Promathia Mission 6-3

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Series Chains of Promathia
Starting NPC Pherimociel, Ru'Lude Gardens - (G-6)
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Esha'ntarl has returned to the Grand Duke Palace and is preparing the Jeunoan Armada for its attack on Bahamut. At the same time, Prishe and Ulmia have finally solved the mystery that has been haunting them for the past twenty years.
Previous Mission Next Mission
A Place to Return One to be Feared


  • Speak with Pherimociel at (G-6) in Ru'Lude Gardens for a cutscene (Home Point #1).
  • Head up the stairs and examine the Audience Chamber for another cutscene.
  • Travel to (H-9) in Selbina and speak with Mathilde in the Weaver's Guild office to complete the mission.