Chainbound (Status)

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Chainbound "readies target for a skillchain.

How to inflict Chainbound

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Monster Abilities which inflict Chainbound

Ability Family
Ability Family

How to remove Chainbound




Resistance Information

Additional Notes

  • Although all 8 skillchain elements are activated simultaneously with the Chainbound effect, there is a priority just like any regular weaponskill for determining the resulting skillchain:
Chainbound Skillchain Properties
A LiquefactionFire-Icon.gif
B IndurationIce-Icon.gif
C ReverberationWater-Icon.gif
Any CompressionDark-Icon.gif
Any ImpactionThunder-Icon.gif
  • While Chainbound status is in effect, any weaponskill with a level 1 skillchain element used by the player or party member will create a skillchain. Weaponskills with only level 2 or 3 skillchain elements (such as Shark Bite/Fragmentation) will not coordinate with Chainbound
  • Important Note: For purposes of skillchain calculation, only the highest priority level 1 skillchain element of the closing weaponskill is considered. All other level 2, level 3, and secondary skillchain elements are completely ignored.
  • Please also note that due to the priority and properties of the skillchain elements while the target mob is Chainbound, 3 of the 8 active skillchain elements are never used. Thus, it is impossible to create ImpactionThunder-Icon.gif, ReverberationWater-Icon.gif, GravitationEarth-Icon.gifDark-Icon.gif, or DistortionIce-Icon.gifWater-Icon.gif skillchains.