Chainbound (Status)

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Chainbound is a detrimental status effect that readies the target for a Skillchain.

How to inflict Chainbound

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Monster Abilities which inflict Chainbound

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How to remove Chainbound




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Additional Notes

  • While Chainbound is in effect, any Weapon Skill performed against the target with a Skillchain property matching the level of the Chainbound effect will cause a Skillchain to occur.
    • Skillchain timing is the same as following a normal Weapon Skill.
    • Following the use of a level 1 Chainbound effect with a Weapon Skill possessing only level 2 and/or 3 Skillchain properties will not form a Skillchain.
    • Following the use of Chainbound with a Weapon Skill with no Skillchain properties will not consume the effect.
  • Level 1 Chainbound works differently from level 2 and 3 Chainbound.
    • Level 2 and 3 Chainbound prioritize the opening Weapon Skill (Chainbound's own) properties, just like a regular Skillchain. Level 3 and 2 Skillchain properties of the closing Weapon Skill will be utilized even if they are not the first Skillchain property listed.
    • Level 1 Chainbound prioritizes the closing Weapon Skill's properties, and will only ever utilize the first level 1 Skillchain property of the closing Weapon Skill. It is not possible to utilize a second- or third-priority level 1 Skillchain property with Chainbound.
  • Regarding Skillchain property priority
    • Due to the priority of the Skillchain properties under Chainbound causing an eligible Skillchain to be found for any level 1 property, the following properties of Chainbound are never utilized:
      • Detonation Wind-Icon.gif
      • Scission Earth-Icon.gif
      • Transfixion Light-Icon.gif
    • Thus, it is impossible to create the following Skillchains using Chainbound as the opener:

Level 3 Chainbound Skillchain Properties
A Light Light SC Icon.png, Darkness Dark SC Icon.png
Level 2 Chainbound Skillchain Properties
A Gravitation Gravitation SC Icon.png
B Fragmentation Fragmentation SC Icon.png
C Distortion Distortion SC Icon.png, Fusion Fusion SC Icon.png
Level 1 Chainbound Skillchain Properties
A Liquefaction Fire-Icon.gif
B Induration Ice-Icon.gif
C Reverberation Water-Icon.gif
D Impaction Thunder-Icon.gif, Compression Dark-Icon.gif