack speed. Most kiters and tanks prefer this form to lock their Mammet into.
    • Percussive Foin: Medium directional AoE damage.
    • Microquake: High single-target damage.
    • Gravity Wheel: High AoE damage and Gravity.
  • In addition, all forms can use Tremorous Tread: Low AoE damage with a Stun effect, absorbed by Utsusemi.
  • Like the previous Mammet mission, these Mammetts can all change jobs and use Transmogrification.
  • With 5 mobs this time, keeping them all debuffed and not killing people can be quite a chore. The small battle area makes kiting somewhat difficult as well.
  • Make sure to Silence the ones with a staff, and cease damage on the one that uses Transmogrification.
  • Focus on killing one at a time and they should go down with little trouble.
Area Boss Abilities Notes
Sealion's Den Omega
  • From 25-100% HP:
    • Guided Missile: Physical damage AoE centered on the primary target. ~400 to Paladin, ~700 to others. Absorbed by Utsusemi.
    • Hyper Pulse: AoE (magical?) damage and bind. Strips Utsusemi like a wyrm's wing attack.
    • Ion Efflux: Moderate Paralysis effect in a fan-shaped area of effect.
    • Rear Lasers: May be used if Omega's target is behind it. AoE Petrification.
    • Target Analysis: AoE Absorb-All, similar to Diabolos's Ultimate Terror blood pact. Absorbed by Utsusemi.
  • From 0-25% HP: May occasionally be used starting at 50% (found false, used it at 70%)
    • Discharger: Applies a Magic Shield effect and adds Shock Spikes (~25 damage per hit)
    • Pile Pitch: Reduces the target's HP to 5% of its current value and resets hate (similar to Throat Stab).
  • Omega uses predominantly AOE moves and some of them can be quite damaging. Most of them inflict status ailments as well.
  • Omega's attack speed increases throughout the fight and his melee attacks have the additional effect:Stun.
  • Take the fight nice and steady until around 25%, making sure to remove any debuffs quickly. Slow and/or Elegy can reduce his attack speed significantly. At 25%, start using the CCB Polymer Pumps and finish him off as quickly as you can.
  • Try to save 2 hour Abilities for the next fight if possible.
Area Boss Abilities Notes
Sealion's Den Ultima
  • From 70%-100% HP:
    • Wire Cutter: Single-target physical damage (~400 to PLD), absorbed by Utsusemi (2 shadows)
    • Particle Shield: Strong Defense Boost. Can be dispelled
    • Chemical Bomb: Cone Attack Elegy and Slow (overwrites and blocks Haste). Remove with two Erases.
  • From 40-70% HP:
    • Nuclear Waste: Causes a status effect that reduces all elemental resistances by 50 in area of effect. This is always followed up by one of the following elemental cone attacks, all of which inflict 490 damage if unresisted:
      • Smoke Discharger: Earth damage and petrification for ten to twenty seconds
      • Hydro Canon: Water damage and poison (30 HP/tic)
      • Cryo Jet: Ice damage and paralyze
      • Turbofan: Wind damage and silence
      • Flame Thrower: Fire damage and Plague (? MP/tic, 5 TP/tic)
      • High-Tension Discharger: Thunder damage and stun
  • From 20-40% HP:
    • Equalizer: AoE heavy physical damage (300-400 to Paladin, 600-900 HP to others). Absorbed by Utsusemi.
    • Also uses Particle Shield and Chemical Bomb
  • From 0-20% HP:
    • Antimatter: Heavy "ranged" magical attack (300-900 HP). Very fast readying time. Ignores Utsusemi and Blink, but damage can vary greatly.
  • Ultima uses only single target moves for the first 50% the fight and switches to some AOE moves after that.
  • His melee attacks have an additional effect: Paralysis and he Double Attacks frequently.
  • Below about 20% he will start using Antimatter over and over. This moves is very high AOE damage that cannot be blocked or blinked. Start using the CCB Polymer Pump at around 30% and unload everything you have, 2 Hours and Icarus Wing if you still have them. If you can prevent the use of Antimatter the fight is significantly easier.
    • At this stage it will begin using three TP moves consecutively when it has TP, following a pattern of Particle Shield, Antimatter, Antimatter. Because of this, it is possible to anticipate the use of Antimatter and stun it with proper timing.

Trust: Cherukiki