Super Jump

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Job Ability Information
Job Dragoon
Type Level  
Level Obtained 50
Description Jumps out of targeted enemy's perception range.
Range 12.5'
Recast 00:03:00 (base)
Cumulative Enmity Special Volatile Enmity Special
Command /ja "Super Jump" <stnpc> 
Merit Points
Group 1 Ranks Available 5
Effect of each Rank Each merit level decreases recast by 00:00:06.


  • Does no damage to the enemy and gives no TP to the user, as such, it will not claim a monster.
  • Upon usage the user will set their enmity to 1 CE, but only if the user is currently holding hate (not supertanking).
    • If the user is holding hate on multiple enemies, the user's enmity will be reset for all the targets when Super Jump is used.
    • Does not reset aggro.
  • After usage, user will remain in the air for approximately 5 seconds. During this time the user cannot be targeted by any ally or enemy single-target or AoE attacks, spells, or abilities.
  • Spells being cast on the user will be interrupted unless the user lands before casting is complete.
  • Upon usage, the user's wyvern will perform a similar ability known as Super Climb which makes the wyvern untargetable for approximately 5 seconds.
    • Super Climb has no effect on the enmity of the wyvern.Verification Needed
    • If the user is paralyzed and Super Jump fails to activate, the wyvern will perform a Super Climb regardless.Verification Needed
  • While Spirit Surge is in effect the closest party member behind the user as seen from the enemy target’s position has their enmity reduced by 50%.
    • When Spirit Surge is activated, Super Jump's recast time will be reset to 0:00.